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    How many rackets do I need

    I am Average Joe (on the borderline)
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    Lead adhesion to Blade V7

    Use an electrical tape underneath the lead tape. Problem solved.(y)(y)
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    Bonjour from Babolat: Part Trois

    Hi, @Babolat Official . How are you? Do you know if Babolat will release a new Pure Strike VS Tour? Thanks.
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    Bonjour from Babolat: Part Trois

    Hi,@Babolat Official . How are you? Since the new Pure Strike is now released, is there any news for the new Pure Strike VS/VS Tour? Thanks.
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    Babolat Pure Aero 2019

    True, man. I've been using this racquet for one month and now i'm converted to the dark side....
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    Lead tape gets messed up while stringing

    Works wonders doing this. You'll never ever (i said, ever) have to worry about lead tape at 12 o'clock anymore.
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    Lead tape gets messed up while stringing

    THIS!!!! I thought i was the only man in the world that i do this.
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    Best kits of 2019 RG?

    I like Lacoste's Benoir Paire Outfit
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    Thiem using new Pj of Pure Strike 2019 at RG

    Holy Cheetah!! He's blasting unreal shots!!!!:oops::oops::oops:
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    Nadal current racquet specs

    No offense, but the search is your friend. There's a lot of Nadal racquet specs topics in this forum.
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    Favorite shoes of Federer

    Any Air Jordan counts!!!
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    Prince Phantom Pro and Phantom Pro100P

    I have same feeling when i use PP100P and 93P as well.
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    Albot stick

    I think it is. He's a short player.
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    Live by the Blade...Die by the Blade...

    This is true. That's why a lot of young guns on the Tour (and also the college/advanced club players) use this racquet.
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    Live by the Blade...Die by the Blade...

    I agree with you, bro!
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    Getting my second RF97 in the mail today

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    RF97 VS Clash

    And what about Tennis Warehouse Europe?
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    RF97 VS Clash

    Why don't you ask TW to apply to be a reviewer? I think you could be a great addition to the TW team and we all can see your technique.
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    Wilson Pro Staff RF97 strange membrane peeled of

    Jesus Christ!!!!:eek::eek::eek:
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    Kohlschreiber is using the RF97 black and white

    Maybe slow sales explain this, unfortunately. This is a good racquet indeed.
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    Goffin racket

    You are always precise, @ProStringing ! Thanks for the share.
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    Out of control racket prices in US?

    In Brazil, a brand new racquet costs $350 to $400.
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    Head Speed - Which generation?

    Graphene 360 (Pro or MP) are great racquets. HEAD nailed it with this line.
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    Ferrer changed frame AGAIN???!!!?

    There is a new Steam with Blade paintjob. It's called Blade 99 Team. Same specs as the old Steam.
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    Racket that hits winner every shot

    I must remember this every time i step in on court... :(
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    For the Extreme users, do you know how to tame the Head Extreme Pro?

    DId you put the weught on the handle, at 3' and 9' or at 12"? How much weight did you put?
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    For the Extreme users, do you know how to tame the Head Extreme Pro?

    Hi everybody. Let me share something for you: I play with the new Extreme Pro and i love it! However, sometimes i think it's hard to tame this racquet and i want a little more control. Can you share about what kind of string and tension did you use in this racquet? I use Luxilon Alu Power...
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    2019 Head Instinct

    Do you know what string and tension you hit with the Extreme?