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    Medvedev will never win a Slam

    Typically over-hyped 'next-gen' guy with no results to back it up. People are actually predicting he will win Grand Slams!? I guess that's the usual short-attention span nature of people today - a guy achieves a modicum of success and everyone's all aboard the hype-train. Well, I prefer to take...
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    Nadal laments of not returning well enough

    Federer's backhand is no longer the weakness it was against Nadal because he can both take it earlier (before it gets high) with more ease OR hit it when it's already high with more power. Even in the French Open Nadal himself commented that Federer's backhand was holding up well and many...
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    We will probably see players more dominant than Nadal/Federer/Djokovic IMMEDIATELY after they retire

    Remember when everyone said they'd never see a more dominant champion than Sampras in their lifetime? Then as soon as Sampras retired, Federer came along. It's not hard to fathom that after Nadal, Federer and Djokovic retire, another trio could immediately come along and dominate the next 70...
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    How extreme can you take the 'play to the tempo of the server' rule?

    If you're serving, can you play a dropshot from the baseline - forcing your opponent to run to the net. They're at the net, and within a second of the point ending, you serve for the next point giving them no time to run back to the baseline to recieve the serve. Technically, your opponent...
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    Know me now? #ThiemThiem

    They are black females. You know they would stand behind Serena even if she murdered someone without provocation.
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    Is A. Zverev better than Thiem on clay?

    Nope, height = potential. Both in life and in tennis. The taller you are, the lazier you can be because, if worst comes to worst, you can just serve-bot your way to Slam titles. A. Zverev has the potential to crank out 150mph second serve kickers out wide if he really worked on it, just because...
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    Nadal with 12 RGs has almost as many RGs as Sampras does total slams; this is starting to get into farcical proportions

    Nadal has LITERALLY won the French Open 2019. Not hypothetically, literally. As in, it has already happened. It literally has already happened. Not 'it is going to happen inevitably', rather, it already has taken place.
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    Is A. Zverev better than Thiem on clay?

    How? If you didn't win the event it makes no difference if you lost in the final having held 3000 match points, or you lost in straight sets in the 1st round without winning a single point. You're still title-less. Zverev has won 2 clay Masters. Even 1 clay Masters would be infinitely more big...
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    Is A. Zverev better than Thiem on clay?

    Friendly bump. Remember, A. Zverev still has 2 clay Masters to Thiem's 0. I doubt Thiem will win 2 clay Masters in his entire career, and he's so much older than Zverev. Bow to Zverev, the REAL Prince Of Clay.
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    Thiem has legitimate chances against Rafa!

    Until we get to the point that Thiem is also getting older/declining and Nadal maintains his level. Which may even be THIS year. So no, I don't think Thiem will ever beat Nadal at the French Open, simply because he will decline before Nadal despite being 8 years younger than him.
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    Thiem critics should apologise

    He does not deserve that title nearly as much as A. Zverev who has won 2 Masters on clay. Thiem has managed 0. Zverev is the prince of clay.
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    Dominic Thiem will not win anything big ever

    By the time Nadal and Djokovic truly decline, Thiem will have declined already. The Big Three are not like normal tennis players - they've had a much longer shelf life. The next new Slam winner is probably someone we've never heard of because he's still 14 years old.
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    How bad is the French Open? Let me count the ways...

    Most annoying thing about the whole tournament is the feverishness with which they ban YouTube highlight footage. And then they post their own abysmal highlights of the matches which are approx. 3 mins long (even for a 5 set match) and don't show important points like break points and set...
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    Thiem has overachieved at this French Open

    I know. He'll never be as good. Zverev has won 2 more Masters and is way younger.
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    Thiem has overachieved at this French Open

    If you look at his clay season this year he was nowhere close to winning even a Masters. Losing to Lajovic in R2 of Monte Carlo, losing to Verdasco in R2 of Rome, losing to Djere in R1 of Rio - this isn't really the calibre of player you'd expect to find in the semifinals of the clay Slam. I...
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    Why can Thiem beat Nadal but not Verdasco?

    Doesn't make sense; Thiem can beat Nadal (4-8 h2h) but not Nadal Lite (0-4 h2h). What in the match-ups explains this?
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    Strategical Thiem mistakes in the loss to Djokovic

    Thiem never has a strategy, all he does is 'see ball, hit ball as hard as possible'. Except he's not a very powerful guy, so his hardest shots are kind of embarassing.
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    A. Zverev is still better than everyone in his generation, and probably always will be

    I like to think that if you won your last match you were lucky and it's all going to come crashing down on you soon, whereas if you lost it, it just confirms your poor form and/or class. Even after Thiem had just beat Nadal to win Barcelona, I still think that he'll never win a 500 event again...
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    A. Zverev is still better than everyone in his generation, and probably always will be

    Pains me to say it (because I think his game is so boring), but Zverev is still lightyears ahead of his generation (as well as everyone in the Dominic Thiem generation). Yes, others such as Tsitsipas and Thiem may occasionally look more explosive and have more high profile wins over big names...
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    Just saw the WTA clowniness where Halep was hit by the ball at the baseline and thus lost the point

    I had a similar thought: if you EVER have a sitter where your opponent is at the net, you should just ignore the ball and smack him in the face as hard as you can with your racket. You can say to the umpire that you were aiming for the ball and missed it, and hopefully you would have knocked...
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    Nadal vs. the One-Handed Backhand

    So Thiem and Tsitsipas have both beaten Nadal on clay this year. Why aren't all 2hbh players ranked around those guys (like Anderson, Isner and Nishikori) bossing Nadal around on clay if they have 2hbh that are so strong against Nadal's forehand vs the 1hbh?
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    Similarities between the Wawrinka backhand and Berdych's forehand???

    Grip extremity is only one factor in determining how 'powerful' a one-handed backhand is. If you swing faster, you hit a more powerful shot, regardless of the type of grip you use.
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    David Ferrer smokes a pack of cigarette per day

    Lol, I bet someone photographed him smoking a cigarrette once outside a club and that's the only one he's ever smoked in his life, and suddenly everyone here thinks he smokes 50 billion packs every nanosecond.
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    Similarities and differences between Wawrinka and Almagro's groundstrokes

    That's a full finish for him. He doesn't use the torso rotation that Wawrinka does. When your racket arm still has forwards and upwards momentum after contact but your torso does not rotate after contact like Wawrinka's does (enabling him to continue swinging the racket across his body), you...
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    Similarities and differences between Wawrinka and Almagro's groundstrokes

    Not sure about forehands, but I analyze 1hbh techniques a lot. Wawrinka obviously rotates his torso through the backhand a lot more than Almagro did, which tends to produce more power and ability to handle high balls. However, Almagro offset this by having extreme racket head speed and also...
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    Better groundstroke package: Cuevas or Kohlschreiber?

    These guys are very similar - very solid groundstrokes on both forehand and backhand side (but nothing you'd call an outright weapon), similar height, both have good serves for their height, both have clay as their probable best surface. Which one is more complete from the back of the court?
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    Is Berdych better player than Wawrinka game wise?

    Berdych's shots only look nearly as powerful as Wawrinka's because he hits the ball so flat that he can get good pace easily. When you realize how heavy Wawrinka's ball is (particularly when you compare their backhands), you realize that Wawrinka is more powerful by far. What's more he is a much...
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    Half of the players with 3+ wins over Nadal on clay have a one-handed backhand

    Equally I would argue that Gasquet doesn't have the weapons (forehand, serve) to hurt Nadal either. And there are guys with extremely strong 1hbh who I have seen hurt Nadal off the backhand wing, but lose for other reasons, like Almagro (choking mentality, atrocious volleys). And for the...