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    Tsonga has a higher peak than Federer at the Australian open

    Couldn't agree more with the OP. Sadly Tsonga's future opportunities for greatness were scuppered by the dark forces of the game, otherwise what a different world we'd be living in. When Fed realised the threat he had Wilson change all of Tsongas rackets by adding 25g of lead at 12 o'clock...
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    Abusive behaviour, promoting competitors, generally being an idiot. The rules are here somewhere. Also, don't talk about what gets you banned because that is likely to get you banned.
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    how arm-friendly is Dunlop 100?

    I had the AG100s, fitted with a leather grip and natural gut mains. Have to say I loved the thought of playing with those rackets but I agree with you it wasn't as plush as my 200Tours. Also didn't feel as stable, compared to some of my other rackets they almost felt hollow. I ended up...
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    Tension for tie-offs

    It is all personal preference. I tend to avoid it with my little crank machine, simply because I might forget to put the tension back down again afterwards!
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    Novak, Rafa + Andy will dominate for the next 2-3 years unless someone else steps up

    Yes, they suck at the moment but nobody knows what is around the corner. Federer went from being good to becoming great at the right time - the saviour of men's tennis. I think the ATP breathed a sigh of relief when he started winning majors.
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    What is going to be the last Djokovic's year as a top contender?

    I think he'll be winning slams in his early 30s. Too much game, looks after himself nowadays, therefore good chance of longevity.
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    Are you surprised that after 8 years Nadal is still dominating?

    I love RF but he looked a complete twat on that occasion. That day he was to tennis what Liberace was to music.
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    Murray hires designers to create 'AM' logo - just like RF, ND and El Toro Nadal:

    A haggis tossing the caber whilst eating a deep-fried Mars Bar and swigging from a can of Irn Bru should do it. Seriously, now he has slam status I think it will be an expectation of his major sponsors that he has his own brand. Good luck to him and his team, I hope that the end result is...
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    Novak, Rafa + Andy will dominate for the next 2-3 years unless someone else steps up

    Yes to 4-5 years, no to Nadal being out of the picture. The guy is proving to be the comeback king and I don't think you can write him off yet, he is way too hungry from another hatful of slams. Whether he gets them is another matter, but Nadal looked unstoppable at the USO and is sure to have...
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    Federer's 2014 Racquet (picture)

    Looks like a Babolat :(
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    Federer - What is Left in 2013

    2013 is 2013, and 2014 is 2014. Your theory would suggest the lower you are at the end of one year, the more chance you have of being successful the next year. It's flawed. In my opinion, being out of the top 8 at the AO would be disastrous for Federer because he may well end up playing one...
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    Did Raonic Lie? Did He Tell The Truth?

    England vs Argentina at the '86 World Cup finals. Karma payback which the sporting gods have wreaked upon all Argentinian sportsmen* such as Nalbandian and now Del Potro. *except Messi. For now.
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    Can't use 2 sets String to String 2 OS Racket

    Buddy up with a PS90 user...
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    Greatest 'Clutch' player in current ATP tour

    Special mention to Nikishori who (used) to have an excellent record in the final set of matches. Don't know if this is still the case?
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    Will Rafa ever win ONE Tour Finals title?

    You need to get your facts straight buddy, I'm a Murray fan not a Nadal fan therefore have no interest in making excuses for him - I just say it how I see it :)
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    Will Rafa ever win ONE Tour Finals title?

    Only chance is if the WTF is at the beginning of the year, which by default can't happen. Nadal works harder than most if not all professionals for his wins, I think his game is ugly but have a lot of respect for his achievements. Unfortunately his game takes too much out of him by the end of...
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    Etiquette When Winning

    You should do whatever you want as long as it's within the rules. I don't get the argument that the match has to be for development and learning - there is only so much you can learn from playing someone who is MUCH better than you. If I thought for a second that my opponent was taking pity on...
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    As of this moment, right now, who is the best player on grass?

    Best = most dangerous = David Nalbandian
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    Wimbledon 13 4R- Novak Djokovic [1] v/s Tommy Haas [13]

    Got a funny feeling for Haas today. We have had plently of upsets so far, I predicted only 50% of seeds getting into the 4th round (it ended up being 56% so I was close) and I feel Djokovic might not be firing on all cylinders. Tommy in 4 please.
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    Stakhovsky's wife?

    I would say money = choice so although I cannot condone a completely materialistic attitude, nobody can get away from the fact that the more money you have, the more choices you have available to you.
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    Stakhovsky's wife?

    My God I earn more than that. Why would anyone do it, unless they had family money???
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    Kimiko Date-Krumm at AO 2013

    Correct, in the open era. Well done Kimiko.
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    Stakhovsky's wife?

    So, Miss Bulgakova, what first attracted you to the millionaire Sergiy Stakhovsky?
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    Classy interview from Nadal - no excuses

    I didn't consider that to be honest. To be clear, I was thinking more that there was a realisation from Nadal that he now has an extremely serious problem with his knees that has escalated to a much higher level. Circumstantial evidence would suggest that his movement, especially with regard...
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    How far will Darcis go?

    I made an error in posting this a few minutes ago and would like to change my vote to "second round".
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    Wimbledon announcers/commentators

    I think Becker is a little bit mad and is wheeled into the commentary team to break things up a little. Agree that British commentators are more insighful than their American counterparts, especially in terms of reacting to events which unfold during the match.
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    How far will Darcis go?

    Darcis is the new GOAT. This is the beginning of a streak of 18 slams in a row. Along the way he will retire at least 6 of the top 10 who will see that their involvement in the sport is nothing more than folly compared to this new superpower. He will also be the first person to make Federer...
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    Classy interview from Nadal - no excuses

    Although the manuscript of Nadal's post-match interview reads quite well, I thought he looked like a man trying to escape from his own skin when answering the questions. Very telling body language, extremely uncomfortable, distressed, upset and trying to keep a lid on something that he didn't...