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  1. Kdude

    Gamma 6004 vs Prince Neos 1500

    Its a little quiet in here so i thought it might be a good time to get things going in here again. The ghost is out for me. I string for myself and cant justify the $2,800$ I tried to source the 1500 and thanks to some of my fellow stingers i was able to find one in England. Unfortunately...
  2. Kdude

    Prince Neos 1500

    Does anyone know where i can order the 1500. Yes i called tennis machines and they are BO with no idea when they will be back in stock. They offered me the 1000 but I'm leaning towards the swivel clamps. I've had the Ektelon H model for 35 plus years and its still working at 100%. The H is...
  3. Kdude

    RF Autograph (2017)

    Can anyone using this stick tell me what kind of string there using ? I don't have the time to start trying a million different strings so If anyone can give me some advice , string type, tension , Freq of restringing that would be awesome. It's an amazing racquet but if the string isn't...
  4. Kdude

    Federer set up

    Does anyone know which overgrip if any is roger using with his you stick ? thx H.
  5. Kdude

    Watch this :)

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  6. Kdude

    What racquet is dustin Brown using ...

    Saw him hit a crazy behind the back volley today on the net and now i'm curious ... is it a magic stick ?
  7. Kdude

    Starting Clamp..

    I was following the post " How can I get equal tension in the starting strings " and want to use a starting clamp and try Drakulie's method. My question is this ... Who makes a high quality starting clamp ? Or does anyone know which starting clamp Drak or Irvin uses ? Thanks in advance...
  8. Kdude

    Wilson Bags..

    Do any of the larger Wilson bags (12-15 Racquet) stand upright without tipping over ? thx, H. EDIT : Just did some reading and was happy to read the new Wilson RF bag goes upright... :)
  9. Kdude

    Lets talk about Wilson Bags

    I'm looking to get a new bag. I'm using an RF stick so would prefer to stick with Wilson. I would like to put at least three racquets , tennis shoes, shower flip flops, grips , balls, towel , extra clothes , iphone 6 plus, wet clothes , food and why not the kitchen sink :) .... and i...
  10. Kdude

    Bab Star 3

    I found a Babolat Star 3 for sale. Can someone with experience on these type of machines tell me what can go wrong on them and if parts are available presently too fix it. I've been told the mother board was recently changed and the machine is working well. Can I expect some more good...
  11. Kdude

    Leather power pads ...

    Would anyone know if anyone sells the small powerpads (lack of a better word) that Fed uses in the throat area of his racquets ? thx H.
  12. Kdude

    Gardner Mulloy

    This great tennis player won Wimbledon tennis title in doubles I think in the 50's. I met him when I was a teen in Florida. He really helped me with my game in so many ways. Does anyone know anything about him and if so where he is ? I'm not sure he is even still alive but the...
  13. Kdude

    RPM Blast 16 g , what cross would u suggest?

    I'm a 5.0 , playing with an open string pattern (Wilson pro staff 100LS). I still have a 1/2 reel of blast 16g and wanted a good multi for the crosses. What do you guys recommend for this set up? Thx Howard
  14. Kdude

    Question for the collective ...

    Are the Barricade 8+ and the Barricade 2015 the same shoe or has it been changed or improved in any way ? Thx Howard
  15. Kdude

    Yonex Tour G

    Can someone tell me about stringing this racquet. I just got them but have only strung wilson and bab racquets. What length should the short side be ? I already figured out start from the top ... ask me how i know :) and Do you guys recommend two piece or one piece stringing...
  16. Kdude

    What string does wawrinka use ?

    and what tension ? thx, H.
  17. Kdude

    Wed specials ..

    Where do i get the link to the wed specials.. thx inadvance :)
  18. Kdude

    How about those Cdn Girls !

    The Fed cup is being hosted in my city this w/e. Very proud of Wosniak and Bouchard. GO CANADA GO !
  19. Kdude

    Racquet paddles for warmup

    Does anyone know where i can find and buy ( i will try and explain what they are) basically you attach the paddles to each side of the strings and it adds weight. These are used as a warm up only. They attach with a screw/nut to the strings. Hope i explained this so someone understands me...
  20. Kdude

    Question : Racquet plates

    Has anyone seen these? These puppies help weight your racquet by attaching two plates ( like a sandwich) to the strings. Easy to put on and take off and really helpful with warmup and training session... Cant 4 the life of me find where i can buy a set ... any help would be great ...
  21. Kdude

    Nadals taped fingers....

    Does anyone have a good pic of Nadal's taped left arm fingers ? I want to see the brand name of the tape. I can see in some of the FO practice sessions some writing on the tape but I cant make it out... does anyone know or have a good pic ? thx, H.