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  1. tangerine

    What in the world did Roger do to his HAIR?

    Other fans have begun to notice the change in Roger's famous wavy hair so now I feel compelled to start this thread and ask what's up? It's a lot flatter than it used to be. Is it hormones? The Brazilian blowout? It looks bad, IMO. It makes him look older. (he looks like Jimmy Connors in the...
  2. tangerine

    Andy Roddick tells reporter to retire, walks out of interview

  3. tangerine

    Holy moly, Andy Roddick is BALD

    Andy went all Agassi on his head shortly after Wimbledon. :shock:
  4. tangerine

    Did Del Potro & Clijsters save the 2009 US Open?

    Clijsters and Del Potro Saved The US Open? It was only a few days ago many of us were groaning, "Just give Serena and Roger the trophy already". Then Serena got her butt kicked by an unusually focused Kim, lost her temper, got docked a point and lost in the semis; then Federer got his butt...
  5. tangerine

    How did Murray cheat Federer?

    He fell over early in the third set, breaking Roger's rhythm and concentration which caused him to lose the match. See for yourself.
  6. tangerine

    Fernando Verdasco poses nude for Cosmopolitan!

    I now pronounce myself Fernando's slavegirl. :mrgreen:
  7. tangerine

    Andy Roddick's amazing trick shot!

    This is a great shot he made vs Monfils the other week:
  8. tangerine

    The Top Tier Players: Federer, Nadal...and Roddick

    Here's an interesting article that divides players into two groups: Top Tier players and Second Tier players: Roddick's in a bit of quandry: he's clearly not on the same tier as Federer or Nadal, but he's also not as mediocre as the...
  9. tangerine

    Matt Cronin breaks down the Men's Top 20 Players Men's year-end Top 20: This Federer guy is pretty good Big years for Davydenko, Blake, Robredo By Matthew Cronin, 1. ROGER FEDERER: Certainly the best season since Johnny Mac's magical 1984, and could have been even...
  10. tangerine

    Nadal and Roddick practiced together today

    We wuz robbed of Roddick-Nadal round robins but I am very happy to see these two practice together. I think Roddick will be great practice for Rafa on these courts. It's good to see that Andy's not as paranoid as some of the other top players— who make a point *not* to practice with other top...
  11. tangerine

    James Blake is a CLASS ACT!

    Cheers to James for stopping to check on Roger after he tweaked his ankle and fell during their match last night. He also gestured to the crowd to shut up for once. I still have horrific visions of Maria coldly practicing her serve when Tatiana was lying crying and crippled on the ground after...
  12. tangerine

    Hey! It's the Andy Roddick song!

    And the Roger song, and the Rafa song. Has anybody heard these on the USO Late Night shows? :p
  13. tangerine

    Sticky request: Tennis video clips and matches

    ATTENTION ADMIN: Would it be possible for you to create a sticky thread so that we can put all of the tennis video clips that we find online in one place? We can also use this thread to post downloadable matches, clips, etc. It would be so much easier to find all of the great points and matches...
  14. tangerine

    Who is most like PONG? Hewitt or Nadal?

    Or somebody else? :p
  15. tangerine

    Roddick caught with his pants down!

    Or, his zipper actually. With his Under Armor underpants flying out for the whole world to see. LOL. Andy did a guest appearance on Fox News & Friends earlier this week and he did it with gusto! XYZ, AnDEE. I wonder if it said "Lucky You" on the inside of his zipper? :p
  16. tangerine

    Rafael Nadal: Superstar

    I hope Rafa does well at USO, I'll bet the American fans would go crazy for him. :cool: Rafa the Supererstar Nadalmania hits Canada By Ed Klajman, Special to FROM THE ROGER CUP IN TORONTO - A couple of years ago, event organizers and fans of the Tennis Masters...
  17. tangerine

    Which male tennis star attracts all the gay fans?

    Nadal maybe? What do you all think? :p
  18. tangerine

    Nadal feels like he's being picked on

    Apologies if someone has already posted this article before. In fact, if it has been posted before I ask that the mods please delete this thread. More sportsmanship questions for Nadal Matthew Cronin / June 30, 2006 WIMBLEDON, England - About an hour after his...
  19. tangerine

    Nadal vs Federer: Not much of a rivalry

    I'm reminded of Andy Roddick's comment at Wimbledon a few years ago: "I'm going to have start winning some of these matches before it can be called a rivalry." Rafael is now 6-1 over Roger. After that tremendous final in Rome, I thought for sure that Roger had Rafa figured out and would pull...
  20. tangerine

    Rafael Nadal is the talk of tennis

    I would love to see Nadal carry his clay success over to the summer hardcourts this year. He's perfectly capable of playing very well there and winning (like the Montreal final last year). :) The talk of tennis? This time of year, it's all...
  21. tangerine

    Your opinion about Nadal's shrieking?

    MTF is in the middle of another one of it's chaotic meltdowns so I'll post my question here: We hear so many people (fans and the media alike) constantly complaining abut Maria Sharapova's shrieking during matches. Some of have called it "legalized cheating." I want to know why these same...
  22. tangerine

    Lleyton Hewitt losing it?

    Is it just me or is Lleyton losing his edge lately? It seems that he was just defeated from the SAP Open by Andy Murray... I wonder if he might lose his #4 spot this year. /end sarcasm ---------