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  1. pyk64

    One Cross String Smiling at Me

    Apologies (and flame suit on) if this has been discussed before. I recently strung my racquet (Head IG Radical Pro) with a full set of SPPP. I'm pretty meticulous about keeping the cross string straight as I pull(crank), but for some odd reason, one of my cross strings came out and smiled at...
  2. pyk64

    Wanted: Alpha Fixed Clamps

    Anyone have any alpha clamps to sell? Please contact me. Thanks.
  3. pyk64

    Stringing Natural Gut Anxiety!

    At what point does your anxiety with stringing natural gut go away? I've done a few gut jobs and I still get anxious about clamping too tight/too loose, cleaning everything, twisting, pulling, kinking, kinking, kinking the string. Ugh...does the anxiety ever go away? This weekend I went thru...
  4. pyk64

    Cyberflash and Big Hitter Silver Confusion

    One of the databases I've looked at indicates that the Topspin Cyberflash has a stiffness rating of 240 (1.25) and 258 (1.3) think this was from 2012. However TW in the reviews calls it one of the softest polys they've tested. Also, the same data base lists the following: example a)...
  5. pyk64

    WTB Alpha Fixed Clamps

    WTB used fixed clamps (with the dial adjustment) that will fit on an Alpha stringing machine. Let me know if you have any. Thanks.
  6. pyk64

    Alpha Axis Parts

    Anyone have any spare parts for Alpha Axis? Looking for: - Fixed Clamps - Base Clamps (including any spare parts of the assembly) Thanks.