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  1. Chappy

    Broken load spreader

    I bought a load spreader to use with my 6 point machine. While stringing I heard a very loud snap. Thankfully it was the load spreader and I removed the strings and inspected the racquet. It was fine but the load spreader is toast. At this point I don't think I will buy it again. I would rather...
  2. Chappy

    RPM Blast shearing

    I strung a Prince pro tour 100 two nights ago with a full bed of RPM Blast 17ga from a reel that I have used several sets off of. The grommets are in great shape. 30 minutes into play my customer broke the strings at the 8th-9th cross from the top on the right side. The string looks like a shank...
  3. Chappy

    V method pulley

    @drakulie I was reading an old thread from 2011 that you mentioned Wilson endorsing the V method and you commented that you learned that method in the mid 80's but it was called a pulley method. Can you tell me what that is?
  4. Chappy

    I need to string a Wilson N Code N26

    This is a youth racquet. I have the pattern. It looks like the factory strung it one piece from the bottom up. I did a search and all I saw was an old auction listing. The racquet that I am stringing is blue/white. Not the same as the auction racquet. Questions Is bottom up ok on this frame...
  5. Chappy

    Head Ti.Essence Titanium Tennis

    I need a string pattern for this racquet. I have an old stringers digest that doesn't have this racquet in it. I couldn't find it on Klipper's sight either. Thanks
  6. Chappy

    Self centering shoulder supports

    I have noticed on my Gamma 6004 that on one of the towers the 2:00 and 10:00 mounts don't touch the racquet at the same time. The 2:00 side touches 1/4" before the 10:00 side touches. This pushes the racquet to the side and puts the 12:00 support against the gromet. The other tower works much...
  7. Chappy

    6 and 12:00 load spreader

    Do any of you run a load spreader like you see on the bay? I have a 6 point machine. I see it for mostly badminton but I only do tennis racquets right now.
  8. Chappy

    New CP head..When to pre-stretch?

    I was using a lockout with glide bars. Now I have a Gamma 6004 with Wise and I know my string bed will be tighter due to the CP. When do you use the machine pre-stretch and what %? I have seen that you don't usually pre-stretch polys but lots of people will pre-stretch natural gut. My...
  9. Chappy

    Lockout upright stringing machine $285

    Miscellaeneous: Item Description (Brand/Model): Eagnas EAG-700 Quantity:1 Condition (x out of 10):9 *Specific Time Used (several, a little bit, barely is not acceptable): I bought it used but estimate it to be around 10 years old. *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes): I have...
  10. Chappy

    Yusuki method center main stretch

    @Irvin, I was watching your video on the Yusuki method for starting mains. It makes a lot of sense to me too keep the clamps from slipping. Thank you for posting the video. Here should be a link to it. Let's say you were pulling 60 pounds on both center mains at the same time (which would...
  11. Chappy

    Gamma 6004 with Wise

    I took the plunge and bought a Gamma 6004 with a Wise tension head. The previous owner mounted it without the Diablo using the Gamma adapter. This eliminated the 360 rotation. I called David (I think that's right) at Wise and he said that if I mount it without the adapter and use the Diablo then...
  12. Chappy

    Price: used Gamma 6004 w/Wise

    I found a guy selling a Gamma 6004 with a Wise tension head and the back up lockout tensioner. I don't know the age of the machine but the towers are silver with the red accents on the sides. When did the switch to the new towers? He says its self centering and it is a 6 point mount. The Wise...
  13. Chappy

    Weave practice

    I would like to practice weaving the crosses so I can increase my speed. I have an old POG that I don't use but don't really want to break either. Can I have it on the machine with the mains in and run the crosses in and remove and do again? As long as the racquet is supported is that ok?
  14. Chappy

    ATW with glide bars

    I have been stringing for about 4 months now and reading this forum daily. I really appreciate all the great information. So far I have been stringing two piece with no issues. I have a knock off of a Neos 1000. My question is if I have a racquet that the mains end at the throat how do I do...