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  1. BigM

    Yonex VCORE series 2018

    The 95 is the pick of the bunch. The 98 and 100 felt stiff to me but I currently use Ezone 98+. It will be interesting to see what others think.
  2. BigM

    Yonex 2017

    Hmm how do you have this information??
  3. BigM

    Nadal is bald...

    Your points are taken and I'm sorry for your friend. There are so many things in this world that are bad that are incurable. Cancer anyone? I stand by my post.There is a reason that the Mens Hair loss industry is worth over $3.5 billion. Going bald affected me deeply. It affects many others in...
  4. BigM

    Nadal is bald...

    Going bald can be a very traumatic experience for a man especially someone like Rafa. Rafa losing his hair my be affecting him in other areas of his life , like his forehand. Hair for a man is seen as a mark of Virility and strength by some parts of society. You just have to look in this thread...
  5. BigM

    Nadal is bald...

    Yeah you do. It also has some nasty side effects which may affect performance in other areas of the body.
  6. BigM

    Nadal is bald...

    This dude looks pretty amazing without hair. I think he's fairly good at surfing. I think Nadal can rock the bald look.
  7. BigM

    Yonex Ezone DR CLUB!!!!~~~!!!

    My thoughts exactly on this frame. Its such a great frame in so many situations.
  8. BigM

    Yonex VCORE SV

    This is so true and great advice.
  9. BigM

    Yonex VCORE SV

    Oh sorry having issues with my browser. The SV98.
  10. BigM

    Prince Phantom

    Why not both? The ports have been around for 10 years and many players young and mature enjoy the feel , Comfort and spin the port design provides. Plus I want to replace my t100's lol
  11. BigM

    Yonex VCORE SV

    This frame has a very solid crisp feel yet kinda feels disconnected to the ball at the same time. I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would.
  12. BigM

    2017 Pure Strike

    Got to have a short 45 min hit with the SV100 version so I have no real insights into the frame however, I found it to feel very really solid , smooth and powerful. I think people will enjoy this frame.
  13. BigM

    2017 Pure Strike

    SV = Solid. Very different to the DR.
  14. BigM

    EZone DR98 Nick Kyrgios Edition

    This is a legit picture. Not sure I want the ANA frame or the Nick lol But just changed to drop the female stigma attached to the this particular frame. So wrong but it looks sweet!
  15. BigM

    Need help going from a players stick to something more powerful

    Did you find the dr98 had more power than the Tour 100? I really loved the dr98 but will have to try the dr100 as it sounds like an amazing frame. I'm finding it really difficult to swap to a racket that has more power from a classic players frame. The power is nice but I miss the stability and...
  16. BigM

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: 2016 Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph

    I would love to do that however I don't think that service is available in Australia.
  17. BigM

    What's Your Best Excuse for Getting More Sticks?

    Mine are.... 1. I need more power. followed by... 2. I need more control now.... followed by.... 3. This frame is hurting my arm... After a bad loss I always think I need more power which starts the whole cycle again. I'm sure I would play much better if I could stick with 1 frame but...
  18. BigM

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: 2016 Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph

    Hey guys Just a quick question on the QC on this new release of Wilson Frames. I have wanted to swap to the PS97 or RF97 for about 12 months however I find that there seems to be a huge variance in Specs. I'm hoping there's an improvement as I really love the feel and look of Wilson frames but...
  19. BigM

    Tennis Warehouse: Babolat POP (wristband sensor) Playtest!!

    Thanks for the reply. I will have another go at hitting some spin :)
  20. BigM

    Ditching the Pure Aero

    I'm having problems with the feel of my PA's. I swapped from Ai 98's to the PA with the hope of more power and spin which it has provided. I miss that super comfy feeling of the Yonex frame. I'm tempted to try the Gut / Poly setup at least once before moving on.
  21. BigM

    Tennis Warehouse: Babolat POP (wristband sensor) Playtest!!

    I'm thinking of comparing the numbers with a Playsight court. Just doesn't make sense to me.
  22. BigM

    Tennis Warehouse: Babolat POP (wristband sensor) Playtest!!

    Hey guys I'm on the fence about this device. It seems to not record my Backhand spin correctly. How is the backhand spin calculated ? Angle of the frame ? Upward motion? I was Just mucking around with the ball machine with the sole intention of ripping up the back of the ball almost like a...
  23. BigM

    2016 Rome Masters - General discussion thread

    Andy seems a little upset lol
  24. BigM

    Anyone go down a size with Babolat racquets?

    Hey mate, I have experienced the same issue.I normally play with a grip size 3 however with my Pure Aeros I'm using Grip 2. I'm still not 100% sure of the grip shape.
  25. BigM

    2016 Madrid Open - ATP Masters 1000

    Looks like Dimitrov needs to get Rasheed back in his box. Whats with the ball girls at this tourney?
  26. BigM

    Yonex VCore Duel G

    +1 to this. I have been testing the dual g100 and have dialed in what I think is an awesome setup. Mods I have done so far - Yonex Leather Grip - 2.5g at 9 and 3 - 3 grams at 12 . Strung @47 lbs with YPTP. These mods have added some mass and stability without sacrificing what makes the frame...
  27. BigM

    Suggest a soft, low powered, 100~ headsize frame for me Please!!

    Hey there!! Don't let that 65ra on the dual G scare you off. As a former user of the Prince Tour 100 16x18 the Dual G plays really plush and is well worth a demo. Very Smooth comfy frame with surprising pop!
  28. BigM

    Hingis stick?

    This was true at the 2015 AO. The length of her Ai 100's were 27.5'. I wanted to see if could snag a couple for my personal use :P
  29. BigM

    2 versions of Textreme Warrior 100

    Indeed they are. I have been testing the warrior this week and its an interesting racket. Plenty of power off the ground and very good comfort. The Textreme is a different feel. I wonder how people are going to react to it.
  30. BigM

    Yonex Ai 98: tell me more about her

    I thought about this action myself then I thought... These are still amazing frames and I have love playing with them. BTW Kyrgios isn't currently using these frames.