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  1. ivan987

    Your opinion on PHT17

    I hated the PHT for being more expensive and less durable than standard PH.
  2. ivan987

    Why do people say the Prestige (MP) is a difficult racquet to play with?

    IMHO, people who can't generate enough power with their swings should not be considering playing with a Prestige. Basically low power and lots of control is all what Prestige series is about. Tinkering with low string tension or awkward string setups will just bring you further away from the...
  3. ivan987

    A Nadal look-alike Does the left guy at 00:14 remind you of someone? The band is called the Monkees. No pun intended.
  4. ivan987

    Why did Richard Gasquet change his forehand? Grip, and the take back?

    Those must be the ugliest strokes ever, I couldn't even watch the whole video. Of course, his backhand is beautiful but the rest really looks bad.
  5. ivan987

    How to say come on/ let's go

    Croatian: Idemo!
  6. ivan987

    How many guitar players we got here?

    That double-cutaway Les Paul looks like a PRS on that picture! I play also, I'm an intermediate player.
  7. ivan987

    Sticky request: Tennis video clips and matches

    It's really not a bad idea since anyone can open those files, you have to download less files and just decompress them. It's realy efficient. You have RAR expanders for Mac - just google it.
  8. ivan987

    Does anyone hit a topspin 2 hander like RAFA?

    I'm quite sure he hits a topspin backhand, there can't be as much spin as with his forehand, but that's definitely a topspin backhand. If you tried to play with that kind of grip Nadal uses for his backhand, you would notice how natural that spin comes.
  9. ivan987

    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    Hehe her earring looks just like a microphone!
  10. ivan987

    Parity does not equal lower quality

    Great post and a correct way of thinking!
  11. ivan987

    Going Solo. The Morrissey 2009 US Open Experience.

    I'm quite sure that I saw Maria Kirilenko on of the pictures. And then I wonder - if you could take that pic, you probably could have taken another two or three or maybe fifty? So where are those pictures? I know I couldn't resist and I would have just followed her around courts.
  12. ivan987

    who hits with the most top spin

    Well that would probably be one of the pros you've never heard of, hitting with too much top spin won't get you anywhere. I wouldn't look in the top 20 or even top 50 for that matter.
  13. ivan987

    Who has the ugliest, but effective strokes?

    For me, Gasquet's and Murray's forehands are really painful to watch. Ljubicic's forehand (and his forehand setup) really makes me turn off the TV.
  14. ivan987

    federer forehand

    It doesn't have to be more efficient, it's dictated by his grip. The more western you go, the more you have to bend your arm, it's natural. If you look at any video of Federer's forehand, you can see how he starts with his elbow high, than he does that little whipping motion in which he...
  15. ivan987

    The generation between Sampras's and Federer's: WORST EVER?

    Wimledon's defending champions in that period didn't have to play any tournament matches until the final.
  16. ivan987

    Is it only Brits and Serbs who root for Muzza and Joker?

    I'm Croatian and I like Djokovic, I don't care about his personality (or any player's personality) because I'm interested only in tennis and nothing else. I like his game, the way his strokes look and work, and also some of his strokes resemble mine so that's an immediate connection.
  17. ivan987

    which one is the Croatian Open? Split, Zagreb or Umag?Does 'open' differ from others?

    No, Croatia Open is always played in Umag on clay, while the Zagreb Indoors is played on hard court (or carpet, I'm not really sure in this moment).
  18. ivan987

    Better backhand: Safin or Nalbandian

    Both are great but I think Safin's backhand relies on his strength more than technique while Nalbandian hits a perfect effortless two hander so I will go with him
  19. ivan987

    Which Player Has The Worse Backhand?

    I really don't understand how people on this forum make up these things. Federer's backhand is not bad. There is no criteria that I can find that can render Fed's backhand a bad one. It can only look RELATIVELY bad to the rest of his game, but to me it doesn't. You can rarely see a backhand...
  20. ivan987

    Best Sound On Tour

    Well, flat hitters make the loudest and the firmest sound while hitting, opposed to top spinners who get more of a fast brushing sound. I like to hear both, the best I heard this Wimbledon was in the match Federer - Haas, both players have a very firm contact with the ball.
  21. ivan987

    How many of you actually play tennis?

    You're missing the point here, I think that the focus here is not on the game itself, people talk more about things that really aren't of any importance for tennis.
  22. ivan987

    How many of you actually play tennis?

    Yes, I realize this. As I already said, that is not why I opened this thread.
  23. ivan987

    How many of you actually play tennis?

    That is a kind of answer I hoped to see! That is a healthy attitude! :grin:
  24. ivan987

    How many of you actually play tennis?

    I didn't intend to bring up the question of authority in commenting pro tennis, I just think if people like tennis they should play it, instead of losing time in stupid arguments... I probably wouldn't be interested in tennis as much as I am if I hadn't played it semi-professionally.
  25. ivan987

    How many of you actually play tennis?

    No, this is nothing personal, I just noticed that so many people without any knowledge just insult other posters, so I get a feeling that tennis really isn't important to them, they only wish to argue with others about mostly unimportant things.
  26. ivan987

    How many of you actually play tennis?

    I don't write often at this forum, but I come here sometimes to see the match comments if I wasn't able to see the match. I have noticed some things that I really don't understand. So many people here don't even play tennis. It seems to me that they don't really enjoy the game, they are just...
  27. ivan987

    Have we established how hot Kirilenko is yet???

    Yeah, I wanna pics too!!!!
  28. ivan987

    FEDERER New Wilson

    The OP said colour/technology. He probably meant a racket equipped with new colour and technology.
  29. ivan987

    2HBH advice for lack of power

    Yes, body rotation is of utmost importance for a 2HBH, also keep in mind always keeping your body low, when you bend your legs and take a closed stance you naturally get a good starting point for your stroke. Don't brush the ball only, go well through it. You cannot do that without upper body...
  30. ivan987

    moya forehand

    It's because of the momentum - he didn't have time to stop and hit the ball, he did it while he was still running so that's why he is still moving a bit sideways, that camera angle emphasizes that also. You can see how he lifted his right foot after the stroke - you can often see that when pros...