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  1. Songs For A Dead Pilot

    HEAD –– 2019|2020 –– Radical & Prestige rackets.

    Well, it is so sad that being so loyal fan of Prestige MP (okay, Mid too) and Radical MP rackets – these are one of the most stiff frames on the market right now. That's unbelievable how HEAD ended up – at the same time still offering flexy frames to proplayers. Wilson Blade v7, Prince...
  2. Songs For A Dead Pilot

    Dunlop 300 Tour – AeroGel 4D, Biomimetic

  3. Songs For A Dead Pilot

    TGT293.2/TGT293.1 –– TGT291.2 ––– PT57A – TGK238

    Hi! Not sure if this is a good idea, but I've decided to put a few questions to all of you in one thread. 1 / I was just wondering if anyone has played with these TGT291.2 prostock racquets? Could you tell me more about them? Is it the same mold as YT IG Prestige S? There are some...