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    Davidovich Fokina gear

    Someone has information about his racquet, string and tension?
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    Marcelo Rios Yonex

    Sorry, by mistake I opened a second thread
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    Marcelo Rios Yonex

    Anyone is able to tell which Yonex has Marcelo Rios in these pictures?
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    Corentin Moutet racket

    Does anyone knows which racket, strings and tension this young talent uses? He plays with a stock Ultra 100 or a custom frame? Thanks
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    Shapovalov's strings

    Anyone knows Shapovalov's strings and tension setup?
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    Sampras replacement grip

    I see that currently Pete Sampras plays with a synthetic replacement grip, does anyone know if he switched from leather grip to synthetic during is career on tour or after his retirement? Thanks
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    Yoshihito Nishioka racket

    Anyone knows if Yoshihito Nishioka uses a real VCore Si 98 or it's a paintjob?
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    Dunlop R3.0 Revolution NT

    I am interested to hear some opinion about this racquet. Anyone have tried it? Is it better than the latest Dunlop series? Thanks.
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    Camila Giorgi racquet

    Anyone is able to tell her racquet specs? Thanks.
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    Petr Korda video

    Which racquet Korda is using in this video? Is a Stepanek's Head?
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    Henri Leconte string and tension

    Anyone knows what string and tension Leconte uses on Senior Tour, and if he has at the moment switched to poly? Thanks.
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    Opinion about Polyfibre Gutex

    Can anyone speak about the multi Polyfibre Gutex in terms of feel, touch and comfort?
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    Carla Suarez Navarro

    Anyone knows racquet, string and tension? Thanks.
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    dolgopolov as junior Is it a Liqidmetal radical mp?
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    Topspin Fibre Touch

    Anyone have tried this string? What type of multi is it? Thanks.
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    MSV PolyNyKing

    Someone knows this string? Opinions about it? Thanks.
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    Korda about his racquet

    What says Petr Korda in this video about his racquet? Anyone is able to translate?
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    Rossignol f295 specs

    Anyone can tell me the exact specs of the Rossignol F295? Thanks.
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    Davydenko's string in Dubay

    Can anyone tell me which strings davydenko used in Dubai? I don't now his "O" logo. Thanks.
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    A substitute for Babolat Fibertour

    Can anyone suggest me a string that plays closest to Babolat Fibertour? Thanks.
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    Wilson k gut pro 17

    Someone can suggests me any strings besides Wilson K gut pro 17? Thanks.
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    Dolgopolov - Australian Open 2012! Someone is able to recognize the strings?
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    Petzschner string and tension

    Anyone knows?
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    Dolgopolov jr.

    Anyone know what racquet and string he uses?
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    Dancevic racquet

    Does anyone know the specs (weight, balance, swingweight and if he plays with a leather or synthetic grip) of the Dancevic's Wilson Kblade?
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    Powerful multi

    Which of these multi is most powerful in 16 gauge? Tecnifibre Nrg2 Tecnifibre Xr3 Gamma Live Wire professional Pacific Pmx
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    Gamma professional 16 vs. Nrg2 16

    Can somebody tell me the differences between these strings?
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    Tecnifibre multi tension

    Which Tecnifibre multifilament is better to high tensions (above 60, for example)? And which does it have the best resilience?
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    Jim Courier's strings

    Has Jim Courier really used the Gosen OG-Sheep JC, or it's instead only marketing?
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    Any recommended strings besides Babolat Fibertour

    Someone can help me? My problem is that Fibertour is impossible to find in Italy or it is very expensive.