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  1. Cabeza del Demonio

    3rd Place Match - Australian Open 2012

    If Federer and Murray had played each other in this epic tournament for 3rd place, who would win?
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    Nadal Serve

    Is his new serve the secret behind these uncharacteristically speedy matches he's had so far? He hasn't dominated opponents in Slams like this since 2012 or 2013, so something has definitely changed. I suspect big serving is the reason, he isn't as prone to breaks and combined with his legendary...
  3. Cabeza del Demonio

    3rd Place Match - Australian Open 2010

    The two semifinalists at Australian Open 2010 were Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, who lost to Federer, and Marin Cilic, who lost to Murray. If Tsonga and Cilic, instead of Federer and Murray, had faced each other in the final, who would win?
  4. Cabeza del Demonio

    3rd Place Match - 2009 US Open

    The two semifinalists at the US Open were Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic; Nadal lost to Del Potro and Djokovic lost to Federer, both in straight sets. If Nadal and Djokovic, rather than Federer and del Potro, were the finalists, who would claim the crown?
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    2018 Awards - Upset of the Year

    4. Pella vs Cilic, Wimbledon Cilic, the 2017 finalist, had been touted as a dark horse for the Wimbledon title. His match against Guido Pella seemed predictable, all the more so when Cilic took a 63 61 lead. But the Argentinian journeyman rose to the occasion, pulling off a stunning comeback to...
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    2018 Awards: Kit of the Year

    Time to celebrate the gargantuan sports corporations which give players sponsorship deals worth more than most of us will make in our life. 5. Lacoste Novak Djokovic exclusive w/Asics, US Open 4. Lotto, Australian Open Sponsored Kevin Anderson, David Ferrer, Damir Dzumhur, and others 3. Lacoste...
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    2018 Awards - Match of the Year

    5. Wimbledon Semifinal - Anderson vs Isner A marathon to end all marathons - literally. The two big-serving powerhouses clashed in a drama-filled match which never seemed to end. In the 5th set, both players refused to budge an inch, giving the opponent no chance on their service games. At...