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  1. Tiki-Taka

    Fed on Nadal: "He's gonna go down as maybe the Greatest Player Of All Time"

    Nadal needs to achieve a bit more for that to happen. But it's nice to see Federer show such admiration for his rival. Supporters should take some notes from him and other great athletes.
  2. Tiki-Taka

    The TT Football Club

    And we would have to drag Valverde out of the office, or have as bad of a start to the season as Tottenham have, in order to have a chance of sacking him.
  3. Tiki-Taka

    Nadal 2019 his Sweetest Year for fans?

    It's definitely in the top 3-4 most enjoyable years for me.
  4. Tiki-Taka

    2019 WTF 1/2 Final:Roger Federer vs. Stefanos Tistsipas

    It was a great bonus because the way I see it, Djokovic has been the man to beat for majority of this decade. Getting the better of him over the whole season is to this day an amazing achievement. But even if he didn't it would have still been a great season. Nadal's two Majors this year are up...
  5. Tiki-Taka

    2019 WTF 1/2 Final:Roger Federer vs. Stefanos Tistsipas

    This is perfect actually. Federer at least did his job two days ago. :p It will be great to see one of the younger guys winning this tournament for yet another year.
  6. Tiki-Taka

    I really hope Nadal never plays this "tournament" again

    Interesting. I hope he never stops trying conquering this tournament. This week he still ended the season on a high even though he didn't progress through the group stage. Coming back against two guys 10+ years younger than him, never stopped believing. It wasn't enough this time, and it's okay...
  7. Tiki-Taka

    Djokovic only has himself to blame.

    Still a great year for him though. Clinical display in Australian Open final and so clutch in the Wimbledon final. He will take some wonderful memories with himself from 2019. Nadal was nearly flawless since Rome so Djokovic was going to have it difficult to protect his number 1 ranking...
  8. Tiki-Taka

    What Nadal achieved this week...

    After 2008, 2010, 2013 and 2017, he has now finished 2019 as world number one, tying Connors, Federer and Djokovic in second place with five YE #1 trophies. And once again, the oldest YE #1, at 33 and a half years of age. Still competing at the highest level. El mejor jugador del mundo -...
  9. Tiki-Taka

    2019 ATP Finals RR - Little Kid Who Knows How to Fight vs The GOAT (When Healthy)

    Good season, but trophy is a little heavy, no?
  10. Tiki-Taka

    2019 ATP Finals RR - Little Kid Who Knows How to Fight vs The GOAT (When Healthy)

    Time to pick up that Year End #1 trophy. A job well done. Didn't back down just like two days ago. Over to you, Medvedev.
  11. Tiki-Taka

    Losing a tournament and finishing #1?

    Nadal won 31 of the last 33 matches he played. He totally earned it.
  12. Tiki-Taka

    15 YE #1 finishes in one picture

    He is waiting for this year's trophy to be delivered while Novak and Fed are singing praises. :)
  13. Tiki-Taka

    15 YE #1 finishes in one picture

    And perfectly, evenly distributed. 5-5-5. The Big 3 for good reason.
  14. Tiki-Taka

    2019 ATP Final RR: [2] Novak Djokovic vs [3] Roger Federer

    10/10 performance Gracias, Maestro. (y)(y)
  15. Tiki-Taka

    2019 ATP Final RR: [2] Novak Djokovic vs [3] Roger Federer

    It's wonderful to watch Federer when he is in this kind of mood. Majority of shots made Novak uncomfortable.
  16. Tiki-Taka

    2019 ATP Final RR: [2] Novak Djokovic vs [3] Roger Federer

    One more set like that, Roger.
  17. Tiki-Taka

    The rules of the ATP finals are completely unfair

    That's what happens when players are drawn in groups. They won't always deliver the same results. It's about doing as well as you can in your own group rather than look at what is happening in the other one. Anyway, World Tour Finals is kind enough to give another chance even after losing a...
  18. Tiki-Taka

    The TT Football Club

    One of Spain's greatest players has announced his retirement at the end of Japanese league season. He has won everything there is to win. 3 La Liga trophies, 3 Copa del Rey titles, Champions League, Club World Cup and UEFA Super Cup in his club career, while also winning the World Cup and...
  19. Tiki-Taka

    Thiem cements himself

    Yes, he doesn't have the extraordinary skill that is wasting a double break in the final set like the guy in your avatar. Thiem has a lot to learn.
  20. Tiki-Taka

    2019 ATP Finals RR - Mad Lad vs The GOAT (When Healthy)

    Novak must go all the way in London now. Beautiful. It's 2019 and you can't rule this guy out even when he is a double break down against guys ten years younger than him. The ultimate fighter once again.
  21. Tiki-Taka

    Rafa and Fed fans unite?

    Huge admirer of Djokovic. But yes, I would prefer Federer wins their match. Counting on you, Maestro...
  22. Tiki-Taka

    The TT Football Club

    Haven't been in the mood to update recently. Results are decent, had five La Liga wins in a row that ended on the previous weekend with a loss to Levante in Valencia, followed by a disappointing goalless draw in the Champions League against Slavia Prague. After 45 games Barca failed to score at...
  23. Tiki-Taka

    A TTW Wedding

    The sage... Always the sage. But that's perfectly fine. After having witnessed both World Wars, attending a wedding, in Roma of all places, it's magnificent. Best of luck, Ghost and 125. May you have plenty of great times together ahead of you. Felicitacions! (y)
  24. Tiki-Taka

    What Nadal achieved this week...

    Most weeks in the top 2. 529 and counting. And by winning the 2019 Race to London, he has returned to the top of ATP. 197th week as the best player in the world...
  25. Tiki-Taka

    ATP Finals - your round robin draw wishlist?

    If Nadal will be ready for it, I would like Medvedev, Tsitsipas and Berrettini in his group.
  26. Tiki-Taka

    Nadal withdraws from Paris !

    Shame. Not optimistic for London now and I imagine Djokovic will be the top guy at the end of the year. But even if he doesn't play it, what a year it was. Yet another Roland Garros, and a US Open won after that epic final. Time to approach 2020 with maximum caution, as he has limited chances...
  27. Tiki-Taka

    Getting to know my fellow Talk Tennis posters

    Favorite player: Rafael Nadal Gender: Male Age: 50 Nationality: Catalan Spanish Country of residence: Spain - Barcelona Grandfather since last year's spring. Interests include playing and watching football, swimming, working out regularly, cooking, traveling, drinking wine...
  28. Tiki-Taka

    Nadal's USO Epicness this year....

    It was such an entertaining fortnight. He was challenged by several opponents even though the scorelines might suggest otherwise. Schwartzman clawed his way back into the first two sets when it looked like it would be routine, Cilic and Berrettini were good in the first half of their respective...
  29. Tiki-Taka

    If Nadal managed to win the AO......

    I don't think another Australian Open win will ever happen. He failed to close out a couple of finals and was unlucky with injuries in Australia in particular. The one time he did win it though, it was some of the best tennis I have ever seen, from him and his last two opponents. Amazing he is...