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  1. BallBag

    Can you train yourself to see the ball at faster speeds or is it more about natural talent?

    Speed of sound steals 70 ms from auditory response time so it might come out the same as visual.
  2. BallBag

    Can you train yourself to see the ball at faster speeds or is it more about natural talent?

    Reaction time is about 200 ms for most people. You cant really train it. You can improve your reaction time test score with practice but then your just practicing for the test. Pros can react to 120 MPH serves because they know where the ball is going before it gets there. They know where the...
  3. BallBag

    TLS Rating vs Tennisrecords

    I like to think that which ever one has me rated higher is more accurate. Its not scientific but it makes me feel better.
  4. BallBag

    End of year ratings question

    I looked at another area and it was a pretty even distribution so its not their algorithm. I wonder if were gonna get an above average number of bump downs this year.
  5. BallBag

    End of year ratings question

    Other fun TR stats for my area. 4.5 to 5.0 – 3 Bump ups and 15 bump downs 4.0 to 4.5 – 1 bump ups and 19 bump downs 3.5 to 4.0 – 7 bump ups and 50 bump downs TR doesn't think very highly of us.
  6. BallBag

    I Am Really Starting To Hate Mixed Doubles...

    This seams like a good approach. If you **** somebody off, they are from a different section and you probably won't see them again.
  7. BallBag

    Inaccurate Doubles UTR for adult league players

    I generally like UTR but the best thing about their doubles rating is that its separate from the singles rating. Ratings are hard enough without adding a big fat unknown of who does what on a doubles team.
  8. BallBag

    I Am Really Starting To Hate Mixed Doubles...

    There are women that don't like being targeted and there are women don't like not being targeted. There are also women everywhere in between. I try to dial down the competitiveness until I figure out who I'm playing with and like @McLovin said, I get more mileage from variety than MPH.
  9. BallBag

    Pickleball is spreading

    High level pickle ball is intense. Kinda like tic-tac-toe but not quite rock-paper-scissors level.
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    If more than 75% of rec tennis is doubles...

    I'm doing a clinic once a week which has a lot more net play so I'm not totally stranded in the cycle. I also play a lot more dubs in the winter which helps.
  11. BallBag

    Yet Another 2020 Rule Change - Grievances Against Captains of DQ'd Players

    I think he is saying a double bump should count as 2 strikes, which will be fun.
  12. BallBag

    If more than 75% of rec tennis is doubles...

    Volleys are just hard to work on logistically. Cant volley at the wall, most of the guys I hit with don't really want to spend much time practicing it and I don't come in during matches because I will probably have to walk back disappointed. So its really a chicken and egg situation. If I had a...
  13. BallBag

    2019 is going to be my year!

    I'm 0 for 5. Actually went in the wrong direction on some.
  14. BallBag

    Need help developing a singles strategy

    Hit 3 balls over the net then play it out. 60% of the time, it works every time.
  15. BallBag

    Playsight data gathering project.

    You can book it on their website, not all hard courts have playsight. Also, they took down the cameras for the hurricane and not all the playsight courts were working when I was there two weeks ago. I would call to confirm you will actually have playsight. I would also suggest you greatly...
  16. BallBag

    Playsight data gathering project.

    Doesn't cost anything extra. Just make an account ahead of time. In singles you just have to indicate what side you're on, not sure about doubles.
  17. BallBag

    Argh... Got bageled by a girl

    These ratings do seem right. Sinner is ranked 129 right now with other guys that are around 15 UTR. It makes sense for him to be rated higher than the top college player whos ranking is in the 200s. I get what you are trying to say but top juniors play on tour and so do some college players so...
  18. BallBag

    Playsight data gathering project.

    Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational second serve.
  19. BallBag

    Playsight data gathering project.

    Let me see if I can find blurry video footage of that monster.
  20. BallBag

    Playsight data gathering project.

    33 year old man child, 4.0C/6.54 UTR. Serves 1st serve percentage: 59% Fastest serve speed: 105 mph Average 1st serve speed: 85 mph Highest 2nd serve spin: 4948 rpm Average 2nd serve spin: 3050 rpm Forehands Fastest speed: 76 mph Average speed: 57 mph Highest spin: 3839 rpm Average spin: 2604...
  21. BallBag

    Why UTR is a deeply flawed system.

    The P is for Projected meaning there isn't enough results for a reliable rating. If he's crushing UTR 11s then his UTR should definitely be higher, I don't know why its not. UTR discards results where the winning player is over 2 points higher, so if he had a lower UTR before then these would...
  22. BallBag

    Backhanded compliments/condescending remarks

    I often get invited to play on competitive 40+ teams which would be great if I was anywhere close to 40.
  23. BallBag

    Orlando Fl, Sep 21-22

    4.0 looking for a hit. I'm in Cocoa Beach but don't mind driving. What's some good ways to find some play? Y'all don't really have public courts.
  24. BallBag

    Serve speed based more on strength or technique?

    Coco served 120 MPH when she was 14 at Wimbledon.
  25. BallBag

    Match approach against serial conscious determined foot faulter

    That's the point, hows he gonna call you out for foot faults when he knows he is doing the same thing. Its passive aggressive and petty.
  26. BallBag

    I Want A 120 MPH Serve

    Yep, did you catch my match at the US Open?
  27. BallBag

    Tennis in Anne Arundel County, Maryland

    Congrats on the new tennis center but why is the 24 hours of tennis only 5 hours?
  28. BallBag

    Match approach against serial conscious determined foot faulter

    Start your serve 2 ft inside the baseline and see if he says anything.
  29. BallBag

    USTA Hijinks: Should one player be highly seeded in two separate NTRP divisions at once?

    Welcome to USTA Tournaments, where the seeds are made up and the points don't matter. You can enter a 200 point tournament at 5.0 with one other player, finish second place and get 150 points. Top 4 tournaments count for points so you can do this 3 more times for 600 points. That will probably...