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  1. Mountain Ghost

    Tennis Academies the Pros Have Attended

    I surmise that gone are the days when a top pro might evolve strictly in a local, regional or even a national coaching environment. I've been wondering about how they got to where they are ... and would love to have access to a reference source for this information ... ... ... So ... does anyone...
  2. Mountain Ghost

    Head-to-Head: Oscar Wegner & John Yandell

    As I mentioned in another thread ... I've heard a lot of intelligent stuff offered by the resident theory and knowledge experts, observists and creationists, but very little in the way of how they would actually correct the problems of unique players. I would really like to hear something...
  3. Mountain Ghost

    Federer Backhand Down-the-Line

    Roger is having problems with backhands down-the-line. His contact point is too far in front, which is caused most often by setting up too close to the line of the approaching ball . . . sometimes by design and sometimes by accident, especially on clay. This results in a slight elbow lead early...
  4. Mountain Ghost

    Best FREE Online Tennis Tips

    I’m trying to compile a list of websites with the Best FREE Online Tennis Tips & Resources (beyond HERE, of course), and your ideas would be very welcome. If you know of a good list of sites somewhere, that would be great too. Where do all of you find your pics, vids, etc? MG
  5. Mountain Ghost

    The PRE-DIRECTORY: Good Club Ideas

    For all those GOOD club ideas looking for a Founder/Manager: - People's Court: Judge Bungalo Bill Club (proposed by: tricky) ______________________ Keep the Dreams Coming! MG
  6. Mountain Ghost

    The UN-DIRECTORY: Stupid Club Ideas

    - Hit With Same Face Club (un-founder: tricky) - The Wrist It Good Club (un-founder: tricky) Un-Managed by Mountain Ghost MG
  7. Mountain Ghost

    DIRECTORY: Clubs, Groups & Societies

    For those of you who are thinking of joining (or have already joined) a club: ______________________________________________ Tennis Styles: (Quick Grip Guide) - Eastern/Extreme Eastern Forehand Grip Club 11/8/07 - Two-Hand Backhand Club 12/20/07 - Serve and Volley Club 1/06/08 -...
  8. Mountain Ghost

    What Video Camera?

    Dear friends of the Slow Motion Society (John, Jeff, etc. . . . and anyone else), what video camera do you use, what does it cost, what is it capable of, and, for stroke analysis purposes, do you know of a more moderately priced slow-motion camera of “decent” quality? MG
  9. Mountain Ghost

    Tennismastery’s New Program

    Tennismastery, I know you are changing to a new health club to develop a tennis program there, and I wondered if you might fill everyone in on how your “dream” tennis academy might differ from the others out there. Also, what would be the benefits of someone attending an “academy” that they...
  10. Mountain Ghost

    The Two Worlds of Really “Good” Tennis

    Really “good” tennis is divided into two different worlds. There are those select few who have the dream AND the supernatural ability to actually make money playing competitive tennis, and then there are those who hit the ball very well, but are “doomed” to merely enjoy a long life of playing...
  11. Mountain Ghost

    What’s Your Tennis Scene Like?

    Environment is one key to becoming a great player . . . . . . but when I look around, I see the face of local tennis has changed. There have always been private clubs, along with neighborhood, school and private courts, but there was a day, at least in southern California, when most of the...