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    Prince Beast Pro 100 Longbody

    Will you be stocking this racket or any other extended rackets in the near future? Thank you
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    Wanted: Yonex Vcore/Ezone Extended Rackets L2

    I'm looking to buy some Yonex extended length rackets. DR98+/100+, SV98+/100+ or EZONE 98+/100+ preferred. Would also be interested in other rackets and customised rackets that are less than 28'' length. Shipping to UK Thanks
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    Wanted : Tecnifibre TFight 315 LTD 16 x 19

    Preferably the version with the red one with the leather grip. Not bothered about any cosmetic damage so long as the racket is in usable condition.
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    Strings Comparable to TB Diamond Rough

    I recently purchased a new racket and decided to have it strung with Diamond Rough ,as it was a string special, and found myself preferring it to my usual Black Code. However, I it didn't seem to last as long . I was wondering if you could provide any insight for similar playing strings, with a...
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    Wanted : Burn 95

    I am looking for a Burn 95 in grip size 1,2 or 3. UK based if possible.