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  1. WildVolley

    Backhand Slice Duel

    A lot of times players are terrible at a shot because they never practice it. I've been playing more doubles these days, so it is good to keep my backhand slice working (I topspin drive with a 2hbh). To practice it, I'll often do a slice duel during the middle of a backhand warmup. Here's a...
  2. WildVolley

    Anyone see Game Changers on Netflix?

    There are some 'vegan' athletes. But mostly you have people such as Schwarzenegger (his career is long over) or Carl Lewis (only vegan at the end of his career) who extol the benefits of veganism despite having developed as athletes while eating copious animal products. Also, we know a lot of...
  3. WildVolley

    Anyone see Game Changers on Netflix?

    I haven't seen it (don't get Netflix). A number of critiques have already been posted online. Here's one. I've been suspicious of vegan propaganda ever since the success of "Supersize Me!" which was a...
  4. WildVolley

    Are you getting a flu shot?

    Yes, that's definitely part of it.
  5. WildVolley

    Are you getting a flu shot?

    Yes, I needed to be more precise in what I was saying. In my experience, the people questioning and refusing vaccination in California tend to be more highly educated. This is a completely different population from the poor and uneducated who don't tend to utilize many medical services in the...
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    Are you getting a flu shot?

    I live in California. One of the interesting things about those who either do not get their children vaccinated or who delay/extend the vaccine schedule is that they tend to be higher income and have more education. Uneducated people tend to follow whatever their physician suggests. I know...
  7. WildVolley

    How is Nadal so muscular?

    Nadal does a little weight lifting with a cable machine as SA's links show. But I think most of his muscularity is just genetic. I've seen him in person and he's a fairly normal looking guy. However, for a professional tennis player his muscularity stands out. The downside is that the extra...
  8. WildVolley

    Why are CA gas prices going through the roof?

    Thanks, I have a friend who says he supports higher gasoline prices because it reduces freeway congestion. Personally, I haven't noticed a difference. I do recall in 2008 when prices went through the roof around here all the Hummer H2s disappeared from the roads. But I see plenty of enormous...
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    Why are CA gas prices going through the roof?

    The blends are less polluting, but that's become less of an issue as more state have developed pollution reducing blends. So I'm uncertain of the benefit versus other state blends. Of course, in the past Los Angeles had a huge smog and air pollution problem. The metropolis is surrounded by tall...
  10. WildVolley

    Why are CA gas prices going through the roof?

    Many Californian's know that the volatility of Californian gas prices are due to State specific proprietary gasoline blends, which reduces supply from other states. By doing this, California's government has isolated the Californian gasoline market from the rest of the United States. Whenever...
  11. WildVolley

    Are you getting a flu shot?

    Not getting a flu shot. I'm not in a high risk group, I'm in decent health, and I don't want to get the shot at a drug store or clinic. Also, I'm no longer working around someone with a compromised immune system. I got the shot once (it was free) when I was teaching and it made me sick. That...
  12. WildVolley

    How should you adjust to a big server going for 2 1st serves?

    One method would be to start in a first serve return position and then time your move forward to when he is in the middle of the toss when he's hitting the second serve. To do this well requires that you start picking up the clues early as to whether he's going to hammer down a first serve...
  13. WildVolley

    2HBH - grab thumb like golf?

    No. Nor do I link my fingers. Grip changes should be made quickly in tennis.
  14. WildVolley

    Nadal forehand topspin with conti grip?(!?)

    I believe Nadal's volley grip is closer to an eastern forehand than a traditional continental grip. I've seen him hit backhand slices in person, and there's no question his grip is at least an Aussie grip if not a full eastern fh grip when he slices his backhand. So, I'd say his volley grip is...
  15. WildVolley

    What do you do for balance?

    When I was in college, I went to an Aikido club for a while. I don't think much of Aikido as a martial art, but the art does take falling seriously, and I spent most of the time doing breakfall training and being thrown on the ground. So doing fall training along with balance makes sense. Good...
  16. WildVolley

    What do you do for balance?

    I've been doing some one legged balance drills. Basically moving the free leg out in the positions of a clock. I've also been doing balance with my eyes closed, which greatly ups the difficulty. I do these drills in a safe area so if I start falling, there's little chance of injury when...
  17. WildVolley

    Which "segment" of the serve is not conscious?

    I'd expect most of what a pro does is think about the intended target and amount of spin and pace. Almost all of the swing will be handled by the subconscious, unless they are thinking about a coaching cue, such as 'keep your elbow up.' But that would be rare at the highest levels. I'm...
  18. WildVolley

    Why dont more female players use the ATP forehand?

    I take the opposite view. The WTA versus ATP nomenclature has provided me with a lot of enjoyment as I've watched various poasters melt down and start muttering about "sexism" or claim that we can't use the name because all of "x" doesn't hit that way. And the 'literalists' who are convinced...
  19. WildVolley

    Jamie Murray Volley Tip... Comments?

    I haven't noticed this. Does he put a little topspin on the volley the way that Sampras often would?
  20. WildVolley

    Jamie Murray Volley Tip... Comments?

    I'm a fan of Jamie Murray's volley tips. He has a very direct volley technique without a lot of hand or racquet movement. I think he is a much better model when teaching the volley than someone like Roger Federer who tends to use more spin. This is a good footwork drill. I also think that...
  21. WildVolley

    Can pros hit 100mph pancake serves?

    I've measured serves at 100-mph with players using semi-western & eastern forehand grips and aggressively slapping the ball. These were not professionals and not great athletes. They were aggressive male high school tennis players. Two things to note. The "in" percentage was very low as the...
  22. WildVolley

    Test to see if you are likely to die in 5-6 years!

    The sitting down part was trivial for me, so I got a 5 on that. However, I had a little difficulty on the standing up. With the use of one hand it was trivial. So I can easily score a 9. But of course, I wanted to get a 10, so I tried standing up with my hands together and no help. Perhaps due...
  23. WildVolley

    Consistently hitting the throat

    This is a good strategy. Over-correction drills can help students discover what they're doing and how to change it. I'd also have the student do the Wegner-like spacing drill in which the student attempts to block the ball without swinging by moving the body to get proper spacing. Start with...
  24. WildVolley

    Glucosamine for your.......heart??

    This is interesting. In many cases, Glucosamine is sold along with Chondroitin Sulfate, which also was found, in preliminary studies, to have some benefit in preventing heart attacks. My understanding is these studies were done in the late 1970s and there's been no follow up. I may start...
  25. WildVolley

    Constructive criticism on shadow swings for new player

    It is great to hit hard, but you want to first start with a repeatable pattern before swinging hard. You shouldn't be spinning out after you swing. Let the power go into contact and then relax. Also, practice outdoors so you don't break your racquet before you make it to a court.
  26. WildVolley

    Dead hangs for shoulder health?

    I don't have a precise diagnosis of my shoulder injury. I was serving hard at the time and just overdid it. I believe I was going slightly high in the socket at contact and had slight impingement along with a partial rotator cuff tear. For some reason, slice serves particularly caused pain in...
  27. WildVolley

    Dead hangs for shoulder health?

    I started a thread about this topic a number of years back after seeing the Kirsch book website online. I've been doing dead hangs for about 6 years now as part of my standard tennis training...
  28. WildVolley

    Could gym work be DETRIMENTAL to sports performance?

    There's a growing realization that training to exhaustion or failure on a consistent basis is probably counterproductive to most sports performance. A lot depends on how quickly an athlete can recover. There's also a possibility it could lead to injuries. A famous MMA coach on Rogan's podcast...
  29. WildVolley

    How much do you weigh ??

    I don't know any off the top of my head, but I've read several articles claiming that very low body fat can lead to problems with infections, such as at the end of this Scientific American article on athletes. However, many of the...
  30. WildVolley

    How much do you weigh ??

    I can assure you that it isn't healthy long-term. Someone older I know with about that body fat level just died. As you age, you want to maintain muscle mass but not lose too much body fat. For most people over 70, if they get below 10% body fat, they have a much higher risk of death. It...