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    So What Have You Bought So Far In 2014?

    Firestone RubberGard EPDM is the ideal grip Firestone RubberGard EPDM is the ideal grip, ... All membranes are available in 2 thicknesses: 1.1 mm and 1.5 mm. 1.1mm is IMO, similar to Prince 'FEEL" over grip, much cheaper, DYI cut yr own strip/grip, from sheet. Black only , for lowest...
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    Nadal-Kyrgios 2014 Wimbledon 4th round

    A Star is born, aussie,aussie, mate,
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    Youzhny seeks Agassi for advice on how to beat Federer

    'NOBOBY', beats, Youzhny, 15 times, in a row' !! btw , even Agassi, lost , his last 8 matches, playing against Federer.
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    How do you get your doubles partner to relax?

    Played doubles, on club 3.5 league, twice during usta season, w/ a 'mitch' teamate , both matches during the 'super tie-breaker (I love tie-breakers and serving), 'mitch', during both matches, says, 'hurry , i want to leave for dinner'. I won 'serving out', both 'super tie-breaker' , matches...
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    Tennis players (intermediate level ) in Hong Kong 2011

    Hi, we r in Hong Kong, looking for mixed doubles , we need another couple. , current location is Hong Kong Island (evenings after work and maybe on weekends). we r intermediate level , say 3.5 usta level, (no beginners pls.) we hv booking, court arrangements, share court fees. If you are a...
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    It's official: Nadal is now Djokovic's pigeon

    Very well said, we all are the winners, great men's finals, after a 'missable' finals last year. Also, so much fun watching Tsonga's matches.
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    Help....I'm attracted to ...Women Racket!!!

    Wilson, BLX 105 sqin , Coral wave or the Tidal Wave, great deal $ add experiment w/ add wt. is a great frame. I see alot of new BLX lt wt frames (not currently in USA ).
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    Dunlop 200G - replacement

    Volkl Tour 10 V Engine Mid Plus (w/ a 'soft poly string'), is my favorite when I revisit my 12 oz rackets, I can stop or return those, current 'lt. wt 10-11oz. 'high racket head speed serves or grd strokes' no problem.
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    NBC: loses/cancels Wimbledon?

    Glad, I can watch this when, travelling aboard w/ hotel cable. Live and can view during evening time zone. I would only pay if in HD, and listen on SKY or ABC (Aus.), Worst, is hearing Bob Costas, Dick or the some other MLB guy (all that MLB jargon) . There is so much more to enjoying tennis...
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    Best walk-off shot winner ever?

    Congrats ,for well done win by Andy. Still hope, he gets one more shot at that grand slam tie-breaker, to look that 'beast' in the eyes again.
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    Rackets for Girls?

    Wilson [K] Amethyst 107 Tennis Racket a 'women's' racket but I know some very hard hitting guys using this, greatest topspin racket esp. w/ the 4 1/8 or 4 1/4 grip very head light approx 6ptsHL A Great racket but could only find this in UK. I tried this 248 gram (approx. 9.0oz...
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    Wanted - Wilson (K ) Amethyst 107

    looking for this racquet - is purple color, very lightwt. any size grip is OK.
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    Wilson (K ) Amethyst 107

    Hi Has anyone heard of or played w/ this racket (btw purple color (K) factor)? BTW im trying to help a friend locate this racket , Wilson (K ) Amethyst 107 (in usa or asia). looks bigger than the old wilson fury (K). Last seen (Wilson (K ) Amethyst 107) in Dubai approx. +1yr ago. many...
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    Major League Baseball - Who will win it all?

    Well done SF, congrats, World Champs. Best pitching, always beats best hitting. Wonder now, what happens with Barry Zito (?)
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    Way to go!! GO U GIANTS.... btw what's going to happen with barry zito, now? and that 120-130million crazy salary.
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    soderling using a prestige now?

    I saw this 'tennis showdown' yesterday sunday at cotai arena. Soderling won 'final set' 'tie-breaker', beat Davydanko, fought off set-point and hit a winning serve down the 'T'. Only had clear look at Soderling's racket when he sat down (frm my front row seat (section 126 row A seat 1) . IMO...
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    Del Potro back - in the Thailand Open!

    I got tickets (tickets USD$46 and up incls. return ferry tickets HK-Cotai-HK) to see this, looks like these four r in Macao tomorrow, for a 'warm-up' then they r on to BKK, nxt week (the bad is I hv a sunday 730am ferry to macao )- "World # 5 Robin Soderling of Sweden, World #6 Russian Nikolay...
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    At what point will Prince replace a shoe?

    Wow! Looks like a grinding disk and tossed in bag of rocks from behind the bus for few miles.
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    Do pros get appearance money?

    My wife like to watch Agassi play, so we had to get tickets early in the week (in ATP events but not 'Slams') because he wouldn't be around for the later matches (just show up for the appearance money and 'sell tickets' for the promotor).
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    New Prince T22 shoes rock!

    T22 is a great shoe (I also buy barricades when on sale), I use 'sole' full inserts (US$40) to replace the original inserts. I also, use same 'sole' inserts for my street shoes .
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    Adidas CC Feather IV Roland Garros on hard courts?

    I picked up at a very low price 'marked sample' pair of 'solid sky blue' color Barricade 5 w/ the CC clay court bottoms (only one pair and was my size). Agree the regular hrd court Barricade and Prince t22 hv better stability on the hrd courts. The 'blue' barricade is a great shoe for my...
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    Swimming OR hitting the gym OR both?

    Yes, I agree w/ low impact gym wks. like 'step master' 45-60mins, abs 100 reps. free wts. w/ high reps. say 2 sets 50reps, 15lbs. each arm. Remember to finish w/ leg stretch/extension 10mins each leg. Swimming in between the gym sessions.
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    Tips for playing in extreme heat?

    They said during this year's Wimbeldon (on UK tele), Rod Laver, won a Aussie Open final playing with a cabbage leaf beneath his hat. BTW I take plenty of ice packs along with few bottles of 'gatorade'.
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    Need another alternative to tennis

    Bowling is out (seems always too much pizza and beer). ..........A group of guys (HS age) came to the local courts late at night with a few boxes of take out pizza and mostly sat and ate while two others from the group took a few swings (BTW first time I saw this ...over alot of yrs).
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    Winners define a "high quality" match, not rallies!

    I saw the 3rd day of this match (TV). Isner said he had fours of sleep, Nick had three hours only. Both player still had good depth on almost all their strokes. Amazing that Mahut, held serve for 68 service games and it took Isner 108 aces to win. In the end it took more than 'all the aces in...
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    Proposed new rule based on Isner v Mahut:

    I saw the 3rd day of this match (TV). Isner said he had fours of sleep, Nick had three hours only. Both player still had good depth on almost all their strokes. Amazing that Mahut, held serve for 68 service games and it took Isner 108 aces to win. Isner, seemed to be unwilling to apply more...
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    Who is greater? Andy Roddick or Michael Chang?

    Give him credit for in top 10 player list for 10 straight yrs (80s-90's), against very tough competition.
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    Who is greater? Andy Roddick or Michael Chang?

    Andy, should hv won in '09 up four set points in the fourth set 'tie-breaker. He showed great character and sportsmanship (w/ no excuses or crying) in comments later to Roger. IMO when the 'tennis God's' give u four set points on grass and the biggest serve in the tennis must execute...
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    Ever stayed at a Japanese capsule hotel?

    Should b better now, w/ no smoking. 15 yrs ago they allowed smoking everywhere in Tokyo.