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  1. J

    Play Of The Week - declining?

    Who else here thinks that the ATP are selecting really rubbish points at the play of the week nowadays? there used to be some really cool shots and some really quality rallies, and now it just seems that any rally gets on there. any idea what this is about?
  2. J

    Edberg vs Nadal.

    I know, I know, Its hard to compare eras etc etc. Buuuuuuut, in a hypothetical match-up, who wins? Edberg, possibly the best volleyer of all time, clinical in putting away volleys, flawless technique etc. OR Nadal, amazing passing shots and defense, and shots at the opponents feet...
  3. J

    wow, thats all I have to say

    Theres a Mens Futures and a Womens challenger (tier what?) at my club this week (Felixstowe), and the difference between watching the top 10 ( I was at Wimbledon watching Baggy, Nadal etc practice) and then watching these guys practice. and then I realised how damn good the top 5 are. I mean...
  4. J

    I feel like a traitor...

    Man, everyone raves about how seet the PC600 is and all that, and how modern Prestiges aren't as good. But I've hit with a PC600, a LM Prestige, a FXP Prestige, and Hate them all. (All Midplus, 98 sq inches.) Today I played a match with a FXP Prestige Team waiting for my HPS to be strung...
  5. J

    Using coins?

    Am I just being a complete tool, but I've seen people saying they put dimes and stuff on the bottom of their rackets. Surely one coin wouldn't make much difference, or is "dime" another term for lead tape?
  6. J

    Does Roddick shout at opponents?

    Just wondering because I'm not sure whether he shouts at them, or just in a "C'mon" type of manner. I cant hear whats being said on TV, and I cant see whats going on
  7. J

    Last one sided mens GS final

    Looking at the WTA Aussie Open, (and the French, but no spoilers please), I've been thinking When was the last ATP Grand Slam final as one sided as the AO or FO finals this year?
  8. J

    Gaudios BH grip

    Yeah I know I made a thread about Mauresmo too, but I wanted to know. He seems to have a kinda "semi western" BH grip if that makes sense?
  9. J

    Mauresmo's grip

    Anyone know what Grip Mo-mo uses on her FH grip? It looks really weird on telly
  10. J

    HPS 6.1 and 6.0?

    Theres this guy at my club who has a HPS 6.1, and i have a HPS 6.0. We couldnt see what the differences were, although I did forgot to look at string pattern. any Wilson experts know this info off the top of their head?
  11. J

    Woah, something I hadn't seen before.

    In a UK mail order mag, I saw that Wilson are selling the "Champions pack" where you get Luxilon Alu power and Wilson NXT (I think) Or whatever Feds set up is, as a hybrid in one pack I'd never seen this before. Too bad it's £20.00 for a set.
  12. J

    Feel and Durability Issues

    At the moment I'm really liking some Bow Brand string that my stringer is using. It's cheaper than SPPP too. Although I much prefer the feel of Bow Brand over SPPP, it breaks SO easily, and SPPP last for ages. I was just wondering if anyone could give me some advice on which strings might...
  13. J

    Steffi Graf at RG

    Eurosport are showing "Past RG champs" and showing classic matches. Watched Hingis vs Graf in the final. I have a question : In her career did Graf ever come over her BH? In the match I think she hit all of one topspin backhand. Obviously her careeer was not hampered by this (20...
  14. J

    Today I hit with a bad ...BAD racket

    The FXP Prestige Midplus. I broke a string on my Wilson HPS and thn a string on the my 300G. So I borrowed a coaches Prestige. I hated it! No feel, too much power not enough spin..... I liked the extra weight on my BH and my sevres (serves were VERY nice with this stick), but everything...
  15. J

    Mark Petchey on Murrays racket

    when Murray retired from Hamburg a few days ago, Mark Petchey (Murrays ex coach) Said that he uses a racket that is leaded up heavier tham Sampras' ever was, hence the wrist injuries. Anyone know if theres any truth in this?
  16. J

    WANTED: Gaudios RG shirt from the UK

    Anyone in the UK got Gaudios 2004 Diadora shirt in medium buzz me at Also - anyone with cheap Wilson Hyper Pro Staff 6.1's going - E-mail me at the same address
  17. J

    How to tape a callus on my hand

    I have a callus on my right hand, on the very bottom of my middle finger. It's not on the finger, but it's just a tiny bit below where the finger meets the palm. It's quite painful when I play, because the handle rubs on it a lot, so I wanna tape it up. Just wonder if anyone has practical...
  18. J

    Warm-up Nerves

    I get this pretty much all the time I try and warm up someone atth net before a match and I just cant string together 2-3 decent volley-able shots. I either accidently pass them, dump one at their feet or spray it miles out or in the net. I just get so nervy. And then I always get scared they...
  19. J


    Anyone ever heard of this company? I've got a tour model stick in my hands right now - its really nice feeling. 338,2 weight unstrung and a balance point of 33. (how headlight/heavy is that?). 18/20 pattern, 98 square inch headsize. Hitting with it tonight.
  20. J

    Worst ever Tennis experience?

    I was playing dubs today, and my partner flicked up a lob, and to be fair, it was a rubbish lob. I moved back 2 steps, to give myself more chance of returning the smash. Opponent smacks it, HARD, straight into the floor, ball bounces up and catches me right in my meat and two veg...
  21. J

    Felix Mantilla

    Wow, i didn't know the guy was diagnosed with Skin cancer:-( That's sad. He won his first match in Barcelona though, so wahey
  22. J

    Different brands, same specs...

    I know there are rackets with similar specs between brands, but are there any rackets that have identical specs? Just curious
  23. J

    UK Junior Club League

    Just wondering if this is just a Suffolk thing? We played today and our team got duffed. Hard.
  24. J


    Anyone from the Felixstowe or Ipswich type areas in Suffolk, England wanna hit? Hit me up by e-mail or back here.
  25. J

    Mircosoft Access

    Is there any way I can download or get Microsoft Access onto my home PC. My school one has it and I'm doing an ICT project with it. But I bought some work home to find that my home computer doesn't have it. Does anyone know of a way I could get it? Cheers.
  26. J

    Who wins in Hamburg....

    Federer or Nadal? Hamburg plays a lot different to MC, Rome and RG, so I wonder who would win on the clay of Hamburg
  27. J

    Smacked my partner in the head

    I was playing dubs the other week - and I smacked my partner in the side of the head with a backhand. He had covered the middle after a net person poached, and i smashed the BH at the oncoming server, but it hit my partner Now It was a sweet shot :D And he got over it and said it was fine, it...
  28. J

    ATP Play of the week is getting poor

    Don't you think that some of the recent Play Of the Week clips on the ATP site aren't that good? I mean, it was a good rally between Hewitt and Tipsaravic, but I swear I saw some better rallies than that at the PLO.
  29. J

    protein shakes and all that stuff

    I'm a skinny guy, 5'11. I'm 16. I work out 3 times a week with one day inbetween each session, and 2 at weekends. I eat well, I like to think I take in everything I need to put on weight and muscle. My Body fat percentage is 6%. I need to build it up, however, even though I eat well and...
  30. J

    17 year olds unite

    So I saw a few 17 years old like myself in the 16 year old thread. Let's start our *OWN* club. We don't need to be their tag alongs. ;) So how long have you been playing? what equipment? blah blah all that stuff. Also, if youve just turned 17 (like me 6 days ago) how have you found...