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    2019 Davis Cup Finals at The Magic Box(Nov 18-24, 2019)

    Big match specialist Kyrgios ducks Djokovic yet again
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    NextGen getting cocky?

    Tsitsipas and Thiem aren’t really part of the same generation, they’re 5 years apart. The original ‘nextgen’ has been almost as bad as the lost generation before them. Remember when everyone thought tennis would be dominated by Zverev and Kyrgios? Lmao It’s the NextNextGen who seem more likely...
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    What do you think Kyrgios is doing now ?

    Judging from his social media he’s going through a delayed adolescent emo phase
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    So long and thanks for all the memories!

    Amazing all these guys tried to do what federer is doing and keep playing at their best into their 30’s, but their bodies basically wouldn’t allow them
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    Bryan Bros Retirement

    They could probably play until 50 and stay in the doubles top 20
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    Tomas Berdych to announce his retirement at the WTF on Saturday

    He checked out mentally about 3 years ago
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    “We all stop or none of us stop”

    Like a murder/suicide pact type thing
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    Fed withdraws from ATP CUP ..

    Yes as pure tennis fans we should all be equally happy to see literally any other professional player instead of Roger Federer:rolleyes:
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    Touch Tennis

    I don’t get it. What’s wrong with real tennis?
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    Safin Wants to Coach Warm Body

    He would be the worst coach ever
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    Has Davis Cup fallen off the radar ?

    Davis Cup? Nah never heard of it
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    Fed withdraws from ATP CUP ..

    I bought tickets to 2 sessions in Sydney The first was a night session Switzerland v Britain, and the seats were $120 aud each The second was a night session between Croatia vs Austria (likely to be Cilic/Thiem) playing the very next night. The seats were are in the same section and are...
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    Berrettini to debut in Top 10

    Berretini basically just a better version of Kyrgios He’s younger Made a slam semi already Made the top 10 already And has taken Kyrgios’ ex Also fairly similar games, but Berretini doesn’t play like a complete moron
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    Tournaments you'd like Roger to win before retiring

    ATP cup That Newport grass court tournament
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    De Minaur

    He does now, he beat a few in the US hard court swing He’s beaten Coric, Bautista Agut and Nishikori.
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    De Minaur

    At the star of the year I thought he wasn’t that good and didn’t have the game to push the beat players consistently. The way he’s been playing in the second half of the year has changed my mind though. I think there’s a lot of upside to his game and he’ll be a solid top 10 player and have a...
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    Tomic "sexist" texts

    This is definitely real People pretend to be celebrities on Facebook and Instagram all the time I’m pretty certain Tomic doesn’t even have Facebook
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    If Nick Kyrgios joins ttw...

    I would flame him relentlessly and probably get banned
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    Andy Murray threatens his health, says Dr. Hannes Rudiger

    Hannes Rudiger is a quack who obtained his qualifications against a weak era field
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    Kyrgios' Instagram post day after Nadal's wedding

    George Bastl once beat Pete Sampras at Wimbledon He and Nick Kyrgios share the fact that they have beaten a decent player at a grand slam exactly once in their respective careers
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    Kyrgios' Instagram post day after Nadal's wedding

    He didn’t even win this match. Or even come close. At least a few years ago he could be like ‘I beat Rafa at Wimbledon’. But that was coming up on 6 years ago now. Now he’s like ‘hey I won this one particular point against Rafa at wimbledon’
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    what people thought federer on right after 07 AO ?

    There is no possible way for you to know this as articles only started getting written about professional tennis and put on the internet from 2009 onwards
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    if mariano puerta had won 05 RG , what happend ?

    If he had wheels he’d be a wagon
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    Tipsy retires from ATP

    Was never a fan of his tbh Can’t think of any memorable matches or tournament runs
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    Joachim Johansson will play the pre qualifies to Stockholm Open

    I couldn’t run more than 60-70% of max (which was on the verge of what the body could take without breaking), without jumping fully (serve) and without being able to hit full speed with either forehand or serve, due to feeling something in my thigh, pectoral and Achille’s tendon."...