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  1. Cabeza del Demonio

    tennis quiz thread

    Berasategui Sock No idea of the other 3
  2. Cabeza del Demonio

    tennis quiz thread

    Rosewall Vilas Ashe Curren? Mecir Ivanisevic Chang Bruguera Korda Norman Haas Zverev? Wasn't he #2 in mid-2018?
  3. Cabeza del Demonio

    Greatest jerk,most despicable player of all time is...

    Connors let it all out there: the fighting spirit and will to win as well as the irreverence and boorish antics. No holding back with that guy.
  4. Cabeza del Demonio

    Greatest jerk,most despicable player of all time is...

    Kyrgios. He acts like he's the king of the world, as if he's the only player who can blast aces and hit trick shots once in a while.
  5. Cabeza del Demonio

    What would you like to see more of on the tour?

    More serve-and-volleyers. I'm not even a big fan of S&V, prefer to see athletic baseliners like Djokovic and Nadal. But the art of S&V is near total death. Raonic, Brown, Mischa, and Stakhovsky are the only ones I can think of, and 3 of them are over 30.
  6. Cabeza del Demonio

    Make your list of favorites for USO

    Lendl too. No distractions, just destruction.
  7. Cabeza del Demonio

    Make your list of favorites for USO

    1. Novak Djokovic. The Serb superstar on his favorite surface, as world No. 1 and defending champ, looks good right now and comes in as the favorite for #4. 2. Rafael Nadal. The 2019 race leader hasn't lost a match since his Wimbledon loss. His worst enemy is his body, but if his knees hold up...
  8. Cabeza del Demonio

    Awkward: Kyrgios practising next to Verdasco

    Kyrgios calling anyone else arrogant is the absolute height of irony.
  9. Cabeza del Demonio

    My take on the US Open Champion through high school math (erroneous)

    All the Advanced Calculus classes in the world didn't teach me how to understand this. Djokovic is the favorite as of now.
  10. Cabeza del Demonio

    The real Andy Murray is back!

    Agreed, Murray is anything but PC. He's aggressive in speaking for social justice and calling out bad actors (Gimelstob). People often confuse political correctness for any pro-equality or liberal views, which is telling. Political correctness to me means excessive neutrality or a lack of...
  11. Cabeza del Demonio

    Predict Nadal's title count for 2019

    Agreed on expecting wins at Rome, Roland Garros, and Wimbledon. But Paris? He's never won it before and fast hard courts like those in Paris would kill his knees. Then again, Djokovic won Cincinnati last year, so anything is possible. I'd pick Rafa to win 4 titles in 2019: Rome, RG, and...
  12. Cabeza del Demonio

    Verdasco 4 - 0 Thiem , what is stopping Thiem from winning vs Verdasco

    Now that's a conspiracy theory I can get behind. #Thiasco
  13. Cabeza del Demonio

    Will this be Nadal’s first year on the ATP tour without a clay title?

    That is a very likely scenario, and the fact that it's still a very likely scenario (given his results on clay this year) is scary.
  14. Cabeza del Demonio

    Novak Djokovic : Tryst with Immortality

    No wonder you have Murray as your avatar.
  15. Cabeza del Demonio

    Novak Djokovic : Tryst with Immortality

    A pessimist would see that comment as an insult; he thought you were as old as your mum. An optimist would see that as a compliment to your mum appearance, and therefore to you by extension as you have the same genetics.
  16. Cabeza del Demonio

    Novak Djokovic : Tryst with Immortality

    "In the Open Era"? Try "Ever"
  17. Cabeza del Demonio

    Why some posters don't like Nadal?

    So you're a Zverev fan?
  18. Cabeza del Demonio

    Novak Djokovic : Tryst with Immortality

    "Tryst with Immortality" is the best way to put it. Getting 2 calendar Slams would be the crowning moment for an already legendary career.
  19. Cabeza del Demonio

    Why some posters don't like Nadal?

    Most posters here are either Federer or Djokovic fans. They both play beautiful tennis, one with sublime unparalleled attacking ability and the other with sublime unparalleled defensive ability. The GOAT debate in recent years has solidified the major fanwar of tennis. Nadal gives both fandoms a...
  20. Cabeza del Demonio

    McEnroe vs Sampras

    Absolutely. My coach used to tell me talent has the value of 0. The more talent you have, the more 00000 you have. Worthless on its own, but hard work has the value of 1. It turns 000000 into 1000000. Mac might be infinitely more talented than a "grinder" like Nadal, but the 10 Grand Slam...
  21. Cabeza del Demonio

    Murray Adidas AO

    Adidas Murray line had much more creativity and life than Under Armour. The 2013 kit is my all-time favorite that Murray has used.
  22. Cabeza del Demonio

    Djokovic celebrates 250th week at no 1 in ATP rankings

    Djokovic has already overtaken Sampras. He has more Slams, a career Grand Slam, better title distribution, Masters slam, etc. It's an open question as to whether he's ahead of Nadal too, but that's a hard case to make since Nadal dominates his rivals at Grand Slams and has won more.
  23. Cabeza del Demonio

    Favorite Wimbledon Kits?

    Djokovic's Wimbledon 2016 kit with gold accents. I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess it was made with real gold like Federer's 2007 version.
  24. Cabeza del Demonio

    Will your “backup” become your mainstay?

    Federer is only 5 years younger than Muster was when he made his comeback. This era is in its ending stages.
  25. Cabeza del Demonio

    First time since 2004 that Nadal goes into May without a title

    You're the only person I've ever seen use "Feder". "Fedr" is a better nickname.
  26. Cabeza del Demonio

    Is A. Zverev better than Thiem on clay?

    Zverev is statistically ahead because he has 2 Masters titles vs 0 for Thiem, but it's quite odd that Thiem couldn't win one yet. Thiem is a better clay specialist than Zverev, so I expect him to win his first Masters title this year at Madrid or Rome.