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    Help my cousin's 2hbh grip

    My female cousin..she's about 12 or 13 now I think. I hit around with her the other day and noticed every time she hit her 2hbh it tended to go into the net and she had this weird twisting motion. I asked her about it and saw how she gripped the racquet. She holds her right hand continental but...
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    Help with selecting a new shoe

    I think I have a flatter arch but not really sure. I've worn barricade 5 with no problems but the 6 hurt my arch. I've worn ballistecs 1.3 and 2.3 with no problems but the 3.3s have hurt my feet. I'm using feather 1s but those are wearing down. My feet aren't too wide..average I guess.
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    Misc Racquets

    Babolat Pure Drive GT (non-2012) 8.5/10 4 1/4 Head Youtek Extreme MP 9.5/10 4 3/8 Wilson BLX Pro Tour 9/10 4 3/8 Wilson BLX 6.1 95 9/10 4 3/8 Wilson BLX Blade 98 8/10 4 1/4 Wilson K 6.1 Tour 8/10 4 3/8 Boris Becker 11 7/10 4 3/8 Throw me some offers and discounts if you purchase...
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    great transaction with top_amateur

    bought a pair of ballistec 3.3 came in perfect condtion. Thanks Jason
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    great transaction with jlan

    item was delivered very quickly and item was in excellent condition. Wouldnt hesitate to deal with Jan again.
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    good transaction with hondasteve

    bought 2 kpro tour's for my cousin. Racquets condition was as stated and was shipped fast. Thanks Steve
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    k pro tour

    looking for a k pro tour 96 for my cousin. Its gonna be a backup racquet so anything 8/10 4 3/8 grip would be great. Thanks
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    Mel = highly recommended seller

    racquet came as advertised in excellent condition and shipped when promised. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend and buy from Mel again
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    bad trade with FedererFanUSA

    I sent out my K90 for his Aerogel 4D 300 tour. He asked for a tracking number which I provided. The package was sent USPS Priority Mail. I waited until later in the evening before asking for tracking info on his racquet. He tells me when he gets home he will send it to me. No problem I can wait...
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    good trade with dunno

    short and simple I sent my racquet he sent his..perfect
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    good trade with Igor

    traded MGPP for BB11 SE. racquet came in great condition
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    good transaction with iscottius

    bought the djoko special ed bag. Bag was in excellent condition and was shipped fast.
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    good transaction with pug

    bought a gamma stringer off Jeff. Stringer was received in great condition.
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    good transaction with Rex

    bought a RDiS 200 off Kevin and racquet came perfect shape.
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    had a great trade with Kot_Bigemot

    He was very nice to meet up with and trade racquets. Frame was in even better condition than listed. Wouldnt hesitate to deal again.
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    great transaction with tmath0522

    tmath0522 was new to the forum and gave me every assurance of being an honest seller from showing me CC statements of purchasing the APDGTs and scanning UPS receipt of racquets being sent to me. I'll admit I was a bit leery but I'm glad I trusted him. Racquets came in immaculate condition and I...
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    another perfect transaction with awebb

    great deal on a youtek prestige mp..perfect condition and was shipped faster than expected. Thanks
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    great transaction with UcannotBserious

    Bought a PDRGT from Sid and condition of racquet was better than advertised. Wouldnt hesitate to do business with him again.
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    Johnathan Smith is a great seller

    bought a pair of courtballistecs and they faster than I thought. The shoes were in perfect condition as advertised
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    Brian72 is a great seller

    bought an apdc from brian and he provoded clear pics and sent frame quickly.
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    rsancz11 is a great seller

    bought a pair of barricades v and genius. Shoes were new as advertised. I wouldn't hesitate for future dealings.
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    Excellent trade with Ten_nuts

    Everything about the trade was handled professionally from communication, description, and shipment. I would not hesitate to do business with Chan again. Thanks
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    great transaction with Bryan Williams (flyswater53)

    fast delivery great deal on some shirts
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    good trade with ben_sho

    a little late but great transaction with Ben. He sent me the racquet first as he was a new user.
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    end of summer sale

    Yonex RDS002 (non-tour) 4 3/8 9.5/10 $110 Yonex RDX300 4 5/8 8/10 $65 Babolat PureDrive Roddick + 4 5/8 8.5/10 $100 Dunlop M-fil 200 4 3/8 8.5/10 $50 Wilson N-Surge 4 1/2 8.5-9/10 $55 all prices include...
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    Gamma strings alternatives

    Pretty much all my tennis experience has been on Gamma strings ranging from TnT, TnT2, Livewire XP. Lately through trades from the forum I've actually got to play with difft strings. Only one I really like is the Pacific Gut hybrid that came from on nblade. I bought some hurricane tour but...
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    FS/FT aerogel 200, pure control, volkl cat8 ve

    Dunlop Aerogel 200 18x20 9/10 4 1/4 (heard it runs 1 size big). Strung with Yonex Super Tour Feel 850 @ 57lbs. Will include a red Dunlop Mfil 3 pack bag as well as the original cover. $130 shipped Babolat Pure Control 100sq 4 1/4 8/10. Bought off another member so I dont know the strings...
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    stupid for not demoing (long sorta)

    So in the past 2+ months I've gone on a crazy new racquet hunt. I used to play with every head radical except for the LM and FXP rads. I'm 3.5 baseliner but comfortable @ net also use a 2hbh. Before I found this site all talk about head light, swing weights, adn string patterns just eluded me...
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    FS/FT: WIlson Ntour 95 4 3/8

    Bought this on a whim last week. Played with it for 20 minutes and it just didnt fit my game. No marks anywhere whatsoever. Only thing you might find is some tennis ball hair. Its strung with Wilson Ultra 16g @ 55lbs. Cover included. Looking for $90 shipped. Only thing I think I could be...
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    alpha bullet

    Saw one for sale on craigslist. Decent price and was wondering if anyone had experience with it. I've never strung my own racquets before but think I'm goign to instead of wasting $$$ on getting it strung by others all the time