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    Tennis players (intermediate level ) in Hong Kong 2011

    Hi, we r in Hong Kong, looking for mixed doubles , we need another couple. , current location is Hong Kong Island (evenings after work and maybe on weekends). we r intermediate level , say 3.5 usta level, (no beginners pls.) we hv booking, court arrangements, share court fees. If you are a...
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    Wanted - Wilson (K ) Amethyst 107

    looking for this racquet - is purple color, very lightwt. any size grip is OK.
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    Wilson (K ) Amethyst 107

    Hi Has anyone heard of or played w/ this racket (btw purple color (K) factor)? BTW im trying to help a friend locate this racket , Wilson (K ) Amethyst 107 (in usa or asia). looks bigger than the old wilson fury (K). Last seen (Wilson (K ) Amethyst 107) in Dubai approx. +1yr ago. many...
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    Wanted: Head TI S4 grip size 4 1/8 - L1

    I'm looking for the newer color all yellow hoop or the older one (cosemetics) is ok. Grip size is L1 - 4 1/8, seem to like the extra small grip for very light head rackets. my email cheers.
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    MattLook excellent buyer.

    Excellent recent dealing w/ MattLook very fast and clear. BTW all my trades, buy, sell through TW, so far hv been very positive. Thank you to TW and all the friends here. - Dennis
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    FS: Wilson Ncode N1 4 1/2

    Wilson Ncode N1 , grip size 4 1/2 for sale. 115sqin, all white frame Condition +9.5/10 - Very minor scuff on headguard, no scratchs on frame only strung once. Comes with wilson bag. Strung w/ prince syn. duraflex 16 gauge string. price $125 incls. shipping within the lower 48. Pictures...
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    FS: Wilson NCODE N1 4 1/2

    Wilson NCODE N1 (white) 4 1/2 for sale. No scratchs on frame. bumper only very tiny scuf. Comes with wilson bag. Strung prince syn. duraflex@ 16g strings. price $125 incls. shipping within the lower 48. Pictures sent upon request. I hv excellent refs. frm TW user 'kirko'. I will accept...
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    FS: Babolat Aeropro Drive Standard 4 3/8

    Babolat AeroPro Drive Standard 4 3/8 for sale. Condition +9.5/10 - Very minor scuffs on headguard, only strung once w/very little use. Comes with original bag and display card. Strung @ 62 lbs with wilson nxt 17 gauge strings. price $125 incls. shipping within the lower 48. Pictures sent...
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    FT: Wilson ProStaff Original 85

    I have a PS original 85sqin, condition is a very good 9/10 , L3. I'd like to trade for a Wilson PS original 95 in similar condition L4 size. I hv excellent trade/reference frm user kirko. Contact my email at cheers, dennis
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    Semi-Pros to '06 NCAA Division 1 Championships

    Seems, to be alot of the 'retired' european pro players, in recent years, now playing on division 1 tennis. What pecentage of the players, '06 NCAA championships, (at Stanford next wk), frm this catagory?
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    Head Classic Midplus (102sqin) stringing instructions?

    Can anyone tell me the stringing instructions for Head Classic Midplus (102sqin)? I've searched everywhere.. This is the same as my head Prestige Tour 660, seems I may hv two of these rackets that were strung differently.
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    Which was bigger loss?

    Which was the bigger loss; AO '06 final BHAG loss to FED or PLO '06 final, Blake loss to FED.
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    Will trade Babolat Aeropro Drive for Flexpoint Radical MP

    Will trade almost new Babolat Aeropro Drive, standard length, 4 3/8 grip, strung once only w/ TNT 17g @ 59lbs. w/ original grip, w/ original cover all in excellent condition +9.5. i hv excellent recent trade reference here w/ kirko. I'm seeking a trade for a Head flexpoint radical midplus (the...
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    Aeropro Drive L3 Trade For Flexpoint MP L3

    For trade, my almost new condition Babolat Aeropro Drive (standard 27in long) incls. cover, 4 3/8 grip size, +9.5 condition, no scraps or chips, only very minor light scuff only on the bumper/guard. Original stringing w/ tnt 17g. I looking to trade ONLY for a similar excellent condition Head...
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    Kirko, highest references.

    Great trading rackets w/ Kirk Veesaert, excellent condition and communication. Highly recommended and well done.
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    2 Wilson Hyper Pro Staff 6.1 Excellent Condition

    I'm selling two Wilson Hyper Pro Staff 6.1 95, 4 3/8 grip, w/ covers Great condition (+9.9) plastic on handles. I can send pictures. Price is $192 for both rackets incls shipping, or $99 if for only one racket incls. Shipping included for within the US greater 48 states only. Palpal only pls...
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    SAP Tournament next week San Jose

    SAP Tournament this week San Jose Has anyone, seen any of the Pro's in and around the Bay Area, conducting their practice for next week's SAP Tournament (ATP San Jose)? I'm interested in observing their preparation, but I don't think the HP Pavilion has any other practice courts at the event...
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    String for Volkl tour 10 mid-plus v-engine-Help pls.

    Right now i've the tour 10 mid-plus (98sqin) v-engine strung hybird w/ nxt tour 16 (m) and alu power 16 (c) 58lbs. Play/feel is just very 'dead' no 'pop', on serve or grd strokes. Can someone w/ experience w/ this racket suggest a better 'set-up'. I usually play usta w/ POG OS w/ prince. syn...
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    PS Tour 90 with Ncode cosmetics paintjob.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now , this is crazy, I'm holding a ( new unstrung) PS Tour 90, with a ncode paintjob (red/white). I held it together w/ a PS tour 90 and this is a EXACT match/mold w/ the PS tour 90 only w/ the paint job...
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    Federer, ARod at Bangkok Open

    Just read Federer & ARod r hr for the Bangkok Open starts SAT 25th sept. Sounds like they're play nr the airport at impact arena. I heard that the ticket prices r 400 baht , approx us$ 20. Sounds like a deal after US Open prices. Hope to see some tennis before more airport hopping.
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    Lower power for volkl tour8 v-engine

    I like the the tour 8 v-engine 100sqin , especially on serves, but seems over powered on the ground when I 'hit-out' w/ full swing. Could someone recommend a good string and tension for this racket. Current string is nxt max 16g at 57 lbs., a good string and feel but i'm looking for little...
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    Stringing Recommendation for Fischer Pro Classic 98

    Could AAAA or any fischer owners recommend a string and tension for the fischer pro classic 98 (red,silver,black). I've owned this racket for some time but hv played very little w/ it. I currently hv a few string sets in my gear box but not sure if these r good w/ the fischer ( head rip 16g...