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    New Adidas Shoe?

    On the left it's a leather version of the Ubersonic 3 (I saw this shoe at the 5th Avenue flagship store in NYC). And on the right it looks like the classic Stefan Edbergs.
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    Mizuno USA Tennis Official

    Great news @Mizuno USA Official new colorways for Wave Exceed Tour 3 now offer a 6-month outsole guarantee!
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    Mizuno USA Tennis Official

    @Mizuno USA Official any word on 2019 Wimbledon gear going on sale to the general public? I’m liking the all white Wave Exceed Tour 3 shoes and white apparel on men’s doubles champions Cabal/Farah.
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    Adidas Torsion Edberg Comp

    I loved these Edbergs, and also the old Lendls. I hope they get to re-release those too.
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    Ubersonic 2?

    @TW Staff can you guys confirm? Just about to wear out my remaining pair of Uber 2 and would be great to get some in August.
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    New Asics Court FF 2

    Comparisons to Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 3? The upper looks similar, I'm wondering if it's more stable and more snug fit since it's a sock-like bootie lining.
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    Mizuno USA Tennis Official

    Yes, absolutely perfect fit when getting a 1/2 size smaller. Also, TW Europe site has the Wave Exceed Tour 3 and several other models on sale. I bought the black color, clay version, including international shipping, for $103.
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    Mizuno Tennis shoes and clothing

    Correct, the Exceed Tour 3 runs slightly long. I'm usually a 9.5 US but went down to 9.0 and the fit is perfect.
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    Mizuno USA Tennis Official

    I've had Wave Exceed Tour 2's before and they ran just a tad long. Just received the Wave Exceed Tour 3's and Wave Intense 4's in the mail at 1/2 size smaller than my usual 9.5 US. Fits perfectly.
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    Mizuno Sizing

    I had 2 versions of the Wave Exceed Tour 2's (clay and all court versions) at my usual US 9.5 and both ran just a bit long after breaking in. To remedy this, I wore 2 pairs of socks and the fit was fine. Recently I ordered and received the Wave Exceed Tour 3 and Wave Intense 4, this time...
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    Mizuno Tennis Shoes

    Great news! Thanks Michelle.
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    Mizuno Tennis shoes and clothing

    I had Exceed 2's in both clay and all court version. The all court lasted about 5 months for me, (playing 3-4 times a week on hard courts) and the clay are still in rotation at my club (har-tru courts). I can't wait to get my hands on the Exceed 3's in the newer colorways. Some are on sale...
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    Mizuno USA Tennis Official

    Hi Tyler, Glad to have you on this discussion. I've been a fan of Mizuno products for a long time (since the Lendl days) and have used several pairs of running shoes and soccer cleats over the years. After a number of years off from tennis I got back into it 2 years ago and rediscovered the...
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    Mizuno Tennis shoes and clothing

    How are the Exceed 3 working out for you so far? I'm going to make a few purchases (Exceed Tour 3 and Intense 4 possibly)...I wore out my all court Exceed 2 and still have my clay version as well. Tried the Nike Vapor X recently and the fit is not as good as the 9.5. Also my Ubersonic 2 gave...
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    Rafa Aeroreact tee's price

    I just wait for sale/clearance and use online coupons so most of the RF and Rafa gear that I have are 30-40% off the retail price. Still steep, but more affordable.
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    Nike Needs To Bring Back the Vapor 9.5 Tour

    Vapor X are a great looking shoe but the fit and comfort level didn't quite work for me as well as the Vapor 9.5. I think if I went a half size up it would feel better. But after 4 sessions, just when they are beginning to open up a bit, I got some serious toe bruising so it's going out of...
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    Nike Air Zoom Zero (summer 18 release)

    Just saw on Nike app release date is 7/19
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    Mizuno Tennis shoes and clothing

    @Moosch yes my feet are relatively flat (but not too wide) and had this injury in my 20s late in my college career, and it came back a few years ago in my late 30s when I took up competitive tennis again. Each time I’ve done physical therapy with a lot of stretching and switched to...
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    Mizuno Tennis shoes and clothing

    I’m not familiar with Yonex shoes but it sounds to me that it won’t be as cushy. Also look at the Wave Intense. It’s a heavier shoe and supposed to have more cushion than the Exceed Tour. I just prefer a speedy light shoe for my game.
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    Mizuno Tennis shoes and clothing

    It’s definitely their cushioning system. I was drawn to Mizuno because I had plantar fasciitis and the cushioning on their running shoes helped me a lot during recovery. So when it healed I was interested in their tennis products and didn’t want that injury to happen again. I definitely will...
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    Mizuno Tennis shoes and clothing Mizuno EU has the exceed tour 3 at 330 grams...that’s about 11.6. The exceed tour 2 was slightly lighter at 320 grams. That’s on par with the Babolat Jet Mach 3 at 11.7 oz. Nike Zoom Vapor X is about...
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    Mizuno Tennis shoes and clothing

    Not as cushy but more plush than Vapors or adizeros or any other speed type shoe. I will be ordering Exceed Tour 3 soon to replace these.
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    Mizuno Tennis shoes and clothing

    I would say the cushioning for these are on par with Nike Zoom Vapors or any other light weight shoes in the market. They definitely won't last as long as the stable 6-month guarantee models (Adidas Barricades or Asics Gel-Resolution) as mine are starting to show wear and tear by the toes. (I...
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    Mizuno Tennis shoes and clothing

    I bought the Wave Exceed Tour 2 from european site and having been wearing them since November. They are very comfortable and light feeling on the court. However they do run a bit big so if I order again I'll have to go down half a size.
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    european red clay in the US?

    You will love it. It's basically brand new and very well maintained.
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    european red clay in the US?

    I was a guest at West Side Tennis Club in Forest Hills last season and they've resurfaced their 2 remaining red clay courts to be European red clay. Played very nicely.
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    I also bought the Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 2 from Europe and really like the shoes. They're really light and responsive. Not sure about durability since I've only been playing with them for a month, but keep us posted if TW starts selling them in the US.