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  1. WhETHANs

    Why do some polys play differently from each other as they lose playability?

    Hello all! Why do some polys seem to gain power as they lose playability as time go by, while other polys go "dead" and lose power? Yet both lose control and spin. And sometimes I've noticed that the same string has lost playability in both ways? Is it the way a person strings it each time?
  2. WhETHANs

    Tecnifibre and Polyfibre strings?

    Has anyone tried tecnifibre ruff code or Polyfibre strings here? Thoughts?
  3. WhETHANs

    Crosses tension is very low?

    So I've strung dozens of my own racquets the past year or 2 on my drop weight gamma x2 and I will begin stringing for some friends in the future. For some reason for the past few months I've been having a huge problem with the crosses not being the tension set. I string solinco revolution at...