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  1. jangotango

    Antibacterial Apparel

    Does anybody know of any good, fairly priced (no Lululemon) silver-infused antimicrobial shirts/shorts? Thanks all!
  2. jangotango

    Diadem Premier

    A new ball on the market by @DiademSports! Pressurized, ITF and UTSA approved/certified, and Thailand made. Has anybody hit with it or know reviews? I remember seeing one but it was very short and brief. An Instagram comment said they're 3 weeks strong... Hopefully these are as good as their...
  3. jangotango

    Tournament Stringing Help!

    For all my tournament stringers/large volume stringers out there, I'm stringing at a couple large USTA and UTR tournaments during the weekends of the coming months. I am mostly worried about my inventory, I have a lot of "weird" strings right now and not too much of popular strings like...
  4. jangotango

    (K)Blade 98 Grommets

    Hi @TW Staff ! My K Blade 98 is definitely showing signs of wear since I've last replaced my grommets. I don't have anymore, and people are charging way too much for them. Are any modern frame grommets suitable for this racquet? Thanks!
  5. jangotango

    Head "Proplayer" Strings

    Hi all! First thread I'll be posting, wondering if you guys have any insight on this... Recently I acquired a bunch of Head Hawk and Hawk Rough 17g, but they all come in small plastic bags with the label "Head Proplayer String" and then the string name, of which varies between "Hawk 3 Weiss"...