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  1. PT630Wannabe

    Canada Ratings vs. USA

    Wondering if there is a different set of evaluation parameters once you cross the border. While we don't seem to have the same exact system in place in Canada that the US has in the NTRP leagues and all that, people still throw around numbers like 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, etc. A buddy that I hit with...
  2. PT630Wannabe

    So what is Marchenko really using?

    Actual Speed? Watching the match with Murray and it looks pretty round on screen.
  3. PT630Wannabe

    Tourna Premium Poly.

    Anyone have experience? It's cheap. I'm cheap. In theory we are destined for each other...
  4. PT630Wannabe

    Tennis in Berlin (February 15, 2017)

    Wondering about any TT members who live in Berlin or will be there in February. I would like to play on the 15th as I will have the day off. Strong 4.0. Cheers.
  5. PT630Wannabe

    Volkl V-Pro discontinued?

    Has Volkl replaced it with V-Star or something? There is only the 18 gauge left on at TW.
  6. PT630Wannabe

    I have to stop being nice to my opponents.

    Played a guy today and I came to the realization that I need to keep my focus on my own game more. My tendency is to start to feel bad when an opponent is playing badly or clearly self destructing. Then I'll make a point to congratulate them for good shots to try to bolster them up again. I lost...
  7. PT630Wannabe

    Best (Worst). Paintjob. Ever.

    Slow clap. The retail product. The pro PJ. On a PT10 no less.
  8. PT630Wannabe

    Twin Tube Radical OS (Austrian)

    I have one of these incoming and am hoping the grommets from any of the later versions of the Radical OS will work on this racquet. Can anyone confirm?
  9. PT630Wannabe

    Prince Thunderstick 90/Older Prince Butt Caps

    I found a Prince CTS Thunderstick 90 at the thrift store last week. I let my lady hit with it and she loves it. All the balls that would be sailing long with her Babolat Aeros are finding the back of the court with good pace. Amazing, really. It's like the combination of the super wide beam but...
  10. PT630Wannabe

    Thunderstick 90/Older Prince butt caps

    I found a Prince CTS Thunderstick 90 at the thrift store last week. I let my lady hit with it and she loves it. All the balls that would be sailing long with her Babolat Aeros are finding the back of the court with good pace. Amazing, really. It's like the combination of the super wide beam but...
  11. PT630Wannabe

    HEAD Elektra w/ converted IG CAPs.

    Had an awesome hit with this today and I think I will be trimming the full CAP on my Elite Pro. (It pains me to say so as it looks so great like that.) The Elektra swings so much more easily but still has that wallop that the Elite has. Definitely flexier, but super fun to hit with. The forehand...
  12. PT630Wannabe

    List of Head racquets made with Twaron

    I know the Prestige trio of Prestige/Elite/Elektra Pro had it. PT630 and 280 Radical Tour 630? I really like the feel of the racquets I have hit that had Twaron, so I'd like to know what else to keep an eye out for.
  13. PT630Wannabe

    Slazenger Phantom Pro?

    Just found this at a thrift store. Anyone ever play it?
  14. PT630Wannabe

    Head Open Plus Full CAP grommets

    Turned out really well. Went with the IG Prestige grommets.
  15. PT630Wannabe

    Head Open Plus (89.5 sq. inch)

    Just nabbed this guy today. Synthetic grip is toast. White grommets are, as expected, rotten. Time to order more Prestige Mid grommets.
  16. PT630Wannabe

    Adidas Court Stabil 12? Confused...

    Looking at the soles of these I'm wondering if they are actually volleyball shoes or something. They're on But I don't see them on TW at all.
  17. PT630Wannabe

    Static Weight 340/SW 297?

    Just took my PK Copper Ace into a pro shop for some measurements and, lo and behold, this little gem has some interesting specs. Static weight of 340 with overgrip and swingweight of 297. I have been playing my best tennis with this stick out of all of my racquets so I may have stumbled onto my...
  18. PT630Wannabe

    HEAD 660 MATCH?

    Picked this up for $10 locally with the intention of harvesting the 4 1/4 grip pallet. But before I do that, is this racquet at all desirable? I certainly haven't seen any threads about it so I'm probably safe to rip them off. Just want to be sure...
  19. PT630Wannabe

    Will Head's next technology be hemp?

    Apparently hemp lattices are cheaper to produce than Graphene.
  20. PT630Wannabe

    Junk baller in warm up?

    Played a match today against a guy who I knew going in is a junker. What I didn't anticipate is that he would do it during warm up. Couldn't even get a rhythm going at all as he would slice short balls almost every shot. It really set a bad tone for the match for me. I lost quite badly, which is...
  21. PT630Wannabe

    Ubersonic Sizing

    Wondering if anyone who has experience with the Adidas line can compare the fit of the Ubersonics to some other Adidas offerings. I wore the Barricade 7 for a long time and 8.5 always fit. I ordered some Feather 3s and the 8.5 seemed longer. The Barricade 8 in 8.5 size was too small. And now I...
  22. PT630Wannabe

    Head Comp Pro Full CAP!

    Just picked this up from my stringer and he managed to get the full CAP on there. I was sure he was going to have to do the skinny strip/half CAP situation. But he pulled it off and it looks awesome.
  23. PT630Wannabe

    Head Walmart Raquets: pallets?

    I tried asking in the Head Penn Official thread, but I think he's abandoned all of us over there. (Who can blame him I guess?) Wondering if Head's cheapo racquets use the same grip system as their pro stuff. I figure I can cannibalise one of those for about the same price as shipping some...
  24. PT630Wannabe

    On the subject of mid sized racquets...

    Having recently discovered the joy of playing true mid sized racquets, I'm sort of trying to figure out what's at play here. I found a Head Comp Pro (the white one) a couple months ago at a thrift store. The first time I hit with it was a definite eureka moment. It weighed the same as my regular...
  25. PT630Wannabe

    Head Lady Pro?

    At first glance I thought I had found another Comp Pro. The photo is fuzzy, and I can't make out any writing. I called the seller and she tried to describe it to me and I think she said that it's a Lady Pro. Made in Austria and graphite. 4 3/8...
  26. PT630Wannabe

    Replacement grommets for Head Comp Pro?

    So I just picked up a Head Comp Pro for nothing at a thrift store. white one. Made in Austria. 4 1/8 grip. It seems to be in great shape but I suspect the grommets will crumble if I try to restring it. I read an older thread that said the grommets from a Microgel Prestige Mid will work. There...
  27. PT630Wannabe

    How are retail racquets weighted?

    I am wondering what process is used to get to the final weight of retail racquets. I understand that pro stock frames are really light to allow the most room for customization using lead and silicon, etc. But how is the weight of a heavier retail frame achieved? Is lead involved? Or is it just a...