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    Polyfibre Hightec Premium

    Hi Guys, So just last week I strung up my Ti80 with Hightec Premium at 51lbs. This won't be an indepth review, just some breif descriptions of my opinion. So, this string is soft! Quite possibly the softest poly I've hit. It was a little mushy at this tension but not bad. Power is...
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    Genesis Tournament Nylon

    Hi all, I just saw Genesis Tournament Nylon and the fantastic price of $20 a real. I'm currently using mostly Spiralflex, which is my personal fav. for syn guts. I'm wondering if any of you have any experience with Genesis's Nylon. Please post your experience. P.S. I don't want...
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    Possible typos on for Yonex RD ti80

    Hi TW, I think there may be some typos on your page for the new Yonex Ultimum RD ti80. Here is one thread on it I'll try and bullet point the ones in question. -Lists HH instead of HL(pretty sure that's wrong) -Stiffness of 64...
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    Yonex RD ti80 missing

    Hi all, So Per the Yonex site this racket was supposed to be released today, however I don't see it anywhere. Just curious if anyone has seen this pop up? P
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    4.0+ Topspin Players Input wanted

    Hi Guys and Gals, Right now and for about the last year I've been playing with either a full poly or poly hybrid setup. I'm 4.0 rated player that prefers the baseline, but I play a fairly decent all-court game. I hit a good amout of topspin and pace on the FH side and hit a slice or driving...
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    Prince EXO3 or Rebel bag, is this true?

    Hello all, I heard a rumor that Prince will be releasing a couple new racket bags still. They would be either a Rebel bag or EXO3 bag. I've done a bunch of google searching and searching on these forums. No facts have confirmed the rumor. Does anyone have an evidence to support it...