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  1. namelessone

    After Nadal's tragic match against Berdych - what does the future hold for him?

    First of all, he needs to play matches. He played something like 10 matches since his return. Do you remember Nadal in the southamerican clay swing in 2013, on his fav surface? His game was so bad that he had a hard time with guys placed 50th or highter. ON CLAY. Second, he needs to mind his...
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    Rafael Nadal vs Smyczek T.

    Ha-ha, this place hasn't changed, people are still penciling Nadal in the semifinals already. It's as if they choose to ignore the fact that Nadal isn't in the best shape physically and has lost in the last couple of months to guys ranked around 100. Rafa is not really up to shape physically...
  3. namelessone

    What is Wrong With Twirling?

    Women's beauty is so much more powerful, on both sexes I'd wager, that it overrides anything else about her at first glance. You could have a woman astronaut with a 200 IQ but if she looked like a young Monica Bellucci, her braininess would be the last thing on your mind. It's the reason why old...
  4. namelessone

    Craig Tiley: Nadal will play a night session match as a precaution for his cramps

    In theory this should never happen. Practically, it has been going on in tourneys since most of us were born. Players are NOT equal in the eyes of tourney directors. Sure, they will make sure that most of them have their basic needs met but the superstars are pampered. You know it, I know...
  5. namelessone

    What is Wrong With Twirling?

    It was stupid to ask her in this tennis context right after a match but the faux outrage by feminist is hilarious.
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    Rafa criticizes female Spanish Cup captain for inciting fight

    Ever stop to question why that is? It's because these "sexist" men are sought out by the heads of federation to coach Fed Cup teams and the girls have no problem with it. Heck, many of these girls have men as coaches in their SINGLES careers because they feel that they can learn more from...
  7. namelessone

    Rafa criticizes female Spanish Cup captain for inciting fight

    Hilarious to see this political correctness gone amok just to skirt around the truth: look, the ATP is better than the WTA because they hit harder, serve faster, etc, that's why male coaches (especially those that played at a relatively high level) are solicited by female tennis players at all...
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    Nadal: Davis Cup has lost its value!

    Bingo, can't believe people can be so naive. DC is an afterthought for most players.
  9. namelessone

    Nadal: Davis Cup has lost its value!

    Davis Cup should be played once every 3-4 years to give it some pop in today's tennis climate. Look, tennis is becoming more and more physical and schedules are long and grueling. You have to draw top players with something to these meetings. As it stands, you win DC and have to go on the...
  10. namelessone

    Nadal & Murray criticize the Head tennis balls in Beijing

    Do these balls have a reputation or did they get a bad batch? Seems kinda weird for pro's (who've probably hit tens of thousand of balls in their career) to be complaining about the quality of a particular brand when they have dealt with many types over the years and as such have some...
  11. namelessone

    When did Nadal's rituals get really obvious?

    When he came on the big scene, so from the get go. The story goes that Tony told him to slow down a bit (he was serving too fast, didn't think about the next point), so he should get some rituals to calm his thoughts while he serves. And so Rafa had the sock thing for a while, his regular...
  12. namelessone

    Uncle Toni speaks out against new female DC captain.

    The real issue here is why Gala Leon, and I don't mean her sex but her performance as a tennis player. Looking at wiki, she reached a career high of 27 on the WTA and has won nothing of note. She hasn't even made a slam QF. Not impressive in doubles either. Ignoring gender, if you had her...
  13. namelessone

    Rafael Nadal at the Tail-end of his Career?

    Rafa is in the last stretch of his career so he needs to manage it wisely. His clay form has taken a big dip as evidenced by the 2014 clay season, which would have seen him win 0 warm-ups until RG if not for Nishikori's injury in Madrid. His grass form has not been good for a long time, he...
  14. namelessone

    2014 USO Semifinal: [2] R. Federer vs [14] M. Cilic

    This match has shades of Cilic crushing Rafa in China Open a couple of years ago. Fluid strokes, powerful serves, in just over an hour. Cilic still has to finish this though. That is always the toughest part against top players.
  15. namelessone

    Novak Djokovic [1] vs Kei Nishikori [10]: USO 2014 semifinals

    Djoko is NOT having a good day. It's funny cause I think Kei is also pretty jittery but Novak is just not feeling it today. This set was crucial for Nishikori. Let's see how he handles the finish line.
  16. namelessone

    What happens to Tennis after Federer retires?

    Someone new will come along. Seriously, that's it. Now Federer will always have his place among the greats because of his results but no players is actually bigger than the game. People who saw the Borg-McEnroe era couldn't believe that they would get something greater. The 90's came along...
  17. namelessone

    Just got home, is this summary correct (Monfils)

    Summary of the match: Monfils was Monfils.
  18. namelessone

    Great US Open so far without Nadal

    Other that Nishikori's run it's been incredibly ho-hum so far.
  19. namelessone

    Post an image or gif that describes something in tennis....

    When Fed is on and beats another youngster.
  20. namelessone

    Nadal OUT of US Open 2014

    Heard that Rafa was out of the USO, not exactly a huge surprise, and came here to check if there was doping talk. TW delivered again. If Nadal plays USO after dropping out of 2 masters with injury, he faked it to rest up and dope to give himself better chances for USO. If Nadal skips USO...
  21. namelessone

    What is worse? Being blown off the court early or losing close matches?

    Tough question. Being blown off the court is easier to rationalize (the other guy was too good on that day and I wasn't) but you don't want it to turn into a habit. Close losses can give you two feelings: 1)the realization that you are almost there. 2)the frustration of realizing that...
  22. namelessone

    Happy Birthday Roger

    Happy Birthday Fed!
  23. namelessone

    rafa out of toronto and cincy

    All luck this Nadal.
  24. namelessone

    Richard Pound: "Has tennis got a [Doping] problem? Of course it has"

    So, did Dick actually pound anyone of note with doping charges while he was chief or is he just talking out of his ass? I hate this stupid little dance that all these guys do, everything is so freaking vague, SOME top guys dope to stay relevant, SOME don't, yadda yadda. Name some names or...
  25. namelessone

    Nadal - Since 2010 US Open. Djokovic since 2012 Australian Open.

    Funny you should say this considering Nadal's H2H record against pretty much everybody in the TOP 30. It's not like it's a rarity for Nadal to beat the top 8 guys. And yes, indoor is Nadal's worst surface, anybody can see that. Rafa did qualify ten years in a row but he missed out on 3...
  26. namelessone

    Borg vs. Nadal

    Because for some the past is always better. No doubt that Borg was better on grass and indoors but Nadal has the overall records. Since Nadal doesn't play with wood he doesn't get the upper hand.
  27. namelessone

    Top 4 Height

    Sure Genie, don't mind if I do. :grin:
  28. namelessone

    Today's tennis is just sickening....

    Because a couple of powerhouses are going through a very tough period and huge markets are being flushed down the drain with them. There were very few times in tennis history when americans and australians weren't at the top of the game. Once Serena retires the US will probably be nearly dead...