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  1. king of swing


    was that you in the new ex03 review? or did you take Roddick up on his regimen? lean, meaner and more ripped. :D btw: those ballistecs dont look as bad as I thought they would.
  2. king of swing

    Best Cell Phone Company

    Hey guys would you mind chiming in on which company you like best? me and my sis are trying to make a discion and im just wondering what the wonderful folks at ttw have to say.
  3. king of swing

    How long was it?

    so just to clarify. I am downloading the match right now, so no filiping spoilers! I have made it about an hour so far with out spoiling it for myself.:D therefore I only want to know how long the match lasted. anyone willing to provide the info I will be greatly appreciated.
  4. king of swing

    *Official no Replacement Grip Club*

    who else has just a overgrip over the pallet? i just did this today, put a slazenger overgrip over the pallet and my radical feels amazing now :), i love the pronouced bevels! who's with me
  5. king of swing

    Nishikori's chances

    whats everyone think of Kei's chance in the AO? there is the obvious third round with Murray, however, I think that he deffintely has the chops to get to the third, and IDK maybe even fourth or quarters, if he has an extreme good day and murray has an extreme bad day? :p I'm rooting for him...
  6. king of swing

    UIC tennis

    Hey guys and gals Im slated to go to UIC in the fall and I was wondering if anyone goes there or is on the tennis team? I'm deffinetly not going on to there team, maybe if I get amazing over the summer and the coach cant resist :P. I was just wondering basically if anyone had connection...
  7. king of swing

    Lm Rad Mp vs. Ntour vs. Mifill 200 16x18

    hey I was wondering if anyone has experience with the rad vs either of those two rackets....power, control, which you prefer, etc. Thanks guys! -pete
  8. king of swing

    AG100 review

    Hey TW, Hate to be a nuisance, but I was just wondering if this review is on your back burners yet? or when I might expect it?
  9. king of swing

    Adidas Grass Shoes

    Hey everyone, J/W, What shoes do all the Adidas sponsored players wear on grass? Certainly not Barricades right, but they don't look like feathers a whole lot either. Thanks -peter P.S. Specifically I am looking at the Djoko v Nadal Final and thats what brought this question up.
  10. king of swing

    The G.O.A.T. of Shoe

    What is your GOAT? currently I have the say the BV's. Although I have a rising suspicion that I would like the Vapors more:twisted:, However, that will have to wait till I can actually try on a pair. Yes I know that I am missing a lot of shoes w/this poll thats why I put in an other option...
  11. king of swing

    My First Pair of Barricades!!!!

    WOOT!!!! Actually they are my first pair of real "tennis" shoes.:oops: If feel pretty good about em' I've been i walking around in them last couple of hours and I got to say... They feel a bit weird but once I break em' in they'll be heaven. I can't wait to play my first match in them! The...
  12. king of swing

    Diffrent string tensions in mains and crosses

    Well I did use search and it brought up nothing. :twisted: I was wondering why people pull different tensions in main and cross. Specifically which tension will do what in terms of power and control I am assuming. Any help would be welcome. -peter
  13. king of swing

    latest vlog

    Hey guys I was just wondering on which racket the review that Chris mentioned is going to be on? Oh by the way was Chris on a green screen? That just didn't look a real background. Very nice overall vlog though, I liked it alot.
  14. king of swing

    How much do you run

    post how old you are and how much you run every day/week/whatever and goal if you have some. I'm sixteen and a little on the heavy side/very low cardio I've been running for the past 2 week a mile every night in like eight to ten minutes so I'm proud of my self. If I can be running 3 miles...
  15. king of swing

    Clay is most like...

    Is clay courts like a baseball or softball field? I really don't know and I'm just curious. Some one has to make some clay courts in Chicago!:evil:
  16. king of swing

    Lotto Syn-Raptor 2 Men's Shoes Wh/Red

    just a heads up, you guys have a typo in the upper description, "shape" instead of "hape" -peter
  17. king of swing

    Hey TDub

    well, I know with everyone bugging you for reviews and release dates, this post might be somewhat irritating, but I'm just dieing to know what Chris, Spencer, Jason, and the rest on the tw male posse think of the MG Prestige! just really want to know where it is on the back burner? any info...
  18. king of swing

    Six Flags Great America

    Hey, Since I am going tmrw for a physics field trip i was wondering what everyones fav. ride is. I like V2, Superman, and Batman, and the new Dark knight looks cool
  19. king of swing

    Aero Storm??

    What happened to it on your babolat page?
  20. king of swing

    Slazenger Overgrips

    Well I just bought a 12 pack from D-i-c-k-s and I got to say so far I am impressed w/these grips. Slightly more tacky that wilson pro and possible thinner too. Hopefully on monday I will be able to play with it.
  21. king of swing

    suggestion for tw home page

    hey I was just thinking that it would be really cool if on the home page you guys put up the rackets you are currently playtesting and maybe like how many days are left ill you put up the review...idk just a thought. oh btw the video reviews are very nice! very informative
  22. king of swing

    gamma pro 100

    hey I just found a gamma pro 100 on the big auction site. as of now the bid is around 25 bucks, 29 for shipping and a bunch of syn gut comes with it, fairly decent cosmectic condition...
  23. king of swing

    Spalding "aero smasher"

    Hey does and one know the specs for this racket, I recently found it in my attic I plan on hitting with it later this week here are some pics. The pictured racket isn't mine, the pics are from the bay because I don't have my digital camera bcuz my sister borrowed it for her last sem. of...
  24. king of swing

    Kfactor Ktour is here! just saw it on their page. What do you think. Im not to thrilled about the balance or pj too much but those can be fixed:p edit: well the pj isn't too bad, no much worse than say the crappy RDS 001? lol j/k
  25. king of swing

    Ntour vs. FXP Mid

    Hi guys, I would really appreciate your personal opinions and explantions as to weather the ntour 95 or the flexpoint perstige mid is better than the other. I have a chance to get one of those to at a great price and am trying to tip it to one side or the other. I read the TW reviews on...
  26. king of swing

    Customizing a Head Liquidmetal Radical MP

    Hey guys, Well I just got some lead tape and I was wondering how in your opinion would you customize the radical to be more of a players raquet thanks -peter
  27. king of swing

    Robert Jordan Died today

    Hi all, Robert Jordan the writer of the fantasy series Wheel of Time passed away. I just wanted to put it out there if there was any other fans out there is talk tennis. (for more info) the dream has ended, may the mothers embrace welcome you home. RIP Jordan...
  28. king of swing

    you might be addicted to tennis

    I know this has prolly been posted before but its good for some laughs and there might be some you haven't heard of before YOU MIGHT BE A TENNIS PLAYER IF: *when you hear it's suppose to rain you think "yes, i wont have practice today" *when you hear A-Rod you dont think of Alex...
  29. king of swing

    impressed by blake vs. haas

    who else was...I was literally screaming at the tv during the last set...I was so on edge...Its been a while since I have gotten that worked up over a match. I really think that the quality of tennis played there was amazing. Have to say that match is already a classic in my book. Any one...
  30. king of swing

    Andy Roddick on Good Morning America

    Ha I just turned on the tv to see some new and randomly Andy Roddick is on talking about the US open playing Wii Tennis with the kinda funny...