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    My Post Don't seem to be showing up in post count

    Well, For the longest time it seems like my post count is staying constant at 476. Actually, it went down from 477 lately. Does anyone know why this is? It isnt a huge deal, I can still post fine, just curious as to whats going on with it. Thanks
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    Isner Playing against a qualifier?

    Why is isner playing against a qualifier for round one of the US open? I would have thought someone who was actually seeded would have had that opportunity? Can anyone explain this?
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    Gut/ gut hybrid question-- prince 03 midplus

    I have been playing with the pre packaged babolat vs gut/ pro hurricane tour 17 hybrid in my Prince 03 tour midplus. I strung it up around january and have played quite a bit with it, probably close to 30 hours. I just used it to win a mixed doubles tournament this weekend, so it is playing...
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    Did anyone notice the stab Roddick took at Gasquet?

    In the interview after roddick clinched the tie for the US, he was talking about spain and said something to the effect of "regardless of if it is a surface I dont like, I will be there". To me, given what was being said about gasquet not liking the court being the reason for his not playing...
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    Keeping balls at Davis Cup?

    I heard a commentator at Miami say that the ATP had changed the rules and you can now keep balls that come into the stands. Does anyone know if this applies to Davis Cup as well? I highly doubt a ball will wind up where I am sitting, but on the offhand chance it happens would I be able to keep it?
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    Federer and the French

    Even though Federer has not been playing great this year, I still think he has a shot at the title. He has been the second best clay court player in the world for the past few years. I still think he is. With Nadal's bad knees I am really interested to see if he is able to win it again this...
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    Question about calling a Let

    Yesterday when I was watching the Wake Forest- Duke Tennis match, I noticed players from duke calling lets when balls rolled on their side of the court, as well as their opponents side. I remember reading something somewhere about when you can call a let, but I dont remember if you do it...
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    FS: Prince 03 tour midsize

    The racquet is in about 8.5 out of 10 condition. I will string it with a string I have for the price of the string before I ship it to you, or you can get it with no strings installed. Grip size is 4 and 3/8. Asking $100 obo for this, buyer pays shipping, or if local in Winston-Salem, NC...
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    Possible reason why American tennis has gone down

    Im not sure if this has been discussed or not I havent seen it and i am on here pretty regularly so here goes. Ok, we all know that Americans like to hit the ball hard and use power as their main weapon. We lets look at how the courts are now. Most people agree the AO courts are fairly slow...
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    Up and Coming Americans (Isner, Young)

    Well, Since DY just lost his first round match to Berrer I have a question for People who feel Young is better than John Isner. If Isner beats Santoro, who I would think most people agree a better player than berrer will some folks who feel DY is such a superior player to Isner start to feel...
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    Why are there no reels of natural gut?

    Are there no reals of natural gut on TW due to the price or does it have something to do with the fragile nature of gut? I realize a reel of most natural guts would be around $580 but you pay that either way right? I was just wondering why exactly natural gut isn't available on reels.
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    who strings poly in a prince 03 tour?

    i havent played with a poly in my 03 tour midplus since i demoed, and i think i played a bit better with the poly. so i am thinking of trying out a poly to see if that was true. What do you guys think is a good poly for the 03 tour midplus? I am pretty sure i had pro hurricane in the demo...
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    My backhand

    On my backhand i know what i do wrong. I hit a two hander and i try to use more right hand (im right handed) than left hand. But in my mind i know i should be using more left hand and just stabilizing with the right. So what happens is i end up twisting the racquet at the last second and the...
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    Question on what to expect.

    I usually play 3.0 singles in usta matches, currently 108 in NC after one tournament. This weekend however, for some reason they stuck me in the 3.5's. I am playing a guy ranked 24 but he has an overall losing record. I guess i should just go out and play and take it as a learning experience...
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    Why did someone string like this?

    I am currently a college student and one of the guys who lives on my hall had a broken string so i told him i would string it for him. He said that was fine and gave me the racquet. We play with the same racquet, a prince 03 tour midplus. So when i go to cut the strings out i notice several...
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    My stringjob from hell...

    Around noon today i went to string my prince 03 tour midsize, i had never strung this racquet before as it is new and i had previously only strung my midplus racquets. I got the pattern and what not and started stringing. I started my mains and then after tensioning about 2 my clam flys off...
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    Question for 03 tour to speedport black

    I was wondering if anyone has played with the 03 tours and made a switch to the speedport black? If so how do they compare. I personally love my 03 tour, and was wondering if the 03 black had anything better to offer.
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    problem with topspin cyberflash

    Has anyone ever tried to string with this? I attempted to string an 03 tour mp with it a moment ago and found the string to be so stiff that my machine would not tension it. I was trying to do 53 lbs on a drop weight machine. I have strung babolat hurricane on it before so i didnt think it...