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  1. jelichek

    Nike Vapor X Knit width?

    The regular Vapor X's are a little snug on me at the side of the foot - they have tendency to rub that little bone that sticks out - so I'm wondering if the Knit X's with the bootie fit more or less the same or possibly a tad narrower or hopefully a tad wider?
  2. jelichek

    Nike Winter "Heritage" Short?

    Will you be getting these in or will I need to get them from TW Europe?
  3. jelichek

    More stable new Radical Pro or Radical MP with CAP

    Were I to add the CAP to the Pro that's gonna balance too head heavy for me and to add weight other than a leather grip is gonna have that thing around 12.4 or more strung, but if I were to add the CAP to the MP the weight would be somewhat more in line and very similar to the Pro so... any...
  4. jelichek

    FS: Nike Zoom Vapor X Clay "Baroque Pack" US Mens 11

    Nike Zoom Vapor X Clay court shoes in the black/white "Baroque Pack" colorway US mens 11 1 pair only 9.5 outta 10 Worn twice to hit on har-tru for maybe a grand total of 2.5 hours and then removed - not worn after (no mall trips or nights out on the town) - clean shoes from a smoke free home...
  5. jelichek

    T. Fritz gold Clay Court Vapors?

    Are these included in the May 20 release or possibly hopefully sooner?
  6. jelichek

    Nike Clay Court shoes?

    Any new Nike Clay Court shoes on the horizon? Thanks!
  7. jelichek

    FS: NikeCourt Air Zoom Zero HC mens size 11

    NikeCourt Air Zoom Zero HC mens tennis shoe in US size 11 - colorway: Vast Grey/Indigo Force Condition: 9 outta 10. Time: Hit in once and worn around to the mall and stuff like that 2 or 3 times. Description: Full tread. Clean shoes from smoke free home. Pics available. Price: $75 bucks shipped...
  8. jelichek

    New Pure Aero Plus short side?

    I don't see anything marked specifically as has been the case but is there a "short" side on the new Pure Aero Plus models. I see TW has "recommended" two piece stringing but I really don't wanna do that.
  9. jelichek

    FS: 2018 Babolat Pure Drive Tour Plus #2

    2018 Babolat Pure Drive Tour Plus Grip #2 (4 1/4) 1 stick only I'd rate it a 9- I hit with it a few times and played one set of dubs with it. Super clean stick with nary a mark on it less the usual scuffing on bumper from digging a few balls out on hard courts. Strung with Luxilon ALU Power 16 @...
  10. jelichek

    Nike World Tour Finals Vapor X's

    I really want the Bio Beige pair of Vapor X's that's out now then I'm gonna want the ones that they bring out for the Tour finals which I think are the black and volt glow ones but I hardly need both pairs so my question is when are the ones coming out for the WTF? My guess would be sometime in...
  11. jelichek

    2015 Babolat Pure Drive Tour Plus #2 (4 1/4)

    2015 Babolat Pure Drive Tour Plus grip: #2 (4 1/4) quantity: 1 condition: 9- time: one month general description: bought new used one month on har-tru only so bumper clean with exception of clay stains. Babolat grip is new as I had a leather one on. Custom strung with Tourna Grit 17 @22/21...
  12. jelichek

    Nike Air Zoom Vapor 10 Clay Grey/Black?

    Will you be getting more of these in stock in US Size 11?
  13. jelichek

    Wanted: 2015 Babolat Pure Drive Tour Plus #2 (4 1/4)

    If you got a nice one you wanna move just let me know. email:
  14. jelichek

    Gamma Progression X-Es tension knob getting tuff to turn.

    Has anyone else had this problem. Machine is about 13 yrs. old and this just started maybe in the last month or so. Getting really difficult to turn the knob to adjust the various tensions. I hit it with a little WD 40 or whatever that stuff is and it didn't help at all. First problem with...
  15. jelichek

    FS: 2018 Babolat Pure Drive Tour Plus #2 (4 1/4)

    2018 Babolat Pure Drive Tour Plus Grip #2 (4 1/4) Quantity: 1 Condition: 9 of 10 (easily) Time: 2 hitting sessions on hard court at 1.5 hours per (3 hrs. total) Description: Custom strung with Head Sonic Pro 16 at 23/22 kilos with new Babolat (Brown) Leather grip that was put on for second hit...
  16. jelichek

    Babolat Pure Drive Tour Plus (2015) grommet replacement?

    I see that the grommet strips from throat to head differ between sides. One for 12 holes and the other 13 and the next pieces up 8 and 9. I'm assuming this has to do with the whole woofer thing. I'd compare to what was in there but they were so bad I just ripped them out. Who knew! Which goes...
  17. jelichek

    Stringing without a bumper guard?

    If I just put the strings in the holes in the stick and use no bumper what happens to the strings? Will they break or am I just subjecting the racquet to massive scraping on the head and making it more head light by about 10 grams in my case.
  18. jelichek

    Head Adaptive Tuning Kit Spacer Rings

    Just need the Spacer Rings if anyone has any extras. Maybe the extra weight for the butt cap too. Thanks and email to:
  19. jelichek

    Srixon grip sizing?

    Do the grips on the Srixon sticks run true to size? If I use a #3 for Head which always seem to run a tad small and a #2 for Babolat which always seem to run large I should buy a what for Srixon? #3 would be my guess. Thanks!
  20. jelichek

    FS: Babolat Pure Aero Plus #2 (4 1/4)

    Babolat Pure Aero Plus Quantity: one Grip: #2 (4 1/4) Head: 100 Conditon: 9 of 10 - scuff or two on bumper - don't think there's a mark on frame. Time: I hit it a coupla times on har-tru. I am second owner so looks like it's been hit a time or two on hard also but super clean stick...
  21. jelichek

    Nike Wimbledon Shoes?

    I know I'm a little early on this but when are the white Vapors for Wimbledon going to drop? Saw the grass court ones on TWE but they seem to have vanished. Thanks!
  22. jelichek

    New black/green Vapors?

    I'm assuming you guys are getting these in correct? And what does the PRM stand for? Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour PRM? Premium by chance? Thanks!
  23. jelichek

    Head "spacers" from Adaptive Tuning kit

    I just want any extra "spacers" from either the Instinct or Speed kits. Doesn't matter which. Thanks!
  24. jelichek

    Head Adaptive Tuning kit spacers?

    Are the spacers (the things that lengthen the sticks) the same in both the Instinct and Speed kits? I would guess they are but never can be too sure.
  25. jelichek

    Best thing out there not called Viagra?

    Need a little extra zip on my serve so to speak. What's the best thing out there that I can go into a GNC or wherever and pick up?
  26. jelichek

    Pure Strike grip sizing?

    Do the grips/handles on the Pure Strike line run large like other Babolats or more true to size? If I sized down one on a Pure Drive or Pure Aero do I want to do the same on a Pure Strike?
  27. jelichek

    Shaving down Wilson handle?

    How easy is it to reduce your basic Wilson handle on a Pro Staff from a #4 to a #3? Can it easily be done? Can it be done at all? Any tricks involved or does it require a professional such as ****?
  28. jelichek

    Nike Vapor 9.5 Tour in Lava/Orange Clay only?

    Is the new Vapor 9.5 Tour in the Lava Glow and Orange and Black a Clay only colorway or will there also be the regular hard court version?
  29. jelichek

    Babolat Black Leather grip length?

    I have a custom made Head stick that is 27.87" length with an obviously pretty long handle. Before I try to put the Babolat grip on (which is about as nice a grip as it gets) does any one have any experience as to fit and length on this extended length handle? Thanks!
  30. jelichek

    FS: 2015 Babolat Pure Drive Tour Plus #2 (4 1/4)

    Babolat Pure Drive Tour Plus 2015 model in #2 (4 1/4) grip Quantity available: one Head size: 100 Condition: 9 0f 10 Time used: approx. 15 hrs General description: super clean stick - I don't think there's a mark on it - no chips, nicks, rash or snarf of any kind - currently has some har-tru on...