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  1. Dragy

    Serve placement project

    I’m not sure how tight of the line you’d actually would try to place your serve. Here are several serves of mine, for first 2 I’d be happy with placement in match conditions. 3rd one clearly drifted to the middle of the box, however, I doubt it would be an easy return anyway. It’s worse with...
  2. Dragy

    Got an Arse Whooping in Bolivia today

    I think it’s much easier if you have a personal apparel line contract. Against an U12 girl. Really likely to hit through, though a bit tough to hit her, as she’s likely a small target, no margin for error.
  3. Dragy

    Is hitting down the alley when pulled out wide a "% play"?

    It really strongly depends on how deep you are, how stretched/rushed you are, where’s the netman, how wide is DTL opening. If you are in control and confidently on the ball, you can smack it at the net man, hit it DTL if the opening is good, or hit it CC if the netman covers the alley. Sharp low...
  4. Dragy

    Can you train yourself to see the ball at faster speeds or is it more about natural talent?

    You don’t underhand-serve senior players.
  5. Dragy

    4.0 Match - Feedback appreciated

    So he won 1, 1 and 3 ;)
  6. Dragy

    4.0 Match - Feedback appreciated

    But guys in the video are no way lower than 3.5 by any standards. More likely legit 4.0 (oh well that’s what computer says). Even though that’s highlight reel, they play nice.
  7. Dragy

    It's all about the finish!

    Does my FH at 1:50 count?
  8. Dragy

    Kick serve comparison

    That landing is clearly not as deep as on 1st serve, but the distinguishing difference of moving forward against moving backward is obvious.
  9. Dragy

    Inconsistent Forehand

    It’s not topspin which makes the ball go fast past baseline. First and foremost it’s power. Meanwhile, you cannot hit with both power and decent margins for error without big topspin. A flattish ball landing short is just a weak low pace ball (or net skimmer, or hit from high over the net - in...
  10. Dragy

    Kick serve comparison

    IMHO a key flaw is hitting while falling back, which should be solved by tossing more inside the baseline and pushing forward as load.
  11. Dragy

    Attacking a short ball

    Look, you are absolutely comfortable to attack a ball just inside the baseline, being limited to single service box to hit to. Now, if you have full court to hit to, it comes down to how well set you are to pick the ball in the right spot in right time... Oh well already covered... It’s just...
  12. Dragy

    Smash preparetion

    If you expect a lob, position yourself accordingly, don’t put your belly on the net cord. Then splitstep as he makes contact, recognize the ball and move.
  13. Dragy

    Why is the serve so hard?

    No, a junior didn’t look at freeze frames. His coach did. And even more, a world-renown coach did who did a lecture which a kid’s coach attended to improve his knowledge and understanding.
  14. Dragy

    Worst day since awhile

    “First strike” comes into consideration when rally ball from your opponent is really high quality. And his return of your serve is decent. In rec tennis, as it looks to me, there are enough opportunities to take control. It comes to two requirements: - Can you survive (this covers a wide range...
  15. Dragy

    Worst day since awhile

    Mid pace loopy topspin shot. Not yet a moonball, not a monster pro spin drive.
  16. Dragy

    Post videos of yourself playing well.

    French... they make all those tiny “dishes” claiming high level of food culture, and can’t play well after taking a decent peace of cake.
  17. Dragy

    Is it better to hit a great shot and miss, or miss and hit a great shot?

    What about hitting decent shot to big target, and if it drifts (misses) a bit longer/wider it becomes great shot? Trying to paint the lines and miss is meh
  18. Dragy

    Worst day since awhile

    Yeah you are right, but the part it’s sometimes still pure shot selection. Like been working on hitting high sitters with authority from just inside the court... but a high-bouncing roller is not a sitter, even though it bounced short and flies to same location to get crushed... just NO! And...
  19. Dragy

    String tension and topspin

    In what type of frame? With what string? I think his setup is rather juicy and punchy. Not stiff dead poly stringbed of modern high-TS clay courters.
  20. Dragy

    String tension and topspin

    The guy with really loose tension (13.5/13.5kg reportedly) is Adrian Mannarino. He’s not a touch player, more a defender/counterpuncher with rather compact techniques. Not producing big swings, big RHS, big spin, but hits back fast and with pace using that stringbed.
  21. Dragy

    Worst day since awhile

    Interesting, my regrets usually come out as “how am I not making this shot...” Dunno which is better. I sometimes doubt if I lack competitiveness, too much focus on process.
  22. Dragy

    The first step is admitting I have a problem...

    I think he has one important point which he didn't manage to string well with other stuff: deflecting a non-dead ball requires RF to be well-set at contact. And what's the most reliable way to get racquet face to that place holding it at the edge of the grip? It's pulling the handle with minimal...
  23. Dragy

    String tension and topspin

    The thing is if you talk pure RPM, lower tension (at least within reasonable range) will give more spin. However, it will also increase trampoline effect, therefore “power”. And launch angle. So if with your default setup, with decent topspin mechanics, you tend to hit short - loosening the...
  24. Dragy

    String tension and topspin

    I guess you are after better shape for a shot, not topspin in vacuum?
  25. Dragy

    Please help me with my serve

    Roger Federer of course. Joking. You are correct, racquet face.
  26. Dragy

    Please help me with my serve

    It seems to me your index knuckle is put against bevel 3 more than against bevel 2 which goes for conti: And generally your RF orientation looks a bit too open. Try doing same swing with true conti grip - don't make changes to compensate, accept angled contact and some spin, it's good. You'd...
  27. Dragy

    Please help me with my serve

    What’s that racquet? You don’t use true conti grip, do you? Don’t drop racquet head behind your head before you actually start the swing, keep it vertical or slightly tilted towards the right fence:
  28. Dragy

    Is the coaching mentality mentioned here the reason the Next Gen is so lost?

    What about developing as an athlete, learning good attitude for training, developing tennis-related basic skills - movement, footwork, hand-eye coordination? Developing competitive approach and involvement through various games and sports more suitable for kids than actual tennis? Then decide...
  29. Dragy

    Worst day since awhile

    Just yesterday I played some doubles sets, and it started awful. I couldn’t hit my groundies, and my second serve had no other way but below the net cord. We lost 1st set badly and discussed switching teams... I stayed frustrated. However, we had 2 more competitive sets, I did may good plays at...