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    Big 10 Tennis

    I too am curious. He is transferring to SMU.
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    Stanford Men

    Genesen was also pulled from singles. Stanford picked a bad time to rest their players.
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    UNC/Duke Mens tennis

    Maciag has been suspended indefinitely for a violation of Duke's conduct guidelines.
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    National signing week

    My guess is Virginia was able to give him a full scholarship. Even Brooksby said he was only able to get a partial scholarship from Stanford so he chose TCU.
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    Big 10 Tennis

    Good pick-up. I'm really liking Indiana's freshman class and the addition of Ronnie Schneider as an assistant coach.
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    Attendance records in college tennis

    My guess would be Georgia followed by Stanford.
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    What happened to Georgia?

    Ponwith is transferring to Arizona State.
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    Recent College Players That Turned Pro

    Not sure what he was doing since Newport Beach but looks like he's finally back. He plays Karue Sell in the first round of qualifying for the Binghamton challenger.
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    Recent College Players That Turned Pro

    Close. MaliVai Washington (University of Michigan) made the Wimbledon final in 1996. The Kevin Curren fact is that Kevin Anderson is the first South African to make the semifinals at Wimbledon since Curren did in 1983.
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    Recent College Players That Turned Pro

    Mackie beats Jarry 11-9 in the 5th. On to the 3rd round!
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    Recent College Players That Turned Pro

    Mackie McDonald wins his first round match against Berankis. With the win he is likely to enter the top 100.
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    Recent College Players That Turned Pro

    Andy Murray pulls out which means Jason Jung is now in the main draw of Wimbledon.
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    men tennis coach's salary in D1 and D2

    Hate to break it you but neither mens nor womens tennis brings in any tangible revenue. These sports consistently operate "in the red" every single year.
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    A better chance than anyone that attended Stanford in the 21st century.
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    men tennis coach's salary in D1 and D2

    The salaries of coaches from public universities are available to the public. For example, UCLA mens head coach Billy Martin makes about $350k a year, UCLA womens head coach Stella Sampras Webster makes $213k, Cal mens head coach Peter Wright makes $138k.
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    Recent College Players That Turned Pro

    Florian Lakat (Cal '17) and Arthur Rinderknech (Texas A&M '18) were given a wildcard to play doubles at the French Open. They play Basilashvili/Millman in the first round.
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    What happened to Georgia?

    I have never seen a coach in any sport take as much responsibility for his/her team as Manny has in his time at Georgia. Don't forget he reported his own son for selling adderall last year and in the Ponwith case he already took initiative to remove Ponwith from the team without hesitation. He...
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    Stanford Men Only 1 year of eligibility
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    Foreign Players

    He's now the assistant coach for Ole Miss.
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    2018 Men's NCAA Tournament

    Hansson's backhand may be my favorite shot in college tennis
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    Stanford Men

    Fomba is also gone and Geller might not come back
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    2018 Men's NCAA Tournament

    If only J10S filmed matches for schools that are actual contenders for the NCAA title lol
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    Alabama men's tennis

    Husack has job security for the next 5 years haha
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    2018 Men's NCAA Tournament

    I think it all depends on whether Gustav Hansson plays. If he doesn't, I can't see them beating Duke.
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    Cal Bears

    Don't forget Stanford lost to the ducks last year.
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    Borna Gojo Transferring

    He plays #1 singles for the #1 school in the country and the favorites to win the NCAAs this year. Why would he transfer?
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    Eastern Michigan University Tennis Dropped

    Because football actually generates money for the athletic department.
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    UVA Men's Tennis

    UVa has a 3 star freshman playing #6 singles. Unsurprisingly, he's only won once at 6 singles. Too many injuries on their roster?
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    NCAA Recording Rules

    It's probably an NCAA recruiting violation for a potential recruit to do any filming while on a recruiting trip. As for the other YouTube channels, I've always figured that the NCAA couldn't care less about who films tennis matches given that the sport brings in little to no money for them. I'm...
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    Stanford Men

    Card win 4-2. They essentially swept 1-5 singles.