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  1. Rafa24

    Proof that this "tournament" is a joke.

    Medvedev phoned in his last match as expected allowing zverev to take the last spot in the semis. Medvedev didn't try at all. Pretty lame when a person who is already out of the "tournament" plays in a match that influences the outcome of who makes the semis.
  2. Rafa24

    VAMOS Roger!!!!

    Woot!!! Djoker out. Rafa year end #1 and a little bit of revenge from that tough wimbledon loss for Roger!
  3. Rafa24

    Does Medvedev have any incentive to beat Zverev?

    Is there any financial incentive for him to win? Or is it just the 160 points or whatever it is?
  4. Rafa24

    How great was this year?

    Pretty awesome we got to see Fed and Rafa play eachother in the semis of FO and then Wimbledon. Wish the conditions had been better for the FO match but such is life. They sucked as bad for rafa as they did fed. I just wish we would have got the finale at the USO. first meeting ever there in a...
  5. Rafa24

    why isn't rod laver at the WTF?

    and all of the other good old players? or is he just waiting until the finals?
  6. Rafa24

    So Federer could stop Djoker from getting year end number 1 by eliminating him.

    Year end #1 race is in Feds hands. If I am thinking correctly if Djoker loses to Fed and is eliminated Nadal is number 1 no matter what he does. Will be interesting to see how bad fed wants it. Sadly I think nadal will lose to med and be eliminated. So Fedr could go for another ATP title and...
  7. Rafa24

    Rafa fans how great would it be if he wins AO 2020 for #20 and then RG for #21.

    Not even RG is a given at this stage in his career but it would be so cool to see him win AO 2020 for #20 after all his bad luck there and complete the double career slam. Then come in and win #21 at RG! Would be nice if he could add another couple years at number 1 too. Which is possible if he...
  8. Rafa24

    Feels so good to be a member of the *************!

    VAM0S BRIGADE!!!!! #19 Tastes so sweet being 1 back of Fed!!! Great times for us members of the brigade who have backed Rafa in the best and the worst times! edit-Why is Vam0s Brigade censored????
  9. Rafa24

    WTF should not be worth any ATP points.

    Convince me that it should be worth points as only 8 players are allowed to participate which puts the rest of the field at a bigger disadvantage trying to get to the top. I mean I understand in a way they make it 1500 points just to try and get players to go because most don't want to be there...
  10. Rafa24

    How many points does Novak have to defend the rest of the year?

    I know he is about 600 points up on Rafa and at this point it wouldn't surprise me if Rafa didn't just skip the entire rest of the year to be ready for next season. At most I see him playing one of the 1000s and the WTF.
  11. Rafa24

    The last time Rafa trailed Fed by 1 slam.......

    Rafa was in his first month of being a 17 year old....... VAMOS!!!!!
  12. Rafa24

    Chair ump tried to give the match to Medvedev.

    Time violations on break point in the 5th when the crowd was going nuts. Disgusting behavior and must be a fed fan. Glad Nadal prevailed!!!! VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!! BULLE19VE!
  13. Rafa24

    Of the big 3 how many slam finals have they lost holding championship points?

    A post in another thread about choking got me thinking about this. How many instances have one of the big 3 had championship points in slams and lost? I can think of Fed losing wimbledon this year with 2 points on his serve. Can't think of any for nadal but he lost to AOs being up a break in the...
  14. Rafa24

    Vamos Rafa!!!!

    Match was way too tense. I knew Matteo had no chance to break but could have seen him winning multiple breakers. Not feeling super confident for the bull heading into sunday but matteo is one of the few players to win multiple tournaments without losing serve once. The key for Rafa will be get...
  15. Rafa24


    Wish he could have pulled it off. Likely his only chance at a slam final. He should have won the first set. Medvedev is going to win a bunch of slams. dudes defense is great.
  16. Rafa24

    FEDAL FINAL. Can it happen now?!

    Roger and Rafa both with a huge sigh of relief after djoker lost just now I imagine. If rafa gets by cilic no reason we shouldn't get a fed nadal final and a first ever meeting at USO. How beautiful would that be?
  17. Rafa24

    Does anyone else have a feeling the old guard won't win this one?

    I don't know why I just have a feeling we are going to have a first time slam winner this US open. Fed hasn't looked great, Djoker might be hurt and Rafa is a wild card.
  18. Rafa24

    Should Kyrgios get a lifetime ban?

    He is making a joke of the sport at nearly every event he enters now. Would love to seem him get banned for life if he has several more outbursts. or a year suspension.
  19. Rafa24

    Looks like Nadal didn't mess up the dream final.

    Fred couldn't even make the quarter finals.:o
  20. Rafa24

    As a Rafa fan seeing Novaks level of play today makes the semi loss to Fedr hurt more.

    Novak was far from ultron mode. He was outplayed by Fed other than the tie breaks and clutch moments. I figured ultron would show up and win easily in straights vs Fed or Nadal but it wasn't ultron. First set tie break was rafas undoing as he and fedr are both tough to beat when they win the...
  21. Rafa24

    Whats the new roof rule at wimbledon?

    I heard they changed it and it's out of the players hands now after last years debacle with djoker needing to play indoors on a beautiful sunny day at an outdoor tourney. before if both players agreed they would open it or leave it closed in that situation. is it now just wimby decides? or is...
  22. Rafa24

    Match stats for todays fedal match vs rest of tourney?

    Congrats to Fed and his fans here. Roger played how he needed to executed well. Rafa served atrocious and played passive. Seems he doesn't have the nerves for the big matches anymore when he plays fed or djoker. He steamrolled everyone at AO and then against djoker he was like he was today not...
  23. Rafa24

    Djokers draw will go down as the easiest draw to a slam in the big 3 era.

    Easily. I haven't even seen 3 of his first 4 play a match ever. What a cake walk.
  24. Rafa24

    How do Fed fans feel about Djokers resurgence? Saving Rogers slam lead but have to worry about Novak now.

    It all started last year when Rafa was one point from making the final at Wimbledon and ultimately lost. And he was steamrolling the entire AO field and the only thing that stopped him was ultron djoker. Amazing how many people were calling for Djoker to retire after he was abysmal and he...
  25. Rafa24

    Zverev officially an ATG.

    Winning the almighty bof3 WTF puts him up in the goat discussion!!!!!
  26. Rafa24

    And to think people said Djoker should retire......

    Amazing how he started the year to what has transpired after RG. He looked lost for the last year+ and many here said he'd never win another major. Amazing comeback. I figured he'd be back and win another major or 2 but not this fast. And amazes me he almost skipped Wimbledon after his early RG...
  27. Rafa24

    Why is Delpo not hitting hard at all?

    Never seen him hit the ball so easy.
  28. Rafa24

    Fed deserves every slam he enters. He has 4 KIDS!!!!

    Everyone should lose on purpose to him. Serena has 1 and she deserves it for that. 4 kids? He shouldn't even have to show up!!!
  29. Rafa24

    Can Delpo save tennis?

    You aren't the hero we deserve you are the hero we need!
  30. Rafa24

    So great seeing serena implode.

    Thinking she can be a thug and berate the umpire and not get any penalties. What a loser. Saying it was stolen from her when she was down a set. Can't wait until she retires. Feel sorry for Naomi as she was well on her way to winning. Best athlete ever? still is the biggest joke ever...