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  1. JDogg

    Wanted: Yonex ezone Ai98 L4 grip

    Looking for an ezone Ai 98 in grip 4 or 4&1/2. Condition could be 6/10 or higher. I know these are old but figured there might be one out there who wants a new loving owner. Can pay cash or trade.
  2. JDogg

    Doubles Partner - Doesn't go for anything

    Had a very frustrating match this weekend. My partner (we're starting a new USTA leagues season and this is the first guy I got matched up with) played extremely passive when I was on serve and we lost a close match. I had the stronger serve and was earning us a good amount of short balls that...
  3. JDogg

    FT Yonex VCORE PRO 97 330, 4 3/8

    Description: Yonex VCORE PRO 97 330g Grip Size: 4 3/8 Quantity 1 Head Size: 97 Condition: 7 out of 10 Looking to trade for a 4 3/8 310G of the same model as I own one of each and just figured I wanted a matching pair of 310s. There is some paint scuffing due to play, but otherwise this is a...
  4. JDogg

    Wilson Graphite Select - Info?

    Howdy Yall, I just found this bad boy on the street corner and wondered if anyone could provide any info as to if its a halfway decent stick or not. Was it sold at Walmart? Kmart?....or ::GASP::... Gabriel Bros? or was it purchased from a mail-order catalog back in the day? Looks to be late...
  5. JDogg

    Returning Extremely weak serves.

    What are some of the best methods for returning extremely weak serves? I was playing a guy yesterday who's first serve was respectable and i'd stand at the baseline... The second serve however would bounce twice by the time it was at the service line. It was strange because it didn't ever...
  6. JDogg

    You ever feel like you're allergic to winning?

    I swear... sometimes I can't get out of my own way. Recently joined a men's league where a lot of the guys are a good bit older than me and don't hit w much pace. I'm really not hear to gloat, but I play with "better players" (juniors and high school players) and win more often. Every match...
  7. JDogg

    Dealing with Pests

    I play often with a guy who is a constant poor sport. Always talks about what you did wrong from the other side of the net when you make an error, Always gloats when he wins a point. Grunts constantly and is generally just talking throughout the entire match. This is mostly during...
  8. JDogg

    Old Ektelon Fixed Clamp Adjustment - What should I do?

    This may just take a bit of tinkering but I wondered if any of you could help with how you like to set your screws. On each clamp there is a top and bottom adjustment screw, the top is mainly for adjusting for string gauge I'm assuming, but I wondered if there was a factory or optimal position...
  9. JDogg

    Wilson Burn LS - 18x16 (2015)

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to see what the preferred method of stringing this racquet would be. I bought a few of them at Christmas time in pink for the women in my life (they're all girly girls) and have been experimenting with stringing them. So far I've found: 2 piece is extremely...
  10. JDogg

    2018 Adidas shoes?

    Is there a timeline for when the 2018 shoes will come out? Just curious, I have a giftcard and not really feeling any of the current Adidas colorways. ALSO Can anyone Ubersonic 2.0 users compare their sizing to barricades? I wear a 11 normally, and a 10.5 in the Ubers. Wondering how...
  11. JDogg

    Ektelon Model D - Lockout Mechanism

    Hi all, As many from this thread now I've recently restored an old Ektelon Model D/F Hybrid. One of my recent concerns now is that the crank/wheel is still possible to turn even when it's "locked out". It does take a fair amount of force to turn it when locked out, but a little less than I...
  12. JDogg

    Head Graphite edge. 1 piece job?

    Hi All. I really want to give this a try, but I'm only familiar with 2 piece stringing. This vintage stick still has the original string and looks to be a 1 piece job with lots of shared holes. Any tips on stringing 1 piece? Will 2 work? Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. JDogg

    Ektelon Stringing machine - Craigslist - Need info

    Hi All, Just came here for some quick info. I found a good deal on this stringing machine on CL, but there is not much info and I haven't even been in contact with the seller yet. Can anyone identify this model and let me know if it will work for tennis racquets? I assume he used it for...
  14. JDogg

    Which Racquet Mfg will Sign Tomic?

    Surely he won't be without sponsorship for long. Which marketing guru will realize the potential for a surge in sales and snag up Bernie ASAP?
  15. JDogg

    Yonex Vcore Si 105 vs Burn 100LS

    Hi Guys & Gals, I just wanted to gauge anyone's input on a comparison between these 2 racquets. I'm buying one for my little sister (28 years old and fairly athletic.) She's new to tennis, but we've been playing a lot recently over the last few months and she really seems to like it. She's...
  16. JDogg

    World's Most Petulant Child... Benoit Paire?

    How far does this guy have to go before a ban is initiated? Worse behavior than St. Nick or anyone in recent memory if you ask me. He almost hits that ball girl while smashing his racquet. Funny stuff when he falls though.
  17. JDogg

    How Bad is Roland Garros App on IOS

    The Draws never update, and scores seem to take a while as well. If I'm not at a computer all day, I have no idea what's going on. Any suggestions for best liveupdates at RG?
  18. JDogg

    Why is Tennis so hard to play Hungover?

    I've played all sorts of sports hungover. And yes, you're never as good as when your feeling 100% and hydrated, well fed, etc. etc. But when I play tennis there is a MUCH larger performance gap between hungover and normal. I think it's mainly due to hand-eye for me, but I'm sure there are...
  19. JDogg

    Deadspin and Tennis - Indian Wells Draw is FUBAR

    Are their any deadspin readers on these boards? Within the last year I'd say they are doing a good job covering tennis, making it accessible for casual or non-tennis fans while still providing some good insight into the game. This article made me laugh and I think the Author, Giri Nathan uses...
  20. JDogg

    Leagues in Pittsburgh, PA???

    Hi guys, I have recently moved back to Pitt after working in DC for 5 years and developing a massive tennis addiction. Does anyone from the boards play in any leagues in Pittsburgh, I'd love to play singles or doubles or also just to have a hitting partner. I'm usually pretty available, and...
  21. JDogg

    Fed Fanboys rejoice... Federer is getting better

    According to Pouile who now hits with him... Does this mean an automatic AO finals appearance?
  22. JDogg

    New "Traditional" Players Racquets

    In YOUR opinion, which racquets available as new on the market today play the most like a traditional player's stick? I am asking because I've been playing for about a year and a half, mostly with a Yonex AI 98, and once i played with @lemintz 's PT57A, I realize I am falling in love with that...
  23. JDogg

    Thiem Got Socked

    In 56 minutes...
  24. JDogg

    When do you buy new shoes?

    I've had a pair of asics gel resolution 6s since last September. They've held up well structurally and I don't generally destroy shoes that much, but they seem to have "gone flat". (Plus now they smell horrendously) I have a little bit of minor soreness in my feet and ankles now that wasn't...
  25. JDogg

    Pro Staff Lineage

    I know there are lots of people who enjoy the older feeling pro staffs, and some probably like the new ones a lot. That being said, there can't be THAT much change in specs year over year for RETAIL pro staffs (and In all of this I'm referring to the standard model... 97, blx 6.1, etc) Can...
  26. JDogg

    New Adidas shoe?

    This is from the TW snapchat where they were releasing pics of something "never before seen". I was one of the first 100 to respond and catch a glimpse Not sure if really adidas or not, looks ugly. Share your thoughts Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  27. JDogg

    Hitting off of the wall and its intended use...

    How many of you out there use the wall and what do you use it for and how do you use it? Do you like to hit slowly and build technique, work on spin preparation etc? Does anyone out there use the wall to try and build power? I have trouble with this because the ball comes back too fast, but...
  28. JDogg

    Grip Size and You

    I've read quite a bit about grip size since I've been playing for about a year and a half. Based on everything I've read, I should use a 4 1/2 or L4 grip... my left index finger fits just nicely between my thumb and index finger when wrapped around the grip. That being said I'm wondering if...
  29. JDogg

    Wawrinka overcomes anxiety attack at USO

    Pretty interesting story here: Essentially the SLAMinal was overcome with anxiety just minutes before the match and worked his ass off until he couldn't think anymore. Crazy that this comes out just weeks...
  30. JDogg

    Weights and Tennis - how do YOU retain muscle while playing a lot??

    I guess this is all up to a person's personal goals, but I was just wondering what some of you guys and gals do to incorporate weights into your routine. I've been playing tennis almost 5 days a week lately, and can almost visibly watch my arms shrinking, I'm not a huge dude - 6'2" and 185 and...