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  1. romeo8880

    What idiots run this tournament?

    The roof should be closed!! Jesus Christ it's not that hard.
  2. romeo8880

    Nadal withdraws from French Open

    Wrist injury. Wow.
  3. romeo8880

    Brian Baker comeback trail

    It's that time again. After ANOTHER injury and not playing for 3 years, Brian Baker is set to return again at the Australian Open. Plays Bolelli in the first round is a pretty big underdog at +650.
  4. romeo8880

    Nadal vs Gasquet: Basel semis

    Didn't see a match thread so I'll make it.
  5. romeo8880

    Biggest upset in tennis history?

    What was it?
  6. romeo8880

    Dolgopolov in qualifying for Rome???

    Strange to see. Is his ranking not high enough to play in the tournament???
  7. romeo8880

    Kvitova pulls out of Indian Wells due to exhaustion

    We are only 2 months into the season. Should I and other Petra fans be worried?
  8. romeo8880

    Memphis Open (3rd round): Tomic vs Young

    Two guys with lots of hype! Both seem to have improved a lot lately. Will Young finally start living up to everything he was supposed to be? He's running out of time.
  9. romeo8880

    Murray is a step behind the big 3

    For no other reason than the mental aspect of the game. Yes, his second serve gets picked on and it's really weak, but that's not his biggest problem. He just can't seem to get it done when it matters. Against Djokovic, he lost EVERY big point in the match. Unforced error, double fault...
  10. romeo8880

    This one stings the most.

    As a federer fan, seeing him be so close and have his serve let him down at the end. Absolutely crushing feeling. Credit to Djokovic for a well deserved win. Roger threw it all at him and djokovic responded with greatness.
  11. romeo8880

    Kvitova will win at least 5 Wimbledon titles

    I can't find the thread but I know I said the same thing a few years ago. Everybody laughed at me and I expect the same thing today. However, the reason I'm making this thread is because the girls in the studio just said the same thing! They see her winning multiple more times. Thoughts?
  12. romeo8880

    Dolgopolov had 40 aces today against Becker

    This needed its own post because that is ridiculous.
  13. romeo8880

    Novak Djokovic is the favorite to win Roland Garros

    Not just in my opinion, but also in the opinion of Vegas! Yes, for the first time in many years, Nadal is not the odds on favorite to win the title. Important to note that Nadal WAS the favorite before the draw came out. This is going to be an entertaining tournament. My opinion? Federer...
  14. romeo8880

    Sad that they've replaced the courts with fake clay

    Serve bots like Karlovic and Isner just keep winning on these fake clay courts. No wonder Nadal has been struggling because the courts aren't even slow. It's hard court clay.
  15. romeo8880

    Janko Tipsarevic

    He's been out with a foot injury for awhile now. However, he said his comeback was going to be at dusseldorf next week and I read numerous articles confirming this. Saw the draw today and the qualifying draw and he is in neither. Anybody know anything?
  16. romeo8880

    2014 WTA Rome discussion thread

    Official discussion!
  17. romeo8880

    Do not accuse Djokovic of bad sportsmanship

    Yes, another thread on this topic. Novak clearly didn't know that it is against the rules to hit the ball on the other player's side of the net. He said it after the match he thought it was legal unless he touched the net. He even admitted it to Murray DURING the match that he thinks he hit...
  18. romeo8880

    Gael Monfils will win a major this year

    Calling it now. He is a man on a mission and playing amazing tennis to start the year.
  19. romeo8880

    Milos Raonic vs Tomas Berdych

    Should be a cracker of a match!
  20. romeo8880

    Shanghai QF: Novak Djokovic vs Gael Monfils

    This should be an entertaining match if Gael isn't too tired from his encounter with Roger.
  21. romeo8880

    I used to cheer for Nadal but I can't anymore

    As a Federer fan, I used to cheer for Nadal to win if Federer got knocked out of a tournament. However, the trolling and ridiculous claims from people of Rafa being the GOAT has gotten out of control. Now I can no longer cheer for the man because I have to listen to all the trolls constantly...
  22. romeo8880

    Gael Monfils vs John Isner

    Thought I would get a thread up on this early! Big match later on today I think Monfils will be too much for Sir John.
  23. romeo8880

    Janko Tipsarevic?

    If he remembers how to play soon he can make the quarters or even the semis with his draw. He faces possible matchups with Ferrer and Gasquet/Raonic who he is definitely very capable of beating on hard courts. Could we see a resurgence of the not so long ago great Tipsy? By the way, I know our...
  24. romeo8880

    Novak Djokovic vs Denis Istomin

    I can't believe there isn't a thread already for this epic clash of the titans. Istomin up a break!
  25. romeo8880

    ATP Bogota Discussion

    Not many big names in this one, but Tipsy is the 1 seed and Anderson the 2. I like Anderson to win it all. On a side note, can somebody please explain to me how some of these players are professionals? Marchenko and Andreozzi (qualifying tourney) come to mind. They both had like 15+...
  26. romeo8880

    Will Petra Kvitova win another slam?

    And am I the only fan of hers?
  27. romeo8880

    The key to Federer remaining near the top

    It is time for him to get a new generation racquet. McEnroe mentioned it after the match, Fed is still using a really old racquet. These new racquets make the ball have so much more pop and everybody's shots are much more powerful with a lot less effort. If Federer switches racquets and...
  28. romeo8880

    Gilles Simon (Fra) vs Feliciano Lopez (Esp)

    Both players are in good form and are in the final here. They also play each other in the first round of Wimbledon so this is interesting.
  29. romeo8880

    Why do top players play tournaments the week before a slam?

    They all seem to lose on purpose anyway. I don't get it.
  30. romeo8880

    Berdych vs Monfils. Roland Garros R1

    Will Monfils be on his game today?