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    Asics Enqvist Vs. Yonex 304/5

    Could anyone who has had both the asics and the yonex 304/305 shed any light on the differences between the shoes, or your general opinions about both of them. I have had both the 304 and 305, liking the 305 slightly better (both sz 12). I have had toe/foot problems so shoes are very important...
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    babolat fit compared to other shoes?

    how do the bablolats compare to match day pumps? i own the pumps and the yonex 304s(very good extremely light and very well cushioned). i have also owned the vapor speeds and barricade IVs, and was wondering how the babolats compared whil actually playing. I have tried them on and i was...
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    good shoe for all around training

    I am looking for some new shoes because my current ones are giving me really bad blisters and foot problems( they are actually BIVs!). They are great tennis shoes but are not great for a lot of tennis specific running and drills where your feet are being forced to do a lot of things, quick...
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    Babolat (Rods') V. B4s

    could somebody tell me the fit differneces between the two, and if the sizing of them is different. Also how do they compare, pros and cons?
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    Vapor 3 v. Vapor speed

    i currently own the vapor speeds, and was wondering how the fit and sizing of the vapor 3s compare. Also how do the shoes compare in all aspects, or is there even a comparison?(one is much better than the other)
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    fit of babolats

    my BFIIs are giving me some foot (toe/nail) trouble, while my narrower vapors are fine. I was wondering how the babolat roddicks or the all courts(think both same except for color and slight fit diff.) fit, and how is the toe box compared to the crossfires, vapor speeds and Breathe free 2 or 3...
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    ASO braces

    are the ankle braces for either foot? some other braces are for left or right feet. And does anyone own them and can suggest sizing,i know there is a chart, but i wnat to make sure based on anyone's experience with sizing-i wear a sz 13 in the Vapor Speeds, and a sz 12 in the AMBF2?
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    sorry i can't believe i posted something this stupid but i have another question, what colors of the Nike vapor 3s will you be getting in january?
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    white socks+black shoes?

    hewitt has done this when he was with nike, but i ma asking everyone whther it is cool to wear white socks with blakc shoes-because it is already known that many people hate white shoes with black socks
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    Nike sizing(already own nike shoes)

    okay, i wear a size 13 in the Vapor s2s, but i wear an 11.5 in the air max BF2s, the vapors have an eighth of an inch or less more room in them than the bfs do. I am planning on getting a pair of Vapor Speeds when i need new kicks, so do the vapor speeds fit like vapors s2s or like Air max...
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    RBK victory tennis pump-ugly?(yes)

    is this what it really is, it is 125 bucks and i personally think it is ugly what about you?
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    what the breathe free colors should be

    here are what the new colors should be
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    how long does it take to make custom shoes? i know Mirnyi said he was a 15 years ago, but i highly doubt he goes to a shoe store to buy shoes, so i was wondering how long that process takes for pros
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    HPS 6.1 to nCode nsixone 95 with HPS paint?

    does anyone know what the exact stats from the frame of the nsixone 95? My HPS 6.1 has a weird label that looks like an Ncode one and feels the same as the new nsixone 95. All i need is the info inside the throat that tells you tension, weight, etc. Just an extra fact the HPS 6.1 is supposed to...
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    TW_New Wilson Bags

    when are the new wilson N-Code bags coming because i am looking to purchase a bag and the ncodes are the only "cool" looking ones wilson has
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    Somewhat new nike tech in tennis shoes

    well, as some people have pointed out that the Air Max Breathe frees have a tongue that is not separate, so they think it is part of the shoe-well they are wrong. What nike is using in the AMBF2s, is the idea of an inner bootie, most commonly used in nike hoops shoes (basketball shoes). It is...
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    NIke air zoom breathe frees

    when are they going on close out, because I am wondering how long they are actually going to keep them in the nike lineup because they are releasing the 2s in a couple of months, and the s2s are already out