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  1. Kemitak


    Just a friendly reminder to all those suffering from Tsitsipas Fever at the moment... How many finals did he make this Summer? Beating who along the way? And what's his H2H with the Greek?
  2. Kemitak

    Wanted: Völkl Super G 10 Mid 330 L5

    Looking for the heavier neon yellow 96 square inch in a 4 5/8 grip.
  3. Kemitak

    Solinco Tour 10

    Browsing the Solinco website and found this Seems to be the same mould as the Pro series, but with a 16/19 string pattern and 305mm balance (more headlight than the 320mm balance of the Pro 10?) Found one on the auction site, but I'd like to hear from any...
  4. Kemitak

    String Savers

    Does anyone find that string savers reduce the potential for spin? I do, but I wonder if it's all in my head.
  5. Kemitak

    How I'll celebrate the return of the ProStaff

    I'll buy another Redondo! After Wilson discontinued the ProStaff five years ago or so, I was looking to replace my two, which were 15 years old. While I was mucking around, testing racquets, looking for something that felt familiar, I had lost the familiar feel of the ProStaff. Now, I enjoy...
  6. Kemitak

    The Boom-Boom Becker Song

    Don't know if anyone has posted this before, but here it is anyway,
  7. Kemitak

    Stich's Fischer Vacuum Pro

    I just bought one, and although I'm surprised at how stable and comfortable it is, I'm shocked at how light it is. I can't believe Stich played with such a light racquet, but I also don't notice any lead tape when I watch videos of him. Does anyone know the spec's of Stich's Fischer?
  8. Kemitak

    Donnay Racquet Selector

    If I were to buy a new Donnay, I'd buy the Dark Red 94, because it's the heaviest and flexiest open string pattern racquet Donnay offers. Funny thing though, no matter what info I enter into the Donnay Racquet Selector, even the specs for the Dark Red itself, they won't suggest it to me. They...
  9. Kemitak

    Why Are There No Egg-Shaped Racquets?

    Prince is round and Yonex is rectangular, but apart from those, every racquet is roughly the same elliptical shape. Whereas, in the 80's, there was much more variety -- some good, some bad; but I think a really successful and comfortable head shape was the egg shape used by Kneissl, Adidas...
  10. Kemitak

    ProKennex Open String Mid

    I think a PK Redondo 93 with an open string pattern would be a huge success. And yet instead PK builds the Black Ace: a racquet so close to the Redondo, it takes a bite out of it's own business. Rather than compete with itself, why doesn't ProKennex compete with other companies for the...
  11. Kemitak

    Why No Handshake?

    There's no sound on TSN1 right now, so when they showed Kuznetsova skipping the handshake with Rodionova and going straight to umpire... well I just want to know what happened in that match, because that looked pretty unsportsmanlike.
  12. Kemitak

    The Fate of the Pro Staff 88

    A few times I've seen this racquet referred to as a special edition; some people on this forum seem to be stocking up on it, as though it won't be around for long; and it's lately disappeared from my two big local racquet stores. So I'm wondering about the fate of the Pro Staff 88. True, people...
  13. Kemitak

    Pros with 1HBH and Closed String Pattern

    I just watched Almagro v. Tsonga at Monte-Carlo, and I saw Almagro hit a single-handed backhand, cross-court, dipping, passing shot, while on the run.(At 0-15, 1-1, in the second set.) It was an incredible shot, no doubt; but I began to wonder if I could manage to hit it at all, with the 18X20...
  14. Kemitak

    Snauwaert Elipse Touch

    I notice there are quite a few of the Snauwaert Elipse Touch (C, F, G, H). How many different types are there, and what are the differences? (I searched the forum and found zilch.) I'm about to buy a 'C', and so far, I've been very impressed with every Snauwaert I've tried, so I'm really...
  15. Kemitak

    Try it again: Your Favourite Under-Achiever

    I wanted to make it a poll.
  16. Kemitak

    Your Favourite Under-Achiever?

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    What Racquet is Becker Playing With?

    Is it a Becker Pro Attiva? An Energy 4 Attiva?
  18. Kemitak

    USO Prediction:

    I pick Tsonga to win this year's US Open, thereby making him the Greatest Of All Time. (Nor would I be surprised if Gonzalez won it.) How about it?
  19. Kemitak

    Help Replace my Pro Staff

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who has this problem, but for many months now, I've been trying to replace my ProStaff85. I thought the POG was close enough, but it doesn't hit enough of an ugly, penetrating ball. I tried the ProStaff88, which definitely hits an ugly ball, but serving with it...
  20. Kemitak

    Sampras' Donnay?

    I don't know if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find the answer in the forum: On page 109 of Sampras' book, [I]A Champion's Mind[I], he says, "My earliest racket as a junior player was the wooden Wilson Jack Kramer Pro Staff. I also played with a Kneissel, briefly, and a Donnay that...