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  1. pyrokid

    Hitting partners in Terre Haute, IN.?

    I'm going to be be visiting Rose Hulman from the 7th to the 27th, and I was hoping to get as much hitting in as possible. I kind of spaced this visit during the summer, but now I'm freaking out because it looks like I'm not going to get to play every day during this period... So I'm hoping to...
  2. pyrokid

    Want: APDC, 1/2 gripsize.

    Have money.
  3. pyrokid

    Want pure storm tours in 7+/10 condition, 1/2 gripsize

    I have money and mg radicals.
  4. pyrokid

    ReopeningWed is a great buyer

    Sent the payment immediately, great communication throughout, generally a nice guy. Would love to do business with again.
  5. pyrokid

    Favorite YouTek Prestige?

    What's everyone's favorite? I'm liking the MP. Thought I'd like the Pro more, but the MP just swings so easily and feels crazy great. It's still up in the air though. Now that these have been out for a while I'm interested to see what people think.
  6. pyrokid

    Want Prestige MP, 1/2 gripsize, 7/10+ condition

    I have money. Pretty much any of them EXCEPT the LMs, and YT is preferred.
  7. pyrokid

    Challenge to 4.0 plus players in Naples/Marco Island area

    I'll be there for a while and would love a match with somebody from the boards.
  8. pyrokid

    Want YouTek Prestige Pros, 1/2, around 7/10+ condition. Have $ + racquets.

    I want a couple of these in 1/2 gripsize and have money and K90s, a pure drive or two, and PSLs.
  9. pyrokid

    Kevlar/Poly hybrid... Liking this better than gut.

    I've been using an 18g ashaway kevlar mains/17g Cyberflash crosses hybrid for the last month or so, strung at 40/46. I occasionally switch the CF with WC SS if I'm feeling classy. (I use a fairly tight 18x20, so this isn't too much of a breakage problem at all.) I absolutely love everything...
  10. pyrokid

    Ti.radical question.

    So, I got three of these. Two of them look to be from the same mold as my MG radicals, and have L5 on the inside of the throat and came with synthetic grips. The third one has a 19-20 mm beam, has no specs or anything on the throat, no Mid Plus on the side, a different buttcap, came with Head's...
  11. pyrokid

    FORD OLIVER = go out of your way to trade with them.

    Great seller, threw in a book, the racquet was in better than described condition, had a free Head finest calfskin grip on it, and caps already installed. You should really, really buy something from them.
  12. pyrokid

    Wanted: Ti.Radicals, 1/2 grip. 7/10+ condition.

    Title says it all, email is I have money and PSLs and K90s.
  13. pyrokid

    WTB: Gamma x-2. Fairly new. aroun 8/10?

    Yep, I've got paypal money and would also be open to any new clamps you may have bought.
  14. pyrokid

    F/S: 6 Pure Storm LTD. 7-8.5/10. 3 in 1/2. 3 in 3/8. $65 shipped

    Some stuff came up and I need the funds, so I'm tanking the price on these.
  15. pyrokid

    WTT: Pure Storm ltds, K90s. in 1/2 and 3/8. conditions from 8.5/10-7/10.

    I want to trade for Pure Drive GTs and Pure Drive GT+s in 1/2 gripsize. I will do a two of mine for one of yours deal if yours is in good condition. Three of mine for two of yours would probably be the best. If not I might ask for some string or leather grips or money or something bit probably...
  16. pyrokid

    My forehand, any anything appreciated.

    I like it a lot right now. It's able to be very precise, flatten out, hit tons of spin, do basically whatever I want. And all while being REALLY consistent. But last time I posted a vid you guys posted things that my coach and I didn't notice that ended up helping, so I'll give this whole...
  17. pyrokid

    Pro stock racquets accidentally sent from TW?

    Wow, this is amazing... I ordered 2 microgel radicals from TW a while ago, but I did it in the wrong grip size. The new pallets just came in today, so I took the old ones off. Then I saw the TGK code, and thought, hey, might as well google it. It's a TGK 231.1. I'm not positive...
  18. pyrokid

    Adam's K90 demo program!

    Basically, I have all these K90s sitting around. If I ever want to use a player's frame, it'll be the PSL. Soooo.... I might sell some. But I figure I might at least try and give some back to the forum for being so helpful. So I'll put whatever I don't sell into a kind of pay-it-forward...
  19. pyrokid

    Wanted- 1/2 size TK82 pallet.

    Yep. I'll offer about $17 shipped per assuming they're in pretty much new condition.
  20. pyrokid

    Thoughts on light vs. heavy.

    Before I say anything else, I would like to lay down my racquet history- At first, when I wasn't reading these forums, I played with an aero pro drive. After seeing what people on here had to say, I decided to go with a heavier, more control-oriented option to see if I liked it. My choice was...
  21. pyrokid

    bad_call = great seller

    Very friendly, shipped on time, threw in goodies. Very good seller.
  22. pyrokid

    Want APDGTs. Have money, K90s, PSLs.

    Title says it all, pics upon request. 1/2 size preferable.
  23. pyrokid

    Agassi Fan = A+ trader.

    Shipper fast, communicated well, all that jazz. would do again.
  24. pyrokid

    Are the Radical, Pure Storm etc. player's frames or tweeners?

    First off, by etc, I meant racquets similar to the two listed, with weights around 11.0-11.5 oz, low flex ratings, 95-ish headsizes, around 2-4 pts HL, you know the type. I've always wondered this, as they don't have the head heavy balance of player's frames, but they do have the flex and...
  25. pyrokid

    hutennis = great seller.

    Shipped really fast, accepted many typed of payment, very honest about the condition.
  26. pyrokid

    Deuceside's a great seller.

    Yep, no problems here. The money took a while to come, but he had no problem and shipped the racquet out really quickly.
  27. pyrokid

    7 K90s FS! 1/2 and 3/8. all good (7-8/10) condition.

    Yep, if you've been waiting for the new BLXs to come out so you could hop on those very tasty and much better K90s, now's your shot. :) Pics up soon, but as for now, all of them are anywhere from a 9 to an 8 and strung, most of them with full cyberflash. I have a decent amount of...
  28. pyrokid

    want Radical midsize.

    want Radical midplus. Have money and K90s. Yeah, I want some radical midpluses in 1/2. I guess 5/8 works too actually. I have money and K90s.
  29. pyrokid

    Pure storm Ltd.s for trade, want radicals and apdcs.

    Yep, decided I like the k90s more and am getting rid of the psls so I can get some rackets for my friendsemail is and I have 6 psls and all are in good condition, with a few 8/10 and the rest 7s.
  30. pyrokid

    8/10 condition K zen team, $40 shipped (+/- $5)

    Title says it all, I can get pics up it absolutely necessary, but I'm looking for a quick sale here. This is my sister's old racket when she still played, I'm selling it for her. Strung with Lux, 4 3/8 grip, I believe.