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    Natural gut maintenance

    I've used natural gut for many years and after playing clean the strings with a very slightly damp towel, wipe dry, and then apply a thin layer of Mother's Carnauba Wax (for cars). The cleaning takes off any dirt that would wear the strings and the wax keeps the strings resilient. I've also...
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    Sunglasses ... Yes, No & Which?

    The Oakley sunglasses designed for sport use have nose bridge and arm ends that are made of a rubber that stays tacky when you sweat so there is no movement in that situation. In addition their sport glasses are designed with ventilation in mind so there is no fogging or at least not in my...
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    Sunglasses ... Yes, No & Which?

    I always wear sunglasses when I play or go outdoors because my optometrist told me I have the beginnings of eye damage. She recommended Oakley and a couple other well known brands. I've been playing almost 60 years and about 40 of those years without sunglasses. Since I've started wearing...
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    Nike Air Zoom Zero (summer 18 release)

    You might try a shoe horn. Makes getting them on much easier. I first tried the shoe horn for the Asic FF shoe and now the Zoom Zero. Love the shoes. I also have a pair of Kevin Durant KD11 which go on easier with a shoe horn.
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    Nike Air Zoom Zero (summer 18 release)

    When I first tried these shoes on they felt a bit snug. After wearing them around the house a little they started to stretch on the sides where they at first felt tight. I used my fingers to push on the sides from the inside of the shoes and that helped. (I also wear two pairs of socks, size...
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    Haglund's Deformity Shoes

    I would second trying the heel cups. The ones I've used are called Tuli's and they have a "Polar Bear" (I think) model (don't ask me why) that is gel with an extra soft density pad in the heel area. Lotto Stratosphere Speed2 (narrow) and Viper UltraIII speed, Babolat SFX2, and Diadoras are...
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    patellar tendonitis/ shoe cushioning

    I'm not sure if this applies to your situation but in my case the patellar tendonitis I have had started with misalignment in my knee. My chiropractor worked on the alignment and suggested a patellar tendonitis strap to help prevent patellar movement. I've had a couple different doctors since...
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    Has anyone had or have Scoliosis?!

    Yep I've got scoliosis too since childhood. Though a chiropractor can't correct the condition he or she can help your alignment to the extent possible. I've had at least 6 chiropractors of varied effectiveness. Most have been good at aligning and limiting pain. My current chiro is especially...
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    POG OS.... Cream what do you think?

    I have used Cream in a hybrid with VS gut. In comparison with Twice Shark, V Star, Cyclone Tour, and I forget what else, Cream is softer and has better tension maintenance. It is also more consistent at different tensions. My goal was to tame the power of the gut while preserving my arm. It...
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    Anyone dealt with neck/cervicular spine pain?

    Yes, as others have said an MRI is essential. I have stenosis and have been able to avoid surgery so far. One of the things that helped me the most was neck traction. Traction is only useful if the stenosis is oriented in a certain way. Your doctor or chiropractor can determine this from the...
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    I am a meat popsicle

    I usually play tennis when the temperature is in the high 20s or better during the winter with snow around the courts (or not). Three layers does it for me (long sleeve or thermal, mid layer pullover, and top layer a heavier pull over). They are all stretchy clothes. Top two layers usually...
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    Are the Angell frames similar to the Donnay X-series?

    Having owned and played with a thin beamed Donnay and also currently Angell TC 97 and TC 95(63RA) I feel that the Angells are more solid playing rackets. Both Donnay and Angell are smooth but the Angells provide more pop and are definitely more stable on volleys at least in my experience. The...
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    Best Multifilament that acts as a Natural Gut replacement

    I'm not a big spin hitter but I've found that a set of VS Touch will last me much longer than X1 by far. I'd guesstimate a set of VS will go 3-4 times longer than most multis and as others have said there's no substitute for natural gut. If you hit with a lot of spin that will of course change...
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    Advise for a hybrid string for a old guy, double Ar twice shark or Isospeed cream

    You're welcome Jedberg. NRG and Cream sounds promising. Good luck with it and please tell us how it goes.
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    Advise for a hybrid string for a old guy, double Ar twice shark or Isospeed cream

    I've used Isospeed Cream and also Twice Shark as crosses in hybrid with VS touch. Twice shark played soft and controlled with a slight poly edge feel but unfortunately lost tension quickly and lasted about 5 hours. For me Cream has a softer feel than Twice Shark and holds tension much longer...
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    Does babolat vs black look grey

    Yes, the black VS touch does look grey. Also seems to play a bit stiffer than the natural.
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    How about some hybrid recommendations for DR100?

    Also the DR100 Light allowed me to weight the frame to 11.3 ounces and a comfortable balance with vib damper and overgrip. The DR100 Light is also a little less stiff (67RA) than the regular DR according to TW specs.
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    How about some hybrid recommendations for DR100?

    I had a DR100 and found it too powerful and heavy so I went to a DR100 Light and it was still too much power. I decided to hybrid natural gut (VS Touch) in the mains with Isospeed Cream in the crosses and it was very comfortable and tamed the power of the gut. Tension was 50/48 as I need a...
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    Wilson T4000, how to string?

    I used to work for a tennis shop in the 70s and we did stringing for the pros at the San Francisco tournament. Connors came by with his T2000s and wanted them strung at 60lbs with natural gut. We had to be very careful as there was a tendency for the gut to snap being pulled around the wire...
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    Isospeed Cream:)

    I've recently strung a hybrid of VS touch mains and Cream crosses. The Cream works very well to tame the liveliness of the gut while preserving the soft feel overall. Very nice pocketing. Cream plays softer than the other polys I've tried in a hybrid (VStar, Cyclone, Twice Shark, and others)...
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    Why Prince Tour98 scores that low on TW playtest?

    Conflicting reviews? I use the EXO3 Rebel 98 and recall that the test on that model was pretty good. In fact after reading the TW review and user reviews I bought it without demoing. I am very happy with it. The test on the Tour 98 seems to give it much lower ratings though they are the same...
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    loosegoove excellent seller

    Bought a racket from loosegoove last week and he was very helpful on weighing and checking the balance for me. The racket shipped to my door and was in great condition as advertised. A pleasure to deal with :)
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    Donnay helpping arm & elbow problems

    Donnay XP Dual Black I've been using the XP Dual for 7 months and it does indeed have a very smooth soft feel. I had some arm pain previously but no problem with this racket. A very flexible racket with a little bit of stiffness in the head. It has a good amount of power especially on serves...