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    i dont understand

    why the WTF 2nd Semifinal took place on sunday instead of saturday
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    the most important tennis innovation of all time

    it is said that wheel is the most important of all times, can you imagine a world without wheel if there was no wheel we will still be in stone age so whats the wheel of tennis, in my humble opinion its Tie Break whats is your opinion on this matter
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    tennis quiz thread

    ******************************************************************************** 1) which player has won all 4 grandslams atleast 4 times each 2) name the 7...
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    No 1 monopoly by Big 4

    federer became No. 1 for first time on 2nd February 2004, since then No. 1 ranking has been shared by Big 4 only thats 823 consecutive weeks federer share 310 weeks nadal share 197 weeks djokovic share 275 weeks murray share 41 weeks i am not sure but i think this is new record in tennis...
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    an unlikely scenario

    what will happen if player A lets say nadal keeps sitting for lets assume 10 minutes and his opponent player B lets say federer and chair umpire keep waiting for nadal to get up so that toss can happen tennis jokes anyone
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    why it is so hard to win double career grand slam for male players

    only laver and emerson has done it in history of tennis no male player has achieved this feat in open era nadal needs one more AO. federer and djokovic needs one more FO nadal has been runner up at AO 4 times federer has been runner up at FO 4 times djokovic has been runner up at FO 3 times.
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    question about nadal clay and federer grass career

    i read on that nadal never lost 2 consecuitve matches on clay can we say the same thing about federer grass career
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    question about wild card

    what happens if wild card player pulls out of tournament before the start of tournament does other player gets the wild card or does the opponent of wild card player gets walkover
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    question for federer/nadal fans

    what will u do after both federer/nadal retirement i stop following tennis from 2002 to 2005 as agassi and seles were mostly done and from the end of 2005 to present i started following federer
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    tennis jokes website plus many more if you search tennis jokes on google sererna williams is unbeaten in 23 grand slams final that she won
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    can anybody compile the list of No.1 players

    can anybody compile the list of No. 1 players who have not won WTF besides nadal and marcelo Rios
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    can anybody compile the list of No.1 players

    can anybody compile the list of No. 1 players after 1990 who have not won WTF besides nadal, marcelo Rios and wilander
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    the most retirements in majore matches

    who owns the crown for most retirements in grand slams matches does the trophy goes to nadal and djokovic
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    which sports uses hawkeye

    which sports uses hawkeye besides tennis and cricket for those who lives in america and other countries where cricket is not played cricket is sport played in britian (founder of cricket) and its former colonies
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    i admit this is weak era

    it took me a while to admit that this is weak era thats why all 3 slams won by federer/nadal/djokovic this year and federer/nadal won all 4 slams last year no new player has won a slam in long time last time a new player to win slam is Marin Čilić 2014 US Open the rest of slams won after that...
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    first sport to use net

    does anybody know which is the first sport to use net for example, table tennis, tennis, badminton or volley ball or some other
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    federer reaction

    what will be federer reaction if nadal wins more slam than him in the end lets assume that fed remain at 20 slams while nadal win 21 or more slams
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    tennis quiz

    1) which player has won one Australian Open french open won, lets keep it secret won 2 wimbledon won 3 us open 2) Which player has won won one French Open four Wimbledon won two US Open Australian open won lets keep it secret
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    player nationality

    does the fan bias is affected by player nationality will federer have as many fans as he have now if he is from some unknown poor african/asian country (not counting his south africa mother heritage) for me it dont matter for example i like following players -america = agassi, connors, mcenroe...
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    wow google wow

    when i goto google and type in rafael nadal, it tells me what time nadal will play according to my timezone and if the match is played right now, it show live score also also when i type madrid open, it gives me score of all the matches played for the current day no need to visit atp and...
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    is it true that federer owns a private plane

    somebody told me that that federer owns a private plane is it true?????????????????
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    how many players have bought rolls royce

    according to google, the cheapest rolls royce prize starts around $250,000/= so millionaire like federer, nadal, djokovic and sampras can afford to buy rolls royce...
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    if tennis players were star wars actors

    use your imagination if tennis players were star wars actors who will be who ie who will be emperor, Darth Vader, Luke Sky Walker & Han Solo
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    question about tennis & other sports

    does other sports also have appearance money & Wild Card or is tennis the only sports to have appearance money & wild card
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    tennis should be part of winter olympics too

    it would be cool if tennis become part of winter Olympics also as it is also played indoor during winter season the only game to be part of both summer and winter Olympics wow wow wow
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    funniest headlines you can think of

    if you are tennis news reporter whats the funniest headline you can think of for me federer kicks nadal butt out of AO 2017 final
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    you will find this the most hilarious post you have ever seen in your life

    there is a saying in indian subcontinent that once a person becomes so famous, that other people becomes jealous of his success, that this jealousy curses the person good luck and turns his good luck into bad luck now let apply this theory to federer up and down career after reaching 10...
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    tennis phrases you like/dislike

    i will start with my favorites quiet please, ladies and gentlemen quiet please you cannot be serious i can not recall phrases that i dislike right now
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    tennis phrases you like/dislike

    ************************************************************** i will start with my favorites 1) quiet please, ladies and gentlemen quiet please 2) you cannot be serious i can not recall phrases that i dislike right now except for this one 1) game, set, match, championship nadal...
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    question about rackets

    why do players stick with particular rackets and racket head size what will happen if they try a different head size or racket