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  1. Crisp

    Wanted Nike shirt

    This shirt in Med or large
  2. Crisp

    Tecnifibre tflash powerstab

    Have been using this frame lately and it is so different to the usual frames I have used for the past 10 years or so but seems to be working very well for me at this point.... Huge power and great in control is this how the tflash range has always been? Or is the power stab truly making this...
  3. Crisp

    Laver Cup Merchandise

    I would really like to get some Laver Cup branded merchandise like what Federer and Kyrgios are wearing. I've posted this in the pro gear thread as it seems it may be pro only gear. Does anyone know if you can purchase it? I have checked here and checked the Laver Cup site but no luck. Maybe...
  4. Crisp

    Can wheat be your problem?

    Recently I've been having chronic migraines and digestive issues. I went through chiro, physio, massage,dry needling,accupunture and normal migraine meds like immigran. Nothing seemed to work until I saw a natropath she did some acupuncture too but in the end it was her idea to eradicate wheat...
  5. Crisp

    Tecnifibre machines

    I have looked online for as much information as I can on Tecnifibre machines. But there seems to be only a little out there. I had previously been looking at the alpha ghost 2 but have just found a price for Tecni that beats the ghosts pricing. the 3 machines i am looking at and would appreciate...
  6. Crisp

    New machine wanted

    Hey guys I'm in the need for a new machine and I am in Australia. Tough luck for me hey!! We don't have a lot of choice for machines in the country... only very high end like bairdio and low end machines. I am definitely getting electric as my last 2 have been electric. I presently use a TST 700...
  7. Crisp

    Stepanek Davis cup.

    Why wouldn't Czechs play Stepanek in any of the 3 matches so far in Davis cup. Has to be injured? Certain starter if not injured surely.
  8. Crisp

    Kooyong irrelevant?

    Has Kooyong become irrelevant? The top players of the nineties and early 00's were always using this lead in as a way to get in top form before the Aus open. This year the field is not full of the quality of the past the field is extremely weak. I feel like this tournament/exo will be finished...
  9. Crisp

    Racquet for 2 handed backhand when changing from single.

    Have always used players type racquets most recently had been swapping between tec ltd 18m and pro staff 97s. Have had a single handed backhand for about 20 years but after a recent wrist break and complications the only thing I still have pain on is my single hander. Rather than not play tennis...
  10. Crisp

    Huntuchova- Verdasco

    is Daniella huntuchova the women's version of fernando Verdasco? Nice to look at for the opposite sex, but more importantly for this thread a player that can not stay with one brand/ frame. Huntuchova has been Babolat Yonex Prince Head Volkl And seems to be back to Babolat now.
  11. Crisp

    Tecnifibre 315 ltd grip shape

    So I really like the Tecnifibre 315 ltd but the grip shape feels awkward in my backhand and perfect on my forehand. I'm a long time Wilson user. Has anyone ever experimented with part tk82s part normal pallet? To see if they can get that snug fit in forehand but larger top bevel for single...
  12. Crisp

    Hewitt adna shirt

    Two types of Hewitt athletic DNA shirts are available from tennis only in Aus
  13. Crisp

    Marc pro

    anyone tried the Marc pro or Marc pro + for recovery?
  14. Crisp


    hi TW crew, you have been using your playsight now for a good while and while I know you are not a stockist of playsight I have some questions for you on it as I have not got too many answers in the normal threads about playsight. I am interested in purchasing one and I don't think as of yet ere...
  15. Crisp

    Where can we get this necklace?

  16. Crisp

    Thanyapura Sport Resort in Thailand

    has anyone been to Thanyapura for either triathlon or for tennis in particular. If you have could you please reply with your experiences. Thanks
  17. Crisp

    Flip to make comeback

    Flip is making a comeback at Newport, perhaps at the expense of Vince Spadea who was also looking for a wildcard in the qualies. Anyone think Mark Phillipousis can do some damage?
  18. Crisp

    Babolat Pure Drive Vs Tecnifibre 315 ltd

    I have been using the Tecnifibre 315 ltd for about a year now and have really been enjoying how this racquet feels to hit the ball in hand its just the sort of sensation i like coming from a pt57a. However I recently demoed a Babolat pure drive 2012 and had noticeably faster serve speeds. using...
  19. Crisp

    New instinct Rev

    Why is the new instinct rev 26.80 inches?? This seems like and odd move, was the last rev this length? I realise that it will be young girls using this frame more than likely so maybe this is not a bad thing to slightly limit the length below regular length? Any thoughts from anyone? Maybe even...
  20. Crisp

    Marty McFly Trainers

    Back to the future shoes are finally on their way with out the ridiculous price tag these versions are only $100
  21. Crisp

    Allocated vs back order

    What is the difference between allocated vs back order. I know this may seem like a stupid question but recently I had some product ordered from TW that was checked as allocated on my order... Meanwhile I was waiting for some frames that were back ordered. After a month of waiting for the back...
  22. Crisp

    Hag Fish Slime!

    Could Hag Fish Slime be the new alternative to natural gut. When it happens remember you heard it here first. Maybe it will be incorporated with other fibres. Probably a few years off at this stage.
  23. Crisp

    Normatec recovery boots?

    Anybody tried these? Seem like a lot of triathletes use them also a few nba players. Interested in hearing some peoples thoughts that aren't elite. I am interested in buying a set for use after long days on court... My legs aren't recovering like they used to and thought this might help. Have...
  24. Crisp

    Confused? Did all speed pros come capped?

    Just got these two frames to string. Why would they be capped... Didn't think speed pros came with cap grommets. Also frame profile is very thin.
  25. Crisp

    Hypothetical: if Nadals Injurycontinued to hamper him?

    As the title suggests if Nadals injury continued to hamper him to the extent it did in the second set should he shake hands or continue. Please feel free to express your opinion. Yes it is a hypothetical question, is it worth him continuing with the level of tennis displayed from when the injury...
  26. Crisp

    Asics apparel

    Almost all asics apparel seems to be pro stock. Can't find anything that the likes of Marinko Motosevic and co wear. Can find other asics clothing but not there simple collarless tennis shirts. Anyone have a source or no why nothing seems to be available retail.
  27. Crisp

    T Fight 315 Ltd. who is still using.

    As the title suggests T Fight has one of the biggest threads dedicated to it in 2013 I'm wondering how many of you are still using the 315 as their main stick and if not what did you change to?
  28. Crisp

    Anyone used my us dot com?

    Anyone used myus dot com for ordering some from the states??
  29. Crisp


    Have searched for this in the forum and on the TWE site, can you order things from TWE to Australia. What brands can not be shipp to Australia from TWE? Is it the same brands as cant be shipped from TW USA?
  30. Crisp

    Asics Tennis Shoes in Australia

    They are very hard to find in Australia at a decent price especially. The asics range of running shoes seem to be everywhere but if you want the tennis shoes they are not available. They are a $99.00 at TW currently but asics don't allow TW to ship them overseas, such a bummer as I'd really like...