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    Difference between Alpha Axis Pro vs. Alpha Blue DC Plus

    I found my old e-mail response from New Tech. I asked them to explain the differences with their three crank models: Revo 4000; Axis Pro & Blu-DC Plus, other than Revo is a table top and the other two have stands. Here's the reply:"All 3 machines have the same mounting and clamping design as...
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    1st Stringing Machine - tabletop, $1K budget

    If you go with the Alpha Revo, I would get it from the Alpha dealers, New Tech Tennis. Mark is great, and you'll get free shipping in the lower 48 states, and they have Alpha parts (clamps, springs etc.)
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    Yonex VCORE Pro 100 - how does it stack up vs other 100 sq in options?

    At the time the PK was about $169 or $179 and the Yonex was $219. The PK was a tad more powerful and had more comfort. Also, I have a liking for 16x20 string patterns which the PK has. The Yonex had a recent update to the VCORE 100, so it would be interesting to try. I tried the last model.
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    Thinking of learning how to string my rackets

    I would get a machine with fixed clamps. I have floating clamps and I'll now upgrade, wishing I had purchased a fixed clamp machine originally. Learn 2 piece and you can string any racket, and you have to do 2 piece if you hybrid. Keep it simple and good luck.
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    Using a starting pin with Stringway clamps

    OK - So my scrap piece of poly is held by a starting clamp, placed on the outside of the frame, and my floating clamp now has two strings to hold, thus it becomes the anchor clamp (like a fixed clamp) and I won't have to tension two strings to start my mains. Does this look right? Thanks, Irvin...
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    Using a starting pin with Stringway clamps

    @esgee48 Can you explain how to use a thick piece of poly and a starting knot to replace a starting pin?
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    A Multi observation

    Multis can get expensive, but both Sensation and PPC are reasonably priced. Are they both using 16 gauge for both strings or something different?
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    Used machine = decreased longevity?

    I was strongly considering getting a brand new Alpha Revo 4000, $739 shipped free from NTT. Now I'm wondering if I should pay a little more for the refurbished Neos 1000, $899 also shipped free from TM. Both seem like solid choices, and I do have an adjustalbe work bench if I bought the Revo...
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    Is Gamma Progression II 200 anything to have?

    I agree with pmat814. Flying clamps do suck. I have the Progression II 200, and I bought some Stringway flying clamps, and it works better, but it still sucks, just less. I would spend a little more and get something with fixed clamps, and don't make the mistake I made and spend more money to...
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    Looking for Advice: Stringer <$1000

    @AZJ1973 How's the Refurbished Neos 1000 working for you? I'm strongly considering one myself. Thanks.
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    ProKennex Appreciation Thread

    I bought the last version. The TW specs were 7 pts HL balance. Mine came in at 8.5 to 9 pts HL strung with Silverstring 17. I added a TW Tungsten tape to 3 & 9 until it balanced out to 7 pts HL. It's a nice frame: 21.5mm beam is not to thick or thin; the 100 inch frame is forgiving and the...
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    Similar strings to Alu power 16l with better tension maintenance

    I'd try Weiss Cannon Silver String or RS Lyon. However, Lyon doesn't come in 16L gauge, you'd have to try 17 gauge, but it's highly respected string. Both are silver, round polys.
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    Gamma 602FC/X6FC vs Alpha Pioneer DC Plus

    Alpha Pioneer DC Plus owners - I'm considering upgading to that machine. I currently use a Gamma Progression 200. What I don't like about the Gamma is when I tension some of the mains, the handle/grip area of the racket gets in the way of the drop weight arm, and I can't fully lift or lower...
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    Looking for durable multifilaments strings

    How about Babolat Origin? It's more expensive, but if you get more play of it, then it could be worth it. I would buy a couple packs of 16 gauge Natural. Good luck,
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    Tourna CS300 or Alpha Axis Pro

    Don't know anything about Tourna's customer service, but Alpha's is top notch. You can get parts, help etc. from New Tech Tennis.
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    Frugal drop weight'ers: Electronic machine is a REVELATION.

    Adjusting the ratchet is a hassle with softer/stretchy strings, sometimes I have to do it 2-3 times on my Gamma DW. However, the worst part is trying to tension a main and the handle is right in the way of the tensioning arm. I was stringing a frame yesterday and I had to move the handle out...
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    Frugal drop weight'ers: Electronic machine is a REVELATION.

    The Stringways have the Concorde System. My understanding is it tilts/lifts the frame up at an angle so the raquet handle doesn't collide with the drop weight tensioner so you can tension the center mains without the raquet handle bumping into the tensioner. I may have to look into Stringway...
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    Frugal drop weight'ers: Electronic machine is a REVELATION.

    I have a Gamma Progression 200 DW. I can tolerate the constant adjusting of the DW when using a softer string, even though it's hard on your hand after a while. The string can get caught and scuff in the tensioner, but I'm careful to avoid it. It's slow, but I can accept that too. However...
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    Frugal drop weight'ers: Electronic machine is a REVELATION.

    I strung two sticks this week with my Gamma dropweight, and I agree with all the hassles you mentioned. I'm thinking about an Alpha Revo 4000, then I can put a Wise on it in the future. Good luck with your new machine.
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    Better Beginner Stringer: Klippermate or MiStringer?

    I have the Gamma Progression. I have a starting clamp and a set of Stringway Flying Clamps. A friend I work with has a Klippermate. I went over to his house recently and strung a stick on his Klipper, and I like the Klippermate better. True, the Gamma has the ratcheting feature, but after a...
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    Is a starting clamp really better than a starting knot?

    I'm a beginner, trying to learn all I can. I apologize if my question is ridiculous. I use a DW and flying clamps and I have a starting clamp. When I started my crosses with the starting clamp, I pulled the 2nd cross (doubled pulled) and clamped the top two crosses with a flying clamp. I...
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    Good all around poly with some extra power please.

    If you're looking for a multi that has characteristics of a poly, try Head Velocity. There's a Velocity thread here on the Forum as well.
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    ***Stringway Machine Users Club***

    Thanks, Kabrac - The Gamma Progression 200 is one of the four on my list along with the Klippermate, Alpha Pioneer DC Plus and the Stringway with flying clamps. I thought the Alpha linear gripper would have been faster then Gamma's rotational gripper, so I thank you for your input. The 2 point...
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    ***Stringway Machine Users Club***

    I'm considering getting back into stringing. I used to string with a DW & Flying Clamps, but it's been a long time. I'm considering a Stringway with flying clamps (ML100-TH), I like constant pull and would be more comfortable with a DW or Stringway and Flying clamps. How much faster, if any...
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    ProKennex Appreciation Thread

    I bought the outgoing version of the Q+5 Pro. Great all around frame. I got a #5 grip, and strung with WC Silverstring 17, it weighed 327 grams (real close to TW's specs) but I put it on my Alpha balance beam and it was 8.5+ almost 9 pts headlight. I ended up adding 20" of TW tungston tape to...
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    Anyone Play Without An Overgrip & What Grip Do You Use?

    @Raul SJ What are your favorite replacement grips?
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    Anyone Play Without An Overgrip & What Grip Do You Use?

    I'm 57 and played with wooden frames in the 70's, and all the raquets back then had leather grips and there were no overgrips. I saw McEnroe on TV the other day playing with just a leather grip and no overgrip on his Head Frame but he was playing inside so the temperature was controlled. I got...
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    Anyone Play Without An Overgrip & What Grip Do You Use?

    I like overgrips (Supergrap) on the frames with leather grips, but on frames with synthetic grips, I don't like overgrips. I'm thinking about going up from size 4 to 5 and not using an overgrip with just a synthetic grip. Any thoughts?
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    Looking for a 16 x 20 racquet - suggestions welcome!

    If I were a young man, I would have stocked up on Duel G 330's. I hit with it, but it was a little too heavy for me. However, I really like the Pro Kennex KiQ+5 Pro (310). I added 5 grams to the hoop, 2.5 grams at 3 & 9, and an overgrip. I use a #64 Rubberband instead of a dampener. It's a...
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    Arm-friendly racket with enough power?

    With Tungsten at 3&9 it's a solid frame, good for doubles/volleying, good all around frame with comfort & forgiveness. Give it a demo.