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  1. DonPepe

    Best thin polys

    How long does it last tho?
  2. DonPepe

    Tourna Big Hitter Silver 7 Tour

    any thoughts on this string silver 7 performance versus Soderling Lyon 17 ? I happen to be testing both and they feel similar at tension 50 to 52. one is shaped, one is smooth, round (RS Lyon) ... they both feel like Luxilon Alu Power , Solinco Tour bite, RS Lyon is 4$ more at 13.95$ Its...
  3. DonPepe

    I Love Poly/Poly Hybrids. Best Affordable Ones You've Tried?

    dont the shaped polys eat into the smooth polys? I used volkyl cyclone and wilson control, cyclone tore it up!
  4. DonPepe

    Have a court in backyard

    Clay courts are better on joints , or is that a myth?
  5. DonPepe

    Have a court in backyard

    Anyone have or know anything about building a private tennis court ? How much , what kind of surfaces are good for Florida , who can do the job in Southwest Florida ?
  6. DonPepe

    Roger Federer announces.......

    Nadal retires? what?
  7. DonPepe

    The final candidates of my 1 year test

    does it play well higher or lower tension? would you use it in hybrid set up? mains?
  8. DonPepe

    Djokovic to play Tokyo and Shanghai

    Novak Still has to deal with Batista Agut and Medvedev
  9. DonPepe

    The final candidates of my 1 year test

    and what string is that? still in search of that perfect string tension ... playing with Bab Pure Aero and want to stay with it forever.
  10. DonPepe

    The final candidates of my 1 year test

    Hi... I'm new to Diadem... I'll try it... but wait Tennis Warehouse reviews say 'short duration' ... is that true?
  11. DonPepe

    Poly crosses or mains?

    I like the gut/poly hybrid, been trying poly/poly with diff tensions and gauges.. keeping my experiment low cost using Cyclones on my Bab Pure Aero 2019... have you played with Yonex PTP yet? Thats on my list as well. What does RA mean?
  12. DonPepe

    Babolat Pure Aero String Poly recommendations

    Im trying a few strings : Solinco Hyper G 17g @ 52, Volkl Cyclone yellow 17g @ 52 , and Hybrid Volkl Cyclone (mains 19g @ 48/cross 17g @ 52). I like to hit with topspin and to take big strokes at the ball. I tried natural gut from Bab but too costly. And multifilaments feel nice but don't think...
  13. DonPepe

    Forget who's the GOAT...

    Yeah Rafa is must see, I wish I was at that US Open Final
  14. DonPepe

    Forget who's the GOAT...

    yep... but if you had never gone to a stadium and seen a tennis match live before....
  15. DonPepe

    Forget who's the GOAT...

    LOL...My gf hates watching Isner, Anderson, Karlovic
  16. DonPepe

    Forget who's the GOAT...

    What current great male player would you pay your last dollar to watch ?
  17. DonPepe

    Diego Schwartzman equipment?

    TW says Head Hawk Platinum 16 and Bab VS Touch hybrid...
  18. DonPepe

    The truth about racquet material innovation

    Well my Babolat Pure Aero feels pretty good, better than my Prince with Textreme. Now I think Im just going to stick with it for the rest of my life unless it breaks or I don't like it anymore.
  19. DonPepe

    gut/poly hybrid strings

    So what's your favorite nat gut / poly string pattern? Im trying diff strings , just popped Bab VS nat gut @52 with goosen OG cross @ 54
  20. DonPepe

    Wimbledon 2019

    Who's your pick to win the men's Wimbledon title right now? I'm sure Djokovic has to be the favorite but field is very competitive...
  21. DonPepe

    Great new Becker interview: "Pete had the greatest serve of all time"

    And you're only as good as your 2nd serve"
  22. DonPepe

    Great new Becker interview: "Pete had the greatest serve of all time"

    Please expand on that> What players do you have in mind at that time? Philipoussis ? Safin? Goran? Pete's placement , variety, speed and incapability of reading the serve are his qualities. He was the modern era GOAT before Roger.
  23. DonPepe

    Federer fans, be honest...

    There should be a 10 match minimum to argue fairly
  24. DonPepe

    Federer fans, be honest...

    Your career and all that it encompasses defines greatness , he certainly is the greatest on clay no doubt.
  25. DonPepe

    Federer fans, be honest...

    Djokovic got better, and Andy retired. and whats the title count between them ??
  26. DonPepe

    Federer is the highest endorsed athlete in the world

    I asked the same thing... Playing an individual sport where the camera is on you is very marketable. Tennis is worldwide and never stops. If you're good and make it deep into tourneys consistently you're going to be rich!
  27. DonPepe

    Found my Holy Grail!!

    strung it at 38? isn't recommendation tension 48-58?