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    equal pay at majors, the debate is over

    Are you crazy guys! You want to let WTA play on Wimbledon or RG central courts 5 setters? I've been watching tennis many times at these majors and can tell you one thing - that's bad, when you have Wimbledon central court tickets and there are Azarenka, Radwanska or Kvitova playing for 3 hours...
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    Best 'Epic Fail' or similar pics.
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    BMW Open 2012 - String jobs

    Funny, I have the picture from 2004, it looks practically identical, those guys still have the same pens and sheets:) Hmm, and many players from 2004 still are in the new list!
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    Could a random club level player win a single point against Djokovic in a match?

    Ha ha, funny thread! I've seen good amateur club level players (must be at least 4.0, maybe 5.0) against low-end pro (outside the top 1000) in the futures qualies - an the result was 0 (zero) points for the club player in the whole match. It was on the clay courts, there were many long rallies...
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    What bothers me more about Bartoli than her service motion ...

    It's funny that some 3.5 players here, who could take 0 points playing 2 sets against Bartoli, can find ugly and totally wrong service motion of Top10 WTA tennis player. That's not a classic service motion, but works OK for her. Do you think it would be a problem to make a better looking serve...
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    Best 'Epic Fail' or similar pics.
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    I think Wozniacki will win today, big mistake by the bookies

    WOZNIACKI is H2H against: V.WILLIAMS 0-4 S.WILLIAMS 0-2 CLIJSTERS 0-2 HENIN 0-1 SAFINA 0-1 JANKOVIC 0-4 IVANOVIC 1-3 It's hard to imagine somebody as ATP #1 and such a H2H against top players. But Wozniacki will win anyway - brains and fitness in the same body is the huge weapon in...
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    Better Logo Federer's or Nadal's

    I still can't accept Rafas logo! This is what I see when I'm watching his logo:)
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    Dare anyone in Bradenton/Sarasota to beat me

    Hi Riosfan! I'll be in your area (Ellenton) in the end of march. We can play some international matches - to test your pure power American hard court brainless bashing tennis against intelligent European smart clay court point construction tennis:D
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    Wayne Ferrera is GOAT

    Some more funny facts: Ferreira has very positive H2H against Bjorn Borg, John McEnroe, Lendl, Kafelnikov, Rafter, Ljubicic, Federer and good H2H against Sampras (6-7). But he was terrible against Chang (0-7), Courier (2-9) and Agassi (0-11, sets 1-24!). What a lucky guy - has beaten...
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    Gulbis Racket?

    I held one of his rackets, the old one with FXP paintjob. It's 357g strung, strings are Pacific.
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    Pros who use(d) the continental forehand.

    I think there is only one man left at the ATP tour, who hits continental forehand - Sanguinetti.
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    Could be Almagro the next Kuerten?

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    Could be Almagro the next Kuerten? That was the 1st time I saw Almagro live, Roland Garros 2004 vs Kuerten. He looked such a strong player for only 18 years old. Almagro was 5/4 in the 5th set and serving for the mach. The court was...
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    Funny TV commercial by McEnroe

    Have you seen this SEAT commercial? Maybe it was posted before, but funny anyway.
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    Fischer Pro 1 vs Völkl V1????

    DNX must be a nice racquet, but price... 200 bucks for the stick! Notice, you'll need at least 2 similar racquets. I have 3 racquets, that's just enough. Don't forget about strings - it's very important. So you can't know much about racquet after demoing it, if it was strung with cheap, thick...
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    Fischer Pro 1 vs Völkl V1????

    What racquet did you mean? There are different V1 (DNX, Classic, Catapult) and Pro1 (Pro1, Pro1 FT, Pro1 Impact FT). I use V1 Classic for years, and haven't found the better stick (for me) - it's a classic! But, if you're a beginner, better add skills in your game, and you'll find control enough...
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    Searching for my long lost Volkl stick

    It must have been the V1 Classic (my choice) - it's a real holy grail.******.com/v1.jpg (****** = m.e.n.a.c.e) Now it's called Volkl Classic V1 10 Year and colour scheme is little bit different.
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    Signs say - J. Johansson will beat Federer in Wimbledon semifinals!

    WTF guys! OK, Johansson is helpless on clay, but he is a top man on grass. One of the favourites, no doubt.
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    Signs say - J. Johansson will beat Federer in Wimbledon semifinals!

    Do you remember Australian Open - that was Marat's birthday, when he beat Federer in semifinals. Next, Roland Garros - Nadal beats Federer in semifinals, and this is winner's birthday again! Imagine, what will happen in Wimbledon semifinals, July 1st? It is safe to say, that Roger will lose to...
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    Nike or Adidas?

    Style: Nike won by KO Price: draw Brand: draw Durability: Adidas won by points Roger: Nike So I vote for Nike;)
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    Best tennis player among celebrities?

    For shame, kids! How can you forget Lars Ulrich from Metallica! He's a former national top junior player (in Denmark:)). And his father reached the fourth round of the U.S. Open, the third round of Wimbledon and played more than 100 Davis Cup ties for Denmark...
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    Does Davide Sanguinetti use continental forehand grip?!

    I've found a lot of images on , where Sanguinetti hits his forehand. It looks like real continental, maybe eastern, but definitely it's not semiwestern! And swing path is so strange! Your opinions?
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    top 10 players string tension data?

    This nice image was posted in this board a half year ago, so I stole it :)