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    Tension difference floating clamps vs fixed?

    My stringing machine uses floating clamps. I notice that the clamp retracts slightly after releasing the string from the tensioner. I assume that this results in some tension loss relative to fixed clamps and I’m wondering if anyone knows roughly how much difference there would be?
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    Comfortable substitute for Pure Strike Project One 7?

    I loved everything about the PS17 except the tennis elbow that came with it. I think the 8 mains through the throat added a bit more control and lowered the launch angle relative to other 16x19 rackets with 6 mains in the throat. I was able to flatten out the ball well and still generate plenty...
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    Can I lower the launch angle for a racket through strings/stringing?

    How can I lower the launch angle of a racket through different string combinations, string tensions, etc? Both rackets in question are 16x19, 100 inch with 6 mains through the throat, so I get that they are open patterns...just looking for suggestions to dial it down a bit and and understanding...
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    I'm a marketers dream - just bought a Clash

    I'm currently playing with the Angell TC100 70RA, and love it. I've tried and owned dozens of rackets and this is the one for me. I'm done. Then Wilson advertises a comfortable, powerful, stable spin friendly racket called the Clash six months before release. I read the ads, follow the TW...
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    Why not stretch strings while stringing with my drop weight?

    I was hoping for some advice. I read somewhere that a freshly strung racket looses approximately 8-10% tension within 24hrs of being strung and without being used. This tension loss starts the moment the string is tensioned. I can see the tension loss occurring immediately with my drop weight...
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    Can you estimate Dynamic Tension of different string setups?

    I was wondering if it's possible to approximate dynamic tension of various string setups? For example, I was using a multi at say 55lb tension and this felt good, then could I switch to a poly and estimate the required tension to provide a similar dynamic tension based on the stiffness rating...
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    Angell V3 TC100 is my perfect racket. What's yours?

    Have you ever found a racket that just lifts your game to another level? I've tried so many rackets - Aero Pros, Pure Aero, Pure Strike 2017 16x19, RF97, Blades, Juice 100, DR98, DR98+, DR100, Ezone 98, SV98+, Prince Textreme 100, Dunlops...and several others. Each one offered something a...
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    Anything similar to All Power Soft?

    Could anyone recommend a similar string to AluPower Soft? I'm using it as a cross for NaturalGut Mains and it plays great. I have also tried Proline Evo, 4G Soft and Cream. I much prefer Alu Soft, but given the cost, I was wondering if anyone has used something that plays similar? I'm...
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    Help with my Angell V3 TC97

    I recently purchased a Angell V3 TC97 16x19, 330g 305 balance, to replace my Pure Strike 16x19 which aggravates my elbow The Angell has a huge dead spot in the upper hoop that feels very boardy and the strings feel very tight in that area. It is really taking some juice off my serves and some...
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    Help...I can't feel my bevels!!!

    Hi all, I have heavily customised a Yonex Ezone Lite. Part of the customisation required that I use a heat shrink sleeve to increase a grip size, a thick shock shield grip for tennis elbow and an over grip. I love the way the racket plays except that I can't feel the bevels. I am noticing...
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    Why string mains first?

    It's an outside the box question (and arguably a stupid one), but why do we string mains first? - I'm relatively new to stringing, so go easy on me :) I assume that stringing the crosses first would place additional stress on the racket due to the oval shape, but is that the only reason? What...
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    Yonex Ezone Lite - great for customisation

    Thought I'd share my latest find with the group in the hope that it helps others. My search for a racket is finally over, and if someone told me 12 months ago that I would be playing with a customised Yonex Ezone Lite, I would have told them that they were insane. I've been playing with the...
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    Attending my 1st live game - best place to sit?

    Hi All, I have never attended a pro tennis match before. I'm going to buy tickets to the Brisbane international. Where would you recommend sitting to get the best experience (besides the umpires chair) :) Would really appreciate any advice I can get.
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    Sergetti Stringing - WOW!

    I recently came across the Sergetti stringing method and thought I'll give it a go. I am amazed at what a difference it has made to my game and I'm curious if others here have had a similar experience? Up until a month ago, I had never even heard of it so I am hoping that it may be able to help...