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  1. BallBag

    Orlando Fl, Sep 21-22

    4.0 looking for a hit. I'm in Cocoa Beach but don't mind driving. What's some good ways to find some play? Y'all don't really have public courts.
  2. BallBag

    TEP (Tennis Event Product), the TennisLink Replacement

    What do you'll know about it? All I know is the name, and that Deloitte was contracted to build it for $17.9 million.
  3. BallBag

    UTR Website Update

    The UTR website was updated to let you enter your own unverified scores and setup your own events.
  4. BallBag

    UTR Shooting Themselves in the Foot

    I played a small UTR tournament a few months ago in a local club and had a good time. I ran into the organizer again last night and asked if he's planning on running another one. He said that he would like to but cant because UTR started charging event organizers $500 per year to use their...
  5. BallBag

    Topspin Shot vs Ballbag - Extra Fast Four

    Apologies to @Topspin Shot for taking my sweet time uploading it.
  6. BallBag

    Transition Tour Tournament

    I'm curious about what would it take to run a 15k ITF World Tour tournament? How much funding is required? Other than a title sponsor, are there any other sources for revenue? Does the USTA assist with anything? How many people usually attend? Have you ever went to one? What did you like about it?
  7. BallBag

    NTRP Nationals

    Last year was the first year for the NTRP Nationals. Has anyone here done it? Do you play for a Gold Ball? Is it worth the trip?
  8. BallBag

    Nike Cage 3 Warranty Card

    I bought Cage 3s from the Nike online store and they didn't come with a warranty card. I called the Nike help line and the rep said they are no longer using the warranty cards. I don't feel confident that that rep knew what he was talking about because he was trying to convince me that Nike has...
  9. BallBag

    A Better Tennis League

    What does the ideal tennis league look like to you? It can be a small modification on an existing tennis league or a completely new animal. To me the team element of league isn’t very strong right now and the whole ratings thing is not helpful. I would like to see leagues based around teams...
  10. BallBag

    Gender Neutral NTRP

    In @schmke latest blog post, he asked how would you feel about gender neutral league and NTRP ratings? As it stands, even if a rogue league coordinator or tournament director wanted to create combined league or draw, he would not be able to do that. I would like to see the USTA combine the...
  11. BallBag

    NTRP vs. UTR Sandbagger Ratings

    So I was trolling through the ratings of some known 4.0 sandbaggers in my area and noticed that although they are managing their Dynamic NTRP (under 3.95 on TR) their UTRs are closer 7.0. Since both rating are feeding from the same results pool, how is UTR closer to the actual level? I have no...
  12. BallBag

    Tax Question

    I won a cool $25 in a money tournament. Does that mean I'm a professional tennis player and I can deduct all my tennis expences?
  13. BallBag

    Why do adults suck at learning tennis?

    Playing UTR tournaments has made me realize something. Its not uncommon to see a 12-13 year old kid playing at 6-7 UTR (4.0-4.5 level) level. They practice somewhere around 3 times a week and they probably started around 7-8 years old. Its also not uncommon to see 4.0 - 4.5 player who plays 3...
  14. BallBag

    I Want A 120 MPH Serve

    My working first serve is around 80 MPH (from PlaySight). I can hit my thirds with it and I get about 60% in on a good day. I can crank one out at 100 MPH but I don't have good placement and I feel like I'm straining to hit it that big. I'll go big in a 40-0, 0-40 or a "Jesus take the wheel"...
  15. BallBag

    Looking to Take Some Lessons, Need Advice

    I am looking to hire a pro to help me get to the next level and I need some advice. I am in my early 30s and in the upper half of 4.0 and trying to get to 4.5. My main focus is singles but I play a lot of dubs during the winter which kills my rating. I don't think I have any glaring...
  16. BallBag

    Has anyone started below 4.5 and advance to 5.0?

    I haven't been playing league very long but my observation is that 4.0 and below is guys that are self taught or low end juniors that quit after highschool. 4.5 is a mixed bag of college players coming back and some very talented self taught guys. 5.0+ is exclusively guys that played in college...
  17. BallBag

    Jacksonville FL Hitting

    I'll be in the Jacksonville area for work week of March 12th and I'm looking to hit. I'm a computer rated 4.0.