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    In/Out Device

    It's definitely got issues with shadows/poor lightning and when you block the sight of the camera. I'm not sure what else you'd expect from a single POV system. I'd rather focus on the fact that the calls you need help with are generally speaking not the ones that the device has issues with...
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    In/Out Device

    After using it for about an hour, it seems pretty good. I don't think serve mode is ready though. It has a hard time figuring out which side you should be serving too. This led to some false out calls when it had determined the wrong box to use. I believe Hawkeye and other such systems handle...
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    In/Out Device

    I received version 2 0 this week and the device itself seems solid and up to par durability wise. My first one had a wifi problem(wouldn't turn on) and he told me to send it back and he mailed me a replacement inside of a week. The replacement works as advertised. I've only logged one session...
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    Large tennis ball pressurizer?

    I have 2 Corny Keg's. They work but finding the right hookups to connect it to your compressor can be a pain. Also ball removal is quite slow, you can't just dump them out.
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    Advice for extreme heat and humidity

    Get some salt pills. I like a combo electrolyte pill but they can be expensive. If you're a profuse sweater then it's possible to lose like 1000 mg+ an hour. I'm Nadal like and my sweat is salty, I'd guess I'm in the 2k an hour loss area. I feel completely drained when I get home and just want...
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    Why I Don't Trust The Speed Calculator

    I've used frame capture on my HD camera and a Playsight court at the same time. The video cap works just fine and lines up with Playsight. I'm not all that tall, 5'9 with fairly short arms and I can routinely serve at 102 with just my normal motion. The biggest my arm will support@age 36 is...
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    Poll. Laver Cup World vs Europe isn´t working. What other kind of match-ups might work better?

    They should just cave in and make it team Nadal vs team Federer and keep the rivalry alive forever. Even when they retire they could still play a match every year. If you want to get even more intrigue, throw Djoker in and have a 3 team romp with the big 3 playing each other again once a year.
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    Laver Cup Teaches Tennis a Number of Valuable Lessons

    The real point of the Laver Cup is to generate leverage for the players against the Majors. If the players can successfully run 1-4 highly profitable events per year and attract an income stream then it will bolster their position for a bigger cut of the pie. There's never been a mass walk out...
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    USO 2019 SF: Nadal [2] vs. Berrettini [24]

    The patterns of play don't really support Berrettinni in this one. His best shot by far is that excellent inside in forehand that gets an extreme angle. Rafa is likely to never ever give him a wide ball in the duece court unless he's hitting a winner. I don't think he can play Rafa camped out in...
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    "Today's 33 is our 27." - Ivan Lendl explaining the Great Age Shift in tennis.

    That's such a garbage statement. It's not about who doesn't make it. There's literally 200 more names that are under 35 that have peaked in the top 100 and then faded off. The logical argument is to look at the past and determine that the rate of successful players post 28+ has dramatically...
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    Kyrgios is Finnish

    His backhand isn't good enough against people who can stretch him really wide. It's a good shot when he's on top of the ball but if his movement isn't 100% then it breaks down. His entire loss to Rublev was due to his backhand not firing correctly due to the pressure Rublev was maintaining...
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    USO R3: [28] Nick Kyrgios vs Andrey Rublev

    Rublev will struggle against better returners than Nick.
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    USO R3: [28] Nick Kyrgios vs Andrey Rublev

    haha... 27 seconds.. got to be a record
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    USO R3: [28] Nick Kyrgios vs Andrey Rublev

    Rublev's ground strokes are pretty serious right now. Nick has hit some pretty good forehands and it's like Rublev is a machine.
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    USO R3: [28] Nick Kyrgios vs Andrey Rublev

    Where do they find these announcers.... they should ban words like sumptuous.... The guy calling Kyrgios vs Huong was in love with Nick.. it was disturbing...
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    USO R3: [28] Nick Kyrgios vs Andrey Rublev

    Nick's finally hitting and moving normally. Maybe the eye drops helped. Certainly looks more engaged.
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    USO R3: [28] Nick Kyrgios vs Andrey Rublev

    Probably playing COD in the dark. I have a similar issue where I get spots in my vision when playing under the lights. I'm not sure why Nick would have that issue at his age though. I didn't start experiencing that stuff until my 30's.
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    USO R3: [28] Nick Kyrgios vs Andrey Rublev

    It's not about seeing close stuff. I start getting spots in my vision under the lights some times and it ruins your ability to see the ball at contact on on serve. It ruins your read on the spin. Doesn't really hurt your striking that much.
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    serve and volley dead

    Oh please, that was pure stubbornness on the part of Halep. She did absolutely nothing to break the pattern and kept feeding balls directly to the girls forehand volley. It's like she thought she was playing a righty. If she'd have thrown in an ocassional high block return or a lob or pretty...
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    Pickleball is spreading

    There's 2 separate PB crowds in my city. The during the day retired/older folks and the night time tennis group. At night the average is anywhere from 35 to 40 and it consist of mostly 4.0 to 4.5 tennis players and other super athletic people. The older folks pretty much stay away. The...
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    Kyrgios needed for the USO

    If Kyrgios doesn't march his ass to the semis or better with his current cupcake draw then the ship has sailed. He's in peak form, his draw is like a 250 level event and the New York crowd loves the rude asshat.
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    70-100 ATP players sign petition to increase prize money share - Dan Evans asked Djokovic if he'd stand down from slams to achieve the increase

    If the players were really serious about this then you'd see more Laver Cup style tournaments appearing. You don't have to boycott the slams because this isn't like other pro sports. They aren't barred from playing non-sanctioned events for money. The players could simply run their own...
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    2019 US Open - Men's Singles - General Discussion

    You can also raise them to be caring snowflakes that never leave your sofa. They're empathetic and broke, giving away your money to save artic camels.
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    2019 US Open - Men's Singles - General Discussion

    I'll take the occasional SABR.. he's put about 50% more returns into play than usual today. That's always been his Achilles heel.
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    2019 US Open - Men's Singles - General Discussion

    Nick's level tonight is about as high as that night he spanked Nadal is Acapulco a few years ago. I haven't seen him return this well ever and his ground strokes are pretty good on his spectrum.
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    Pickleball is spreading

    The fat woman is likely a 4.0 or 4.5 being carried by the dude. Her volleys are just bad. The kids play some excellent ball, that's probably the ideal age/size. Maximum reaction time, lowest weight, highest flexibility. You can see after the first 10 points of the match, the kids identify that...
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    Pickleball is spreading

    Yes, it's legal. It's considered a singles paddle by pickle ball players because the sweet spot is much much further away from the handle(like instead of being at ~6 inches from the handle it's at nearly a 1 foot from the handle). The pickle ball paddle size/length is a maximum of 17 inches long...
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    Pickleball is spreading

    I bought a Cypher paddle from prolite..extended length tear drop with head weighting. I can fully bend the ball in the same manner as a tennis ball. It's not as effective though because bounce height isn't as positive of a factor. I tend to use it to hit hard drives and bend it below the top of...
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    Pickleball is spreading

    You need to watch real athletic tennis players play PB. Right now our 4.5/5.0 Pickleball league is dominated by 4.0/4.5 tennis players and the old people hate it. There's room in pickleball to hit real ground strokes at beginning of the point. Yes you end up in the kitchen a lot, dinking...
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    Laver Cup..Whats the point?

    I'm honestly surprised that these events haven't become bigger. The players want a bigger cut of the gross proceeds and they're not getting it. The obvious way to fix that problem is to start hosting their own tournaments. If the fans attend and the viewing audience is good then the players...