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  1. buckeye_man18

    Does anyone have a red or gray boomerang tool they don't need?

    I have a couple of Ektelon EXO3 racquets I need to string, and I don't have a table brake on my Gamma drop weight machine. I have the white and orange boomerang tools, but they don't fit properly in the EXO3 racquets, so I need the red and/or gray tools. I will pay for these if necessary. Thank you.
  2. buckeye_man18

    How to mount Wilson K-Blade racquetball racquet at the throat area?

    Pic of racquet here: How to mount Wilson K-Blade racquetball racquet at the bottom/throat area? I have a 6-point Gamma X-6FC stringer. I've successfully strung E-Force and Ektelon o-port racquets, but this is a new challenge. Seems to be no rhyme or reason to...
  3. buckeye_man18

    What kind of strings are best for a racquetball racquet? Any advantage to diff string for Xs and Ms?

    I use to play a fair amount of tennis, but nowadays I mostly play racquetball (*braces for insults*). I have a Gamma X-6FC and string racquets for myself and some friends. In terms of string technology, however, I'm not very knowledgeable. What strings are typically best for racquetball...
  4. buckeye_man18

    My little tip for dropweight machines: line level

    I have a Gamma X-6FC dropweight stringer. I'm particular, so I was frustrated with "eyeballing" the dropweight bar to determine if it was level and thus at the desired tension. My solution was to buy a cheap line level and zip-tie it to the dropweight bar. It may seem unnecessary to some, but I...
  5. buckeye_man18

    Cover for Gamma dropweight stringer?

    A few questions: Has anyone found a cover which fights a dropweight stringer properly, either Gamma or other brand? Which if any of the Gamma covers fit the Gamma X-6FC? I've been told it's the MPMC, but I couldn't figure out how to get it to actually "cover" the stringer given the tension bar...
  6. buckeye_man18

    Does anyone have a Prince boomerang tool they don't use anymore?

    I have a Gamma X-6FC dropweight stringer, which does not have a table brake (in hindsight, I should've bought one with). I string Ektelon O3 racquetball racquets, which are very difficult to do with no table brake. Prince used to have "boomerang" tools in gray, black, red, and orange for tennis...
  7. buckeye_man18

    How to store Gamma X-6FC with cover?

    I have a Gamma X-6FC dropweight stringer with the Gamma MPMC cover. Based on my review of the cover description, I understood that the MPMC cover would fit this stringer; however, the cover does not currently fit when the dropweight bar is resting in either the upright position or in the flat...
  8. buckeye_man18

    Unknown, old string - what is this and can it be used?

    Hello all. I'm actually a racquetballer, but I thought you knowledgeable folks might have some clue. I have a lot of this string - like bundles and bundles of it: It's called "SSP International Super Synthetic". It came from a former high-level racquetball player...